Who should buy the Footjoy Premiere Series Packard

The Premiere Series (PS) Packard is a top-bracket offering that will work best for those who:

  • prefer a classic golf shoe design with modern performance;
  • want the highest level of grip and stability of a spiked shoe;
  • play a lot in wet conditions and are up for a waterproof shoe with a 2-year warranty.

One reviewer is actually very on-point by comparing this shoe to an old '60s car with the latest suspension and engine from today.

Footjoy Premiere Series Packard best for

Who should not buy this golf shoe

If Packard’s price point is way too steep for you but you really want to experience the classic vibe of Footjoy, check out the FJ Traditions. It is $60 cheaper but offers great value for money.

Another reason to consider a different shoe is if you are concerned with the shoe’s leather durability. If you really want it to be supreme, the FJ DryJoys is the one to choose.

Feels good straight from the box

Despite its leather upper, the Packard requires minimal to no break-in period. The wearers happily report that the material is rather supple and flexible straight from the box. Some have worn the shoe for several rounds right away without any issues. The in-shoe feel is also quite soft and suede-like, according to the testers.

Footjoy Premiere Series Packard toebox

Those with narrower and wider feet are elated with the availability of multiple width options. In addition, the shoe has a rounded toebox which is described as more accommodating compared to the FJ Icon shoe (the brand’s popular classic shoe from years ago).

Heel slippage alert!

The Packard has minimal padding around the ankle which creates a slightly loose fit, especially for those with thinner ankles. This has become an issue for quite a few golfers as the heel tends to slide up and down and causes blisters. Here are some of their complaints:

  • one feels like “wearing a pair of shoes a half size too big;”
  • another describes the heel structure as “very flimsy;”
  • the shoe left someone’s heels “badly blistered” and unable to wear the shoe for two weeks;
  • one more reviewer wishes there was an extra eyelet to tighten the laces and prevent the heel slip.

This has not been the case for every golfer. But if you know that you need that extra padding, we recommend wearing thicker socks and packing a few band-aids for the first few rounds. Also, be sure to wear the shoe at home first so that it could be returned in case you have that problem.

Footjoy Premiere Series Packard heel slippage

PS Packard is a pleasure to walk in

To many players’ surprise, this traditional Footjoy golf shoe is quite soft and even amazingly soft underfoot. An expert reviewer who has worn the Icon, says that the Packard is a “great deal more comfy” and has a “little bit more squish.”

A great number of people describe this golf shoe as plenty comfortable and easy to walk in. Some even call it THE most comfortable golf shoe they ever used. One golfer shares that he’s been purchasing Nike golf shoes for several years and getting this Footjoy felt “like coming home after a long work trip.”

Footjoy Premiere Series Packard cushioning

Feel rooted to the ground in this golf shoe

The brand’s use of Pulsar cleats by Softspikes in the Premiere Series Packard lives up to the hype around them. Claimed as the overwhelming choice of touring professionals worldwide, the grip really blew golfers away. They describe it as:

  • “excellent during all parts of the swing;”
  • causing “no slippage in the rain;”
  • exceptional in wet grass;
  • remarkable when walking up and down “some of the most undulating terrains.”

The platform overall also amazes golfers with the stability and balance it provides. Some say that it is the shoe’s key performance attribute. No matter where the ball lies, the Packard has kept them surefooted. Another welcome characteristic is that grass doesn't seem to adhere to the bottom of shoes, making the grip last.

Footjoy Premiere Series Packard grip

Your foot is dry at all times with the Footjoy Packard

A great number of golfers are astonished by the waterproofing capacities of the Packard. The shoe has been able to keep their feet nice and dry in various situations, from morning dew to “soggy mess.”

One avid golfer best illustrates the shoe’s waterproofing with his case. He wore it for four days in a row at Bandon Dunes, a no-cart course with non-stop walking in wet conditions. He claims to be the only one from his group to have dry feet every day.

Footjoy Premiere Series Packard waterproofing

Leather durability is the shoe’s stumbling point

“A stepdown from the Classics and DryJoys,” says one of the disappointed golfers who faced the leather cracking issue on the Packard. This is really unfortunate given the shoe’s price point. For some, the problem is only limited to the leather being scuffed too easily. Others had to deal with a defect in the toe area which led to the sole separating from the upper. As the grass gets stuck more and more in this area, it eventually affects the shoe’s waterproofing. It took anywhere between several rounds to several months for this rip to happen.

The good news is that the shoe can be returned thanks to the 2-year waterproofing warranty attached to it.

Light for a traditional golf shoe

“Feels much lighter than it looks!” says a satisfied golf player. You might expect that a leather shoe with a classic design like this would feel substantial on the foot. However, many reviewers describe it as quite the opposite. And for those familiar with the DryJoys, the Packard is also claimed to be on the lighter side.

Footjoy Premiere Series Packard spikes

Premiere Series Packard is timeless and sophisticated

“The most stylish golf shoe I have seen,” “absolutely gorgeous,” “looks like works of art,” are just a few of the numerous adoring comments given to the Packard. With the athletically-styled shoes dominating the golf shoe scene, Footjoy manages to make the classics look hot again.

One of the shoe’s wearers even claims that he has become “the envy of [his] playing partners at the club.” Another player mentions that the shoe’s gorgeous looks really contribute to the confidence factor. It helps to boost his performance to “see something so sharp looking up at [him].”

Footjoy Premiere Series Packard style

The Premiere Series Packard has a good deal of interesting details and luxurious touches, such as the Calfskin leather, all over it which helps to create a premium aesthetic.

The shoe’s name also carries a meaning. Frederick Packard was the man behind the shoemaking company established in 1857 that would later become FootJoy.

Worn by the pros

The Packard was noticed on the feet of Tiger Woods himself during the Masters. In addition, tour players Justin Thomas and Ian Poulter have also been among the shoe’s wearers. As the reviewers say, there is something “psychosomatic that boosts your confidence” when you know that top golf pros have worn this exact shoe.

Facts / Specs

Outsole: Spiked
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Leather Upper
Closure: Laces
Collection: Footjoy Premiere Series
Style: Traditional
Technology: Ortholite

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