Who should buy the Footjoy Premiere Series Field

Footjoy's Premiere Series Field is as astonishing to play in as it is mesmerizing to look at. Purchase it if:

  • Extra balance and surefootedness while swinging are what you need.
  • You prefer kicks that are well-fitting and plush straight from the box.
  • Traditional golf shoes that set the bar high in quality are the ones you invest in.

Footjoy Premiere Series Field buy

Who should NOT buy it

If you're looking for a significantly cheaper pair, one that also cleans easily, check out the Footjoy Traditions instead. Also, skip the featured shoe for the Premiere Series Packard—it has no critical reports about shoe-shining.

Footjoy Premiere Series Field no

The Premier Series Field's clingy outsole

Reviewers adore the stickiness of the featured kick. A critic among them says that it has "all the grip you need in most conditions." Another one says that "it has the best traction setup" under the spikeless category.

Footjoy Premiere Series Field grip

Wow-level comfort on day one

Comfort-related comments abound for the Premier Series Field, from "extremely comfortable" to "sublime to touch." But perhaps the most compelling remark is: "they feel like a pair of old loafers" (after just two rounds)!

Footjoy Premiere Series Field comf

Extraordinary stability in the Footjoy Premiere Series Field

Many golfers, including professional bloggers, find the Premiere Series Field super stable. Their praises are reflected in the following:

  • "Among the most stable shoes."
  • "Very stable for a lightweight shoe."
  • "Provides excellent stability."

Footjoy Premiere Series Field stab

Maximum support in every pair

The Footjoy Premiere Series Field has an incredible support system, testers say. It is "designed specifically to reduce walking fatigue," says one of them. Another reviewer said that he "walked 18 holes out of the box in these" and came away without achy arches.

Footjoy Premiere Series Field supp

Costly but worthy of your dough

The Premiere Series Field screams expensive with its 200-dollar asking price. That said, the sum of all its parts far outweighs that seemingly demanding price tag. Indeed, the golf shoe in question, besides its ability to provide knockout golfing performance, dwarfs its list price with jaw-dropping craftsmanship and aesthetics.

An expert says that it "qualifies as premium,"  thanks to its high-grade materials. One other gear pundit is mesmerized by its remarkable finish, calling it "meticulously constructed" and a shoe that has "the most subtle elegance."

Footjoy Premiere Series Field craft

Not the easiest to clean

The part where the upper meets the sole unit can get clogged with grass clippings, and cleaning it can be quite time-consuming.

Footjoy Premiere Series Field trap

The tricky-to-shine Premiere Series Field

"These just won't shine up," says a disappointed golf player about his black Premiere Series Fields. According to the same commenter, the shoe's leather shell isn't smooth enough, making shining its upper quite difficult.

Footjoy Premiere Series Field shine

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 14.4oz
Outsole: Spiked
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Leather Upper
Closure: Laces
Collection: Footjoy Premiere Series
Style: Traditional

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Cesar Monasterio
Cesar Monasterio

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