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6 reasons to buy


  • A lot of players guarantee that the Footjoy Hyperflex is a comfortable shoe. Some have pushed through 8-9 hours straight of playing without complaining. 
  • The base of this Footjoy golf trainer is supportive and stable, that it helps improve the stance and swing of several reviewers. 
  • Traction is one of the many features that is distinguished by a high number of users. 
  • As expected from Footjoy products, this spiked shoe is well-made and composed of high-quality materials. 
  • Some of the consumers like that they can easily make a fashion statement with this stylish shoe. 
  • Even if it is the first time wearing the Hyperflex, it is not too difficult to feel the ground, says few individuals.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A small number of commenters say that the slightly thick outsole needs some getting used to.
  • One feels bothered that the mud easily sticks to the webbed upper.

Bottom line

As one of the leading and oldest producers of golf shoes, FJ knows that performing a good swing is not enough to win. Long-distance walking and overcoming the hazards of the course would always be part of the game. 

The Hyperflex is meant to withstand most of the challenges of the sport. Long-lasting comfort, stable, and well-made are only some of the qualities that stood out among those who tested the shoe. 

Its styling may be flashy for the conservatives. Still, it is adequate to make a statement, besides the performance on the turf.

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Good to know

The many released designs of the Footjoy are the building blocks of its legacy as one of the leading producers of golf shoes. The Hyperflex is one of the products that is living proof that fashion and a lot of panache makes one trainer stand out. Technology is deeply embedded in this product's DNA. Each part of the shoe is engineered with the most advanced innovations that the brand has under its belt. 

Flexgrid upper, partnered with Optimized Performance Stabilizer, and built with Laser Plus Last compose only the upper portion of the shoe. The midsole and outsole tell another story. These two work in tandem as the Fine Tune Foam 2.0 creates a stable cushion and base for the foot.

The outsole of the Footjoy Hyperflex exhibits that it is far from the ordinary, even at first glance. Its design is futuristic, and its purpose is more advanced than the regular outsole. It sports the extreme Next Evolutionary Outsole (NEO), which provides additional traction while assisting in aiding flexibility and durability. The NEO also works complementary with the SoftSpikes Tornado Cleats. These spikes brag about the stability, support, and Fast Twist locking system it provides. Replacing the cleats, as well as getting a replacement, shouldn't be a struggle for golfers.

The Fine Tuned Foam that is located in the middle of the outsole and the upper is a signature to FootJoy golf shoes. The cushioning system delivers comfort and gives a great deal of energy return that springs the foot into a perfect swing. 

The Hyperflex, however, sports an improved and beefed-up version. It extends on the outsole, and since each curve is deeper, it is more out there than the previous one. This design provides a broad foundation to stabilize the swing. What is also unique about the 2.0 version is that the heel is a bit higher, which boosts comfort to another level.

The exterior of the shoe holds another story. The Flexgrid system is an attention-grabber, but its function is enough to steal the golfer's attention. The technology features a high-performance exoskeleton that has high retention properties to increase lateral stability during the swing.

The back portion of this golf shoe is equipped with OPS or the Optimized Performance Stabilizer. It creates a strong base on the heel and ankle to prevent it from slipping, especially when the foot rotates when making a swing. 

The shape of the Hyperflex is also different and unique to most FJ golf shoes. Built with a Laser Plus Last, the shoe possesses a full-rounded toe character and a slightly narrow heel. While this is an unconventional type of construction, it makes sense as it accommodates the expanding toes and secures the heel when making radical movements.

The grid-like pattern that encompasses the entire upper is the piece-de-resistance of the Hyperflex. Other than the functionality of the FlexGrid 2.0, it also creates a statement-worthy accent that is enough to stand out on the course. 

Compared to the usual simple golf shoe in the market, it may be flamboyant for the liking of others. However, it is not over the top that golfers would find it hard to pair with other items of clothing. The Hyperflex remains to uphold a versatile style that is enough to transition through different seasons, conquer different weather conditions, and adapt to different types of golf courses.

  • The inspiration behind the design of the upper was drawn behind the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge of Boston. Non-Bostonians would most likely refer to it as the bridge next to the TD Bank Garden, home of the Celtics and Bruins. 
  • A one-year waterproofing warranty is granted for this particular model.


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