The Footjoy Hyperflex review

The Footjoy Hyperflex screams flexibility and fit. Footjoy focused primarily on these two qualities with the Hyperflex design. How they were able to make this shoe 100% waterproof while remaining breathable is a marvel. The lightweight build coupled with incredible traction and support makes the Hyperflex one of the best golf shoes on the market.


The patented StratoFoam cushioning system uses a blend of materials to provide optimal support and comfort for conditions encountered while playing golf – swinging, walking, and everything in between.

Who should buy the Hyperflex

The Footjoy Hyperflex is ideal for players who:

  • have wider feet
  • prefer an athletic fit
  • wants a waterproof golf shoe


Who should NOT buy the Hyperflex

Consider other golf shoes if you are a player who:

  • have narrow feet (the Pro SL features a more narrow fit)
  • is looking for an affordable pair (the Footjoy Flex XP is available at $110)
  • prefer a more traditional-looking golf shoe (in this case, consider the Footjoy DryJoys Tour

Flexibility and comfort excel in the Hyperflex

For golfers who like to walk or prefer the fit of a sneaker, the Hyperflex is a fantastic option they will love. I loved the cushioning and flexible materials used in their design. The outer material is soft and meshy, emphasizing the comfortable qualities of the shoe.


Waterproof protection is excellent!

Despite having a breathable, porous outer layer, the Hyperflex is 100% waterproof and holds up against any wet conditions. This was the most surprising element of the shoe in my opinion, especially since my feet stayed cool and dry during my review.


The design takes getting used to

Make no mistake: this is a unique, modern-looking golf shoe that may turn off some traditionalists. Footjoy embraced the comfort and flexibility approach with its style that will appeal to a niche set of golfers.


Traction is a highlight of the Hyperflex

The soft spikes on the bottom of the shoe offer incredible stability and traction throughout your golf swing, no matter if you’re on a tee box or in a sand bunker. The spikes are also flexible enough to not tear up putting greens.


The Hyperflex is also lightweight

The overall weight of the shoe is light and manageable for all golfers. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to wear these shoes for extended periods of time.


Above-average price

At just over $150, the Footjoy Hyperflex is in the ballpark of other competing models in this category (golf shoes cost an average of $143). 


Facts / Specs

Outsole: Spiked
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Synthetic
Closure: Laces
Style: Athletic
BRAND Brand: Footjoy
Colorways: Grey / Blue

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