Profile of the Footjoy Flex XP

Who is it for? This version is created for golf beginners who are looking for an all-around and go-anywhere trainer. 

What is it good for? The casual styling and features make this shoe suitable for both on-and-off the course wear. 

 The breathable yet waterproof mesh upper ensures that it keeps the interior cool without worrying about moisture seeping in.

Footjoy Flex XP vs. Footjoy Flex

The introduction of the XP provides a whole new experience to golfers as it carries the same silhouette as the iconic Footjoy Flex.

The Flex was initially developed as pre-tournament footwear. But, because of its golf-specific features, it works well when worn on the driving range. 

The XP version extends the wearability to the greens:

  • The waterproofing addition gives extra protection and ensures that despite having a breathable mesh upper.
  • It can still cope with morning dew, rain, and the different challenges usually faced by golfers.


Versatile outsole. The Flex XP possesses a spikeless outsole. While it causes apprehension to many, the brand takes care of that through the use of Versa-Trax. Parts of the bottom are divided into sections that can easily be seen through the two colors used. 

The purpose of this design is to have a specific pattern based on how grippy it should be. The Versa-Trax gives maximum traction for both walking the course and when performing a swing. The spikeless bottom is also ideal for off-the-course wear. It means that golfers can take advantage of wearing just one pair throughout the game until the after-drinks can be plausible.


Comfort throughout. The middle of the shoe houses a soft EVA cushioning. It heightens the comfort of the shoe and, at the same time, gives unbeatable stability and support. This innovation is useful for those practicing their swing on the driving range or having a friendly competition on the course.


Too cool for school. Traditional golf shoes usually use a full-grain leather material for durability and breathability that suits the outdoor sport. With careful experimentation of different materials, this Footjoy pair utilizes a mesh upper. The breathability and all-day comfort that it provides can be unbeatable and suitable for both hot and cold weather. 

Shield on the field. One feature that the brand covers is moisture protection. It is also the main difference between the Flex and Flex XP. The latter is provided with a one-year waterproofing warranty, which means that it can conquer different types of weather, season, and hazards. 

Foolproof construction. The Footjoy Flex XP is constructed with a Laser Plus Last. It has an athletic profile and a full-rounded toe character. Moreover, It provides a standard fit across the forefoot and instep. The heel is also constructed with a narrow heel to make sure that it is slip-free whatever the movement is.

Footjoy Flex XP Style

The 1857 golf brand has been known for its traditional styling, as epitomized by the DryJoys and the 1857 collection. The FJ Flex XP goes the opposite route and gets coated with a modern look. 

  • The mesh material is patterned with horizontal lines, which adds depth to the entire look.
  • Compared to the Footjoy Flex that has a band on the sides, the XP sports a similar look, but with this version, it merely serves a decorative feature.
  • The lower portion of the trainer looks patented, and this design gives an interesting contrast by breaking the monotony of the shoe.

How to style? Golfers can style this trainer in different ways. One way is to wear it with trousers and a sweater when the weather’s cold and breezy. Shorts also pair well with this sporty shoe. By doing this, a smart and casual look can be achieved effortlessly. The spikeless bottom extends the style possibilities for this.


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