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6 reasons to buy

  • A high number of Footjoy DryJoys Tour users are pleased with the look and feel of this item. Many branded it as the most comfortable piece that they have ever tried. 
  • The classic and traditional styling of this Footjoy golf shoe captivated the attention of both young and mature golfers. 
  • This spiked shoe has an ample amount of spikes that ensure good footing, according to several consumers. 
  • A significant number of testers appreciate that this product delivers excellent ground feel and contact. 
  • Despite shelling out a couple of bucks, numerous buyers found the shoe worth it for the quality and craftsmanship it gives. 
  • Some of the reviewers feel gratified that they can use this on all types of conditions. It was able to handle heavy snow and rain without leaking.

1 reason not to buy

  • A small number of users are bothered that these golf shoes squeak on each step.

Bottom line

Being one of the oldest brands in the market, Footjoy has set the standards high on what a golf shoe should be. The DryJoys Tour did not disappoint as it delivers its promise of comfort and stability, all in one stylish package. Both young and mature golfers can both appreciate this vintage-look and standout in the turf.

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Good to know

The Dryjoys itself has always been an icon in its purest way. Released in 1989, it is one of the few who stands the test of time and remains relevant up until now. 

The DryJoys Tour is an iteration of the legend. This version is an epitome that, despite several updates, the essence of it all remains intact and pays an ode to the original. 

Old-fashioned may be the name of the game for this product, but it is packed with modern features that allow one to stay on the tip-top shape, whether practicing or on the tournament.  

The outsole may only be a part of the shoe, but its function dramatically affects its performance. This portion of the DryJoys Tour is instilled with a blend of different technological elements that work in conjunction to achieve maximum features needed. 

Soft spot for SoftSpikes. The leading producer of golf cleats makes its presence once again with this shoe. It is devised with Cyclone spikes from Softspikes, making it extra grippy for a no-slip swing. Unlike the traditional golf spike, the Cyclone has spring-flex traction, which is guaranteed green-friendly. 

Performance Pods. Nine TPU stability PODS envelops each spike. It is enhanced with Optiflex zones to certify that there is optimal ground contact where it is needed. 

The rest is not history. The non-POD areas act like a support system that is made of a fiberglass composite. Not only does it make it a durable foundation, but it also gives stability to the midfoot area. 

The middle is where the soft spot of the trainer is. The American brand, however, puts more to it than just cushioning. Below are the technologies that can be seen:

Genuine on the inside. The interior, specifically the heel area of the DryJoys Tour, is infused with natural leather lining. It secures a slip-free movement despite heel rotation during a swing. 

Foot impression doesn’t last. The midsole of this FJ golf shoe is infused with EVA cushioning system, lightweight foam that doesn’t cause a mark no matter how hard the foot is planted. Additional benefits of the EVA is that more stability is gained throughout the game. 

Feels like a bed of roses. A proprietary insole called Fit-Bed is also placed in the middle of the upper and outsole. Possessing a shock-absorbing ability, this advancement comes beneficial when walking for long miles. At the same time, the Fit-Bed also gives underfoot and heel support for all-day comfort.

New and exciting things are ahead. A combination of premium materials and superb construction covers the majority of the shoe. 

Wrapped in luxurious leather. Coating the upper of the shoe is the ChromoSkin Leather System. It is a unique material that is produced in partnership with Pittards, makers of high-quality leather since 1826. What makes this element distinct is that it is lightweight yet supple and thin yet durable. 

Fit is king. Footjoy, with its years of research, knows that fit is a vital aspect in any shoe, golf included. The foot, furthermore, is created differently. As a solution, the brand came up with ten different lasts to accommodate a wide variety of foot shapes. 

The FJ DryJoys Tour is positioned with a Laser Plus Last. The characteristic of this is that it has a full toe, standard fit on the forefoot and instep, and a slightly narrow heel. The shape of it allows room when the foot expands during a swing, and the locked-in heel structure prevents it from sliding on every foot movement.

The recent releases of Nike, shown through Roshe G, Air Max G, and Janoski G silhouettes, illustrates that retros can make a comeback in the course. Footjoy, however, gives golfers a new meaning of old-school. The DryJoys Tour gives us vintage vibes in a purist way, taking us back when golf shoes that were functional and stylish are making strides in the market. 

The saddle not only gives contrast to the smoothness of the leather, but it also makes one look dapper in an instant. This shoe infallibly takes an outfit up a notch by making it sleeker.


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