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8 reasons to buy

  • Plenty of consumers owning the Footjoy ARC SL are surprised that for a spikeless shoe, it was able to hold the foot in place despite doing a swing on wet conditions. 
  • A significant number of users observe extreme comfort from wearing this trainer. 
  • Those accustomed to spiked pairs appreciate that this spikeless item is much easier to maintain. It doesn't harbor dirt or grass, and it doesn't need replacement spikes. 
  • Some buyers guarantee that for its performance, this Footjoy golf shoe is value for money. 
  • Several reviewers commend the structure of the shoe, specifically the wide toe box. 
  • The waterproof feature was useful for some customers. 
  • A few individuals find this trainer extremely lightweight. 
  • The construction delights a handful of wearers. It has arch support and a stable base that is ideal for the perfect swing.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of testers do not recommend wearing this shoe during summer, as it can lack breathability. 
  • One said that it is stiffer than what he would have liked. 

Bottom line

The ARC SL is an epitome that there's beauty in going down the basics. Introducing innovations into this spikeless pair only shows that it is unfazed as it battles through the toughest conditions without sacrificing comfort, price, and weight. Because it satisfies most of the golfers' requirements, it is no wonder that FootJoy garnered plus points because of this model.

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Good to know

Footjoy is one of the brands that stepped early in the golf footwear game. That way, it has developed a deep understanding of how a shoe should be. One of its spikeless releases, the FJ ARC SL, possesses qualities that are needed by players when putting on the driving range or greens. 

The ARC, as it is attached to the shoe name, is one of the highlighted features. It stands for Advanced Responsive Cushion, a revolutionary technology, unique to Footjoy footwear. It is designed to provide both comfort and high energy return. But the midsole would be for nothing if not for the other advancements like the DuraTrax outsole and waterproof upper.

This Footjoy model spotlights a spikeless bottom infused with a technology called the DuraTrax TPU Outsole. This innovation was designed to encourage traction while bringing stability in different types of terrain. The shape of each lug is slightly pointed to ensure easy maintenance and green-friendliness.

Compressed by the outsole and upper is the spotlight of the shoe, the Advanced Responsive Cushion (ARC) technology. The cushioning technology delivers exceeding comfort and energy return when traversing the roughs and fairways.

The upper part of the spikeless Footjoy ARC is dressed in synthetic leather. While leather gets more points from golfers, the synthetic material receives praise for being durable and easy to maintain. 

Players can also find the waterproof coating convenient, especially on events where the sprinklers are turned on or when it accidentally rains. Perforations can be spotted on the sides of the shoe. It encourages breathability on the interior, which can be the usual criticism for synthetic uppers. 

This product also accomplishes excellent foot lockdown through traditional lace-up closure. A soft collar padding boosts comfort while improving the fit of the shoe.

Looking sleek on the links needs not much effort with the FJ ARC SL. The construction of the shoe balances traditional and athletic, which results in a timeless pair that stands out on the greens. The classic styling of the shoe is a no-fail accessory to any outfit. Pairing it with shorts during summer or thick pants on winter works both ways seamlessly.

  • This model has been treated with a one-year waterproofing warranty.


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