Who should buy the Fizik Infinito R1

Continuing to innovate the acclaimed R1 model, Fizik introduces the Infinito R1. This class-leading cycling shoe incorporates brilliant design with high-end technology to yield the ultimate riding experience. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer a shoe that utilizes two micro-adjustable BOA dials, the Infinito R1, and provides on-the-fly adjustments as well as an excellent fit while eliminating pressure points. 
  • Prefer a breathable, flexible, and lightweight shoe.
  • Prefer uber rigid full carbon soles that provide excellent transfer of power from the rider to the bike.

Fizik Infinito R1 logo

Who should not buy the Fizik Infinito R1

If your budget can stretch, you will be impressed with the Fizik Infinito R1 with its amazing features however, you are certainly paying for the technology and comfort it offers.

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Also, this golf shoe is certainly not suitable for winter but in any other situation, they're an absolute dream to wear.

Exceptionally stiff and well-vented

Exceptionally stiff and well-vented, this model’s full carbon outsole guarantees efficient power transfer. It is crafted from the ultimate type of cycling soles, specifically laterally unidirectional carbon fiber.

Fizik Infinito R1 outsole

The sole’s lightweight properties also contribute to the pair’s overall air-like feel without compromising the direct, stable link to the bike.

Infinito R1 comes with replaceable rear pads

Rubber pads are some of the fastest wearing components in a cycling shoe. Hence, when a model like the Infinito R1 offers renewable pads, it provides users with more prolonged use and grip efficiency.

Fizik Infinito R1 outsole 1

3-bolt compatible cleat pattern

This road shoe features a 3-bolt compatible cleat pattern. It goes with an array of pedal options such as Garmin Vector 3 Power Meter, Issi Carbon Road, and Powertap P2 Power Meter models.

Fizik Infinito R1 cleats

The 3-bolt cleat system is recommended for users who want the feel of truly being connected with the bike. It provides a more secure pedal fastening compared to its 2-bolt counterpart.

Comfortable and supportive upper design

The Infinito R1 employs a laser-perforated Microtex upper. This portion is designed to reduce seams and stitches that ultimately help in preventing hotspots and deliver an enhanced fit. The laser-cut perforations, on the other hand, ensure ventilation that efficiently prevents moisture and temperature build-up.

Fizik Infinito R1 upper

Excellent ventilation

The Fizik Infinito R1 utilizes standard cycling insoles with mesh lining to provide the best possible ventilation to keep the foot comfortable and supported at the same time.

Fizik Infinito R1 insole

Secure fit of the Fizik Infinito R1

The shoe’s Infinito closure system consists of double BOA IP1-B dials and steel-coated nylon laces that are kept in place throughout the upper via textile pockets. This unique closure design ensures a securely fastened sensation. 

Fizik Infinito R1 secure fit

With the dials’ micro-adjustments, the wearer can easily find the most appropriate fit. They help prevent slips and shape after the foot, no matter the user’s arch height. On top of these, the dials can be adjusted even while on the road.

Special Colorways of the Fizik Infinito R1

There are four standard colors available, consisting of black, white, black/red, or red/black, and there are currently two additional limited-edition colorways; 'Movistar', which is unsurprisingly white and blue, or '1919' which is completely reflective. We opted for white to give us the best idea of how easy they are to keep clean. 

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 8.1oz
Use: Road
Cleat design: 3 holes
Closure: BOA
Features: Breathable, Look Delta
Collection: Fizik Infinito
BRAND Brand: Fizik

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