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5 reasons to buy

  • The Five Ten Wall Master climbing shoe is impressively comfortable, says almost everyone who has bought it.
  • According to many users, this piece of footwear has relentless surface traction.
  • The Wall Master has a satisfying fit, about a handful of wearers claim.
  • This rock climbing shoe from Five Ten is remarkably flexible, says a sender who has climbed in it dozens of times.
  • Someone who has tested this shoe finds its edging capability astonishing.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Based on a few Five Ten Wall Master reviews, the gear in question stretches too much.
  • To an owner, this rock shoe could be a bit more sensitive.

Bottom line

When it comes to comfort, the Adidas Five Ten Wall Master hits the ball out of the park. This high-quality climbing shoe can also be considered a home run, thanks to its excellence in the areas of grip performance, fit, and overall flexibility.

Potential purchasers, however, must take heed of its confines that allegedly stretch a lot. Nevertheless, the Wall Master is yet another incredible Five Ten climbing piece for having enough send-worthy tricks up its sleeve.

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Good to know

-The Five Ten Wall Master is an affordable rock climbing shoe that grants climbers of virtually all skill levels a blend of support and lasting comfort. It is built with transitioning from gym rentals in mind.

-Its sole unit is made with a combination of rigidity and flexibility, allowing owners to edge with a balance between security and mobility. It comes with a brand-exclusive outsole for surface grip.

Downturn. The Wall Master from 5.10 is a neutral climbing shoe. Its flat front end helps senders smear with relative ease. This essentially camber-less shoe provides extended comfort, ideal for multi-pitch projects.

Applications. Bouldering and sport routes, whether indoors or outdoors, are the types of climbs for which the Wall Master is intended. Five Ten engineers made it decently capable of efficiently scaling fissures (a.k.a cracks). It can be used by beginners and advanced climbers alike.

Five Ten’s Wall Master is a low-cut rock shoe crafted specifically for men. Its unlined upper is designed to stretch up to a full size. As it is built on a straight (non-curved) last, the foot can lie flat and relax within its confines. Its strap-based closure provides a personalized and locked-in fit.

Midsole. The Wall Master’s supply of supportiveness comes from its heavy-duty midsole. Five Ten shoemakers made it stiff enough to give wearers a secure platform on edges and around cracks.

Outsole. Thanks to its Stealth C4 rubber outsole, this Five Ten offering is adequately capable of clinging to a variety of surfaces. It has a high interlocking rate on edges and where smearing is required. Holes are bored around its arch region for flexibility. 4.2 millimeters is its thickness.

The Five Ten Wall Master’s mildly fuzzy upper is made of high-quality leather. Its inner walls are unlined. A pair of pull loops are attached to its heel to expedite on and off. Its entire lower perimeter is adequately randed, providing users with multi-directional grip and protection from abrasive elements. The rand covering the inner part of its toe box is engineered extra thick to deliver additional toe-hooking traction.

Rounding out all things upper in the Wall Master is the climbing shoe’s Velcro closure. It consists of two hook-and-loop straps set through hardy beveled buckles made of hard plastic.

  • Climbers looking for other Five Ten kicks that do not break the bank might want to consider either the Rogue VCS or the Gambit VCS. These two kicks are also neutral climbing shoes.


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