Updates to Five Ten Moccasym

  • The revamped Moccasym is a do-it-all rock climbing shoe designed to deliver comfort and performance in every send. Its leather upper is optimized to give climbers the protection they need when ascending technical routes. 
  • The shoe still employs a soft midsole for comfort. The brand’s very own Stealth outsole helps wearers latch on to a variety of surfaces.


Downturn. The Moccasym is a moderately downturned rock shoe from Five Ten. It has an asymmetric profile that makes it a good all-around climbing gear.  

Applications. This indoor-slash-outdoor Five Ten rock climbing shoe is ideal for both beginner and intermediate climbers. Its set of features and build quality are optimized to perform on boulders, cracks, and overhangs.


Five Ten’s Moccasym is a rock shoe that caters to male climbers. It is built on an asymmetric or curved last. According to Five Ten, this soft climbing shoe will perform best when worn with a snug fit. Its elastic closure gives senders a relaxed yet secure lockdown.


Midsole. Equipped with a soft midsole, the Five Ten Moccasym provides a cushioned and supportive ride. Its designers gave it enhanced sensitivity to help users send projects with as much control as possible.

Outsole. Thanks to the Stealth C4 outsole (the same component used in Five Ten’s Hiangle), this rock climbing shoe is able to stick to most types of terrain. It is engineered with a kind of rubber compound that delivers high-level of friction, allowing climbers to secure their footing on tiny nubbins.


The unlined low-top upper of the Five Ten Moccasym is made of split-grain leather. This type of material is designed to provide optimal protection against abrasive elements without sacrificing comfort. The shoe’s wrap-around rubber rand further enhances protection. The proprietary tech Asym slingshot gives the shoe adequate heel tension. Five Ten engineers furnished it with tongue and heel pull tabs for a hassle-free on and off.

Additional Info

  • Intermediate and advanced climbers looking for aggressive climbing kicks may check out rock shoes from La Sportiva and climbing shoes from Scarpa. 
  • It is recommended that owners clean Five Ten rock shoes after every use to prolong their lifespan. In cleaning the interior, use a damp cloth to remove sweat and dirt. It is also advised to remove chalk on their exterior to maintain the rubber in good condition. Once done cleaning, wait for them to dry completely before storing; doing so prevents mildew buildup. Do not expose them to extreme heat as it can damage the integrity of their overall construction.

Five Ten Moccasym vs. Evolv Addict

Those who are starting out in the world of climbing may consider either Five Ten’s Moccasym or Evolv’s Addict as their first pair of rock climbing shoes. Read on to know more about the similarities and differences between these two offerings.

Target market. Both rock shoes cater to the male audience. That said, the featured shoe is primarily designed for boulder-type senders. The Addict, on the other hand, is mainly intended for climbers of sport routes.

Upper. Both the Moccasym and the Addict come with an unlined leather upper. Design-wise, they are almost identical. The Five Ten offering has an extra pull tab at the tongue, though.

Midsole. These rock shoes come with their respective midsoles. They function in the same manner, providing support and comfort underfoot. 

Outsole. Evolv’s Addict comes with the Trax SAS outsole, while Five Ten’s Moccasym sports the Stealth rubber outsole. Both components are 4.2 mm in thickness.

Pricing. The Addict gets the point in this criterion as it is about $25 cheaper than the Five Ten Moccasym.


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