Five Ten Gambit VCS notable features

-The Five Ten Gambit VCS combines the climbing precision of the Anasazi line and the Rogue’s level of comfort. It is a beginner-to-intermediate shoe built with extended comfort in mind.

-This piece promises underfoot security with its proprietary outsole. Its provision of in-shoe airiness, on the other hand, is courtesy of the shoe’s breathable tongue.

Profile of the Five Ten Gambit VCS

Downturn. The Gambit VCS is among Five Ten’s selection of neutral climbing shoes. Its technically flat construction offers extended comfort, ideal for multi-pitch climbs.

Applications. This offering from 5.10 is a shoe built specifically for trad climbing. It can be used for bouldering and sport climbing as well. It is up to the task, whether the climb is done indoors or outdoors.


The Five Ten Gambit VCS is a round-toed, low-top rock climbing shoe for men and women. Its fit is intended for climbers with regular-width feet. The brand claims that it has minimal stretch—something that must be taken into account when buying a pair. Its Velcro closure provides a customized and secure lockdown. Thanks to its straight shape, this shoe is expected to offer extended comfort.


Midsole. The Gambit VCS grants sufficient support on edges and like surfaces with its heavy-duty midsole. Its stiffness promises comfort on longer climbing sessions.

Outsole. Wearers have the Gambit VCS’ Stealth C4 outsole to thank when it comes to surface traction. It is made using a kind of rubber that supplies adequate stickiness on different kinds of terrain and features. 4 mm is its overall thickness.


The lined upper of the Five Ten Gambit VCS is made mainly of leather. It comes reinforced with a hard-wearing rand, giving climbers improved support and protection at the same time. Its mesh tongue courtesy of Ariaprene is adequately perforated for enhanced breathability. Two pull loops are placed at its heel to help with on and off.

A pair of straps make up the shoe’s closure system. These straps are engineered with hook-and-loop fasteners, making them highly adjustable.

Five Ten Gambit VCS vs. Gambit Lace

The Gambit VCS is one of 5.10’s quality climbing kicks. The brand also takes pride in another shoe—the Gambit Lace. A couple of their differences are as follows:

Closure type. As its name suggests, the rival shoe provides fit customization with its lacing system. The Gambit VCS, on the other hand, gives lockdown security with its Velcro closure.

Weight. The Gambit Lace is lighter than the featured shoe by about 10 grams


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