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5 reasons to buy

  • Based on numerous reviews, the Five Ten Five Tennie is a fantastically comfortable approach shoe.
  • Its surface traction is nothing short of amazing, according to many purchasers.
  • When it comes to aesthetics, this approach-centric hiker from Five Ten is truly captivating, a good number of patrons claim.
  • Several users say that the Five Tennie’s performance on low-grade ascents is remarkable.
  • The shoe is built with lasting durability, say a couple of those who have bought it.

2 reasons not to buy

  • An owner who has tested the Five Ten Five Tennie thoroughly finds the shoe quite difficult to slip in and out of.
  • The toe box of this approach hiker is too spacious, based on a report.

Bottom line

Five Ten engineers have done an excellent job crafting the Five Tennie. Indeed, their genius at shoemaking is pretty evident in the oozing amounts of comfort the product in question has. They also made a kind of shoe that sticks to various surfaces relentlessly, climbs well, and looks good.

That said, they could have made the gear easier to wear and take off. Nonetheless, the Five Tennie has enough pros to be considered a fine approach shoe.

Good to know

  • The Five Ten Five Tennie is engineered for hikers/climbers who wish to take on mixed terrain with a combination of mobility and stability. It comes with some welcome updates to bring a fresh perspective to the climbing scene.
  • This 5.10 offering has a new look. It sheds away the waffle-like design of its then upper to make way for a more modern stitched-on shell. The updated Five Tennie also has a wider rand coverage at the forefoot than its former self.
  • The toe rocker seen in the old shoe is still part of the new model, albeit a little less aggressive. That said, the current Five Tennie does not have the to-toe lace-up design of the one that came before it.

A below-the-ankle approach shoe for men and women is the Five Ten Five Tennie. The sock-like design of its upper offers a bunch-free fit around the instep zone. Its ghillie lacing provides a secure and customized closure.

The Five Ten Five Tennie grants its users ample surface traction with its proprietary outsole, called Stealth S1. It is capable of adhering to a variety of terrain, come rain or shine. Vibration damping (also known as the mitigation of vibrations on impact) is one of its key features. Across its surface are low-profile lugs for additional slip resistance over loose soil. At its forefoot, on the other hand, is the shoe’s climbing zone—a feature that delivers enhanced grip during edging maneuvers and smears.

Cushioning and ground stability are provisions sourced from the Five Tennie’s EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) midsole. It has a chunky heel with a fanned-out construction for improved shock absorption on impact. Five Ten shoemakers furnished it with a cushy footbed on top to give approach travelers a bit more support and comfort underfoot.

The low-top shell of the Five Ten Five Tennie is made with a combination of textile and leather. A synthetic pull loop at its heel translates to quicker on and off. It has an extended toe rand for extra grip on low-grade ascents and a hardy heel counter for additional rearfoot support. To make its interior even comfier, its designers lined its confines with plush fabric.

Plated lace holes and hard plastic loops make up its combination eyelets. They work in conjunction with the Five Tennie’s flat synthetic lace to rein in the foot and lock it in place.


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