Five Ten Crawe vs. Aleon

Joining the Crawe in this comparison is the Aleon—another one of La Sportiva’s moderate must-haves. The things that set them apart are as follows:

Randing coverage. The Aleon’s upper, particularly the outer side, has more randing compared with the Crawe. The featured shoe, on other hand, has a wider toe patch.

Heel rubber. There is an extra strip of grippy rubber engineered on the Aleon’s heel. The Crawe lacks this additional element.

Target audience. Between the two La Sportiva kicks, only the Crawe comes in both men and women’s versions.

Pricing. While both climbing shoes are quite pricey, the 5.10 Crawe is cheaper than its rival by roughly $10.

Takeaway: If the problems you usually take on involve mostly toeing maneuvers, the budget-friendlier Five Ten Crawe is an enticing option. If heel-hooks are what your preferred routes heavily require, however, opt for the Aleon instead.

Nice to know

  • Professional climber Fred Nicole co-developed both the Crawe and the Aleon.


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Bottom 39% moderate climbing shoes
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Top 50% Five Ten climbing shoes
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Bottom 43% indoor climbing shoes
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