Five Ten Asym notable features

-The Five Ten Asym is engineered for climbers who wish to take on technical routes with enhanced versatility. The design philosophy behind it puts special emphasis on freedom of movement.

-Its heavy-duty upper is built to provide lasting comfort in virtually every send attempt without skimping on durability. What offers adequate surface grip in this shoe, on the other hand, is the Stealth C4 outsole.


Downturn. The Asym from Five Ten has a moderate downward camber. This kind of downturn drives the foot to curl, allowing wearers to mount on small edges and nubbins without expending too much effort. Rock shoes of this type promise comfort on multi-pitch ascents.

Applications. This indoor/outdoor moderate Five Ten climbing shoe is built for trad and sport climbing, as well as bouldering. Its engineering and component set make it ideal for vertical (face) climbs. It caters to both beginners and intermediate senders.


A low-cut Five Ten rock climbing shoe for men and women is the Asym. Its leather upper might stretch with repeated use. The foot is expected to lie flat in it (without bending inward) thanks to its symmetric construction. Its Velcro closure allows for a dialed-in and secure fit. This particular lockdown system has an asymmetric construction, deepening its customization options for the user.


Midsole. This piece of footwear comes with a supportive midsole. Five Ten engineers gave it a medium stiffness to grant climbers an adequately sensitive platform.

Outsole. With its Stealth C4 outsole, the Asym provides climbing enthusiasts with enough surface traction. It is made of a type of rubber compound that can produce enough friction on tricky edges. It has a thickness of 4.2 mm.


The Five Ten Asym’s low-top upper is made with heavy-duty leather for the most part. Owners may slip in and out of its confines with relative ease by means of the shoe’s trio of pull tabs. It comes without a liner. It is sufficiently rubberized or randed all over—heel, midfoot, and forefoot—for surface adhesion and abrasion protection. Five Ten designers gave it a partial rubber patch around the inner toe zone to grant senders extra toe-hooking grip.

Completing the equation of the Asym’s upper is its asymmetric closure system. It consists of two adjustable straps engineered with hook-and-loop (Velcro) fasteners.

Additional Info

  • This beginner-friendly rock climbing shoe also goes by the name Five Ten Asym VCS.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 8.8oz
Construction: Slip lasted
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Comfort fit
Downturn: Moderate
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Leather

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