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6 reasons to buy

  • Many customers find their Five Ten Arrowhead climbing shoes exceptionally precise.
  • Its all-around performance is very impressive, based on a decent number of reports.
  • According to several owners, the Arrowhead is an excellent tool for sport-type ascents
  • Some Five Ten Arrowhead reviews speak of the rock shoe’s incredible sensitivity.
  • This climbing shoe from 5.10 offers high amounts of grip, say about a handful of those who have tested it.
  • A couple of those who have climbed in the shoe several times adore its great ability to get into cracks.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Based on a small number of reviews, the Five Ten Arrowhead loses its form and becomes too soft too soon.
  • A few customers are rather irked by its baggy heel.
  • The Arrowhead is not satisfactory in the area of toe hooking, according to less than a handful of wearers.

Bottom line

Loving the Arrowhead is not that difficult to do. Indeed, with its top-tier precision and amazing sensitivity, fondness for this sport climbing wonder can come quite naturally.

That said, this remarkable all-rounder still comes with a few flaws, the most worrying of which has to be its inability to keep its shape over time. Nevertheless, the Arrowhead has enough send-worthy aces up its sleeve to be considered a confidence-inspiring climbing companion.

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Good to know

-The Arrowhead, also known as the Five Ten Anasazi Arrowhead, is engineered for performance without sacrificing comfort. Its medium rigidity and Stealth outsole enable the wearer to pull off a variety of maneuvers with as much support and security as possible.

-5.10 shoemakers opted to go vegan on this one. This means that all of the Arrowhead’s components are devoid of any animal substance.

Downturn. The Five Ten Arrowhead is an aggressively downturned rock climbing shoe. The pointiness of its forefoot allows users to gain secure purchase on tiny projections, which include micro-edges and nubbins. Heavily downturned kicks like the Arrowhead promise optimal comfort on single-pitch ascents.

Applications. This aggressive 5.10 climbing shoe is primarily intended for boulder-type pursuits, especially outdoors. It comes equipped with components that give users the capability to deal with overhanging terrain.

Five Ten’s Arrowhead is a low-cut rock shoe for men. The user’s foot may be forced to bend inward inside its curved (asymmetric) interior. The shoe might stretch, if only a little, with repeated use, so purchasers must take this into account when selecting a size. Its Velcro closure delivers a secure and personalized fit.

Midsole. The Arrowhead is in the business of supporting the foot with its medium-stiff midsole. The amount of rigidity it has translates to allowing the climber to mount on different types of wall or rock features with as much flexibility as possible.

Outsole. This Five Ten piece relies on its Stealth OnyXX outsole for surface traction on a variety of surfaces. It is a company-exclusive component made of extra-durable rubber. Overall, it has a thickness of 4.2 millimeters.

The Five Ten Arrowhead’s fuzzy low-top shell is made of cowdura, a kind of synthetic leather. It comes furnished with a synthetic heel pull loop, which promises to expedite on and off. For added comfort, Five Ten shoemakers opted to give it a soft tongue. Virtually every inch of its lower perimeter is covered with sufficient randing, leaving the shoe capable of producing ample lateral and hooking grip around tricky surfaces.

What completes the equation of the Arrowhead’s upper is the shoe’s closure system. It uses a pair of straps made adjustable with hook-and-loop fasteners. The beveled buckle through which each strap is set has a metallic finish.


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