Verdict from 6 experts and 25 user reviews

8 reasons to buy

  • Users in droves claim that the Five Ten Anasazi Pro climbing shoe performs incredibly well on edges and like surfaces.
  • Its level of comfort is through the roof, say gear authorities who have reviewed it.
  • This high-quality Five Ten rock climbing shoe has amazing surface traction, according to numerous climb enthusiasts.
  • A decent number of owners consider the Anasazi Pro an excellent tool for heel hooking.
  • Based on several reports, this astonishing rock shoe smears like a champ.
  • The Five Ten Anasazi Pro’s ability to toe hook is nothing short of impressive, say a couple of those who have tested the shoe.
  • Scaling routes filled with cracks is one of its strongest suits, say less than a handful of customers.
  • An expert swears by the fantastic breathability of this Five Ten piece.

3 reasons not to buy

  • According to a handful of patrons, this climb-centric offering has a dead space over the top of the foot and another around the heel, causing slippage.
  • Its rubberized upper gets ruptured easily, particularly around the toe box, based on a small number of reviews.
  • The Anasazi Pro requires a considerable amount of time to break in completely, say a very few of those who have bought it.

Bottom line

In the edging category, the Anasazi Pro pretty much hits it out of the ballpark. It is also quite an outstanding rock shoe in the areas of comfort and adhesive power.

This heel-hooking sensation, however, allegedly does not have a secure fit. The questionable durability of its rubber reinforcements does not help its cause either. Nevertheless, the Five Ten Anasazi Pro has more than enough merits to be considered worthy of the climb by many.

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Good to know

-A rock shoe co-developed by professional climber Shauna Coxsey, the Five Ten Anasazi Pro provides a combination of breathable comfort and surefootedness in every send attempt. Its heel region has been redesigned with a bit more tension to give users extra climbing precision.

-It is built with power and sensitivity in mind, giving senders well-rounded performance on a variety of surfaces. Surefootedness in this piece comes from the Stealth C4 outsole—a 5.10 exclusive.

Downturn. The Anasazi Pro is among Five Ten’s selection of moderately downturned climbing shoes. Its toe zone allows climbers to play around with different climbing styles to scale challenging technical routes. It offers extended comfort on multi-pitch climbs.

Applications. This rock shoe from Five Ten is engineered for both sport climbing and bouldering. It is an all-around performer which capacitates owners to take on projects of varying difficulties, whether indoors or outdoors.

The Five Ten Anasazi Pro is a low-top rock climbing shoe, with variants catering to both men and women. Its asymmetry translates to a curled (inward) forefoot. A personalized and secure fit in it comes by means of the Anasazi Pro’s Velcro closure.

Midsole. Underfoot support is a provision sourced from the Anasazi Pro’s heavy-duty midsole. It has a medium-level stiffness for extra-lasting comfort.

Outsole. The 5.10 Anasazi Pro is armed with a company-owned outsole called Stealth C4 for multi-directional surface grip. This rubberized component has an overall thickness of 4.2 mm. It is designed to mitigate vibration on impact.

The Five Ten Anasazi Pro rock climbing shoe envelops the foot in its below-the-ankle upper made of polyester. It comes without a liner. Its tongue is made of mesh which delivers enhanced breathability on the inside. Five Ten shoemakers reinforced its vital parts (the heel included) with a hard-wearing synthetic rand to grant senders enhanced climbing security and abrasion protection. A good portion of the upper’s front end is furnished with Stealth Mi6—a rubberized patch that provides enhanced toe-hooking grip on smooth surfaces.

Getting in and out of the Anasazi Pro is relatively easy thanks to the climbing shoe’s two heel pull tabs. Also coming in twos are the straps of its closure system. These straps are built with hook-and-loop fasteners, rendering them quite adjustable.

When it comes to rock shoe development, Five Ten is one of the footwear companies that project quality consistently. The Anasazi Pro is a testament to that. That being said, so is the Anasazi VCS—another moderate climbing shoe from the same brand. There is no need to be torn between the two, however, knowing the things that set them apart will greatly help. The list that follows will discuss such differences.

Vegan-free construction. Although both Five Ten kicks in this comparison are both synthetic rock shoes, only the Anasazi VCS is vegan.

Asking price. Between the two 5.10 products, the Anasazi VCS is the less expensive climbing shoe. Yes, it is cheaper than the Anasazi Pro by approximately 5 U.S. dollars.

Weight. In this category, the less encumbering of the two is the Anasazi VCS. Indeed, it is much lighter than the Five Ten Anasazi Pro by about 25 g.

Target audience. The Anasazi Pro climbing shoe is offered in men and women’s versions. The competition, on the other hand, only comes in men’s.