We spent 8.9 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

5 reasons to buy

  • Numerous Fila Original Fitness loyalists have commended the sneaker’s capability to provide sufficient support around the ankle.
  • The Fila Original Fitness Patchwork is lightweight, according to several customers.
  • The sneaker was very much well-made in terms of design and construction, as insisted by a good number of users.
  • Some reviewers have applauded the sneaker’s durability.
  • Thanks to its synthetic leather upper, the sneaker is easier to clean, a few buyers have testified.

1 reasons not to buy

  • The Fila Orginal Fitness Patchwork is available in two colorways.

Bottom line

The capitalized fitness trend in the late ‘80s was brought back to life by Italian company Fila evident with their Fila Original Fitness Patchwork. Splashing up the now contemporary silhouette with numerous renditions of their Fila logo, the sneaker upholds the coveted legacy of the sneakers’ original intent.

The revamped sneaker does not only ooze with comfort, style, and class, but it is also packed with utility courtesy of its well-made construction and durability attribute.


Even though Reebok Workouts were first to capitalize on the training plus separated cupsole trend, Fila jumped on in the bandwagon immediately with their Fila Original Fitness. Making the cut in terms of aesthetics was the Fila Original Fitness Patchwork which still employs comfort across the collars and the tongue courtesy of the quite generous padding.

Probably the only thing missing with this iteration is the added support along the midshank, but the brilliance in terms of comfort, the sneaker delivers prove otherwise. Laces wrap up its uppers in a customizable fit while the sandwiched EVA midsole provides ample cushioning underfoot.

Unfortunately, these unique kicks are available in ladies' sizes starting from 5 to 11 implying that men who want a piece of the patchwork action can cop these in a size one and a half up from the standard.

It seems the general idea for dressing up these Fila Original Fitness Patchwork shoes revolves around the theme of the Italian brand name itself--over-obsessing with their brand name by just a little bit in an ironical sense. The relatively athletic shoe’s upper was covered in Fila prints in different shapes and sizes from the toe area up to the heel. The Fila Original Fitness Patchwork even featured small logos as opposed to the very bold prints of other iterations.

But there is still one thing lingering in the minds of aerobic baby boomer nuts--why does the Fila Original Fitness Patchwork resemble that very supportive silhouette of the eighties called the Reebok Workout? The simple answer is because it really did capitalize on the separated cupsole trend with a vamp overlay stretching from the midshank towards the lacebed.

Pop-up sneakers like these women’s Fila Original Fitness Patchwork can be partnered with similarly fashionable clothes but would blend very well with skinny jeans or jogger pants. Leggings for the ladies are also a must.

The Fila Original Fitness Patchwork is just a rework of the coveted Original Fitness iteration specifically a redesign of its minimalistic upper. Loving the Fila branding so much, the sneaker showcased different forms of the Italian logo on its upper covered in shades of navy, red, teal, beige, black, and white.

Though Reebok was first to the aerobic design in the 80s, Fila was infested with the bandwagon later in the decade. Released in 1988, the Fila Original Fitness was destined to cater the feet of training gurus and casual exercisers while displaying a fashionable stance perfect for the everyday struggles.

Its luster was long forgotten as promising silhouettes penetrated the footwear market, but sporadic re-releases made it still relevant up to this day. In 2015, the Original Fitness collaboration was introduced as spearheaded by DGK. The pack features two skate-ready iterations which pay homage to the proliferation of its skateboarding utility in the 90s.

After a few years, the Italian took notice of the sneaker’s brilliance again and revamped it into numerous colorways including the Fila Original Fitness Patchwork. The said sneaker highlights the brand name itself in multiple design cues--from irregularly aligned letters, to stretched out Fila prints on the heel.

  • The red and blue Fila flag is one of the sneaker’s predominant features.
  • Uppers are composed of synthetic material.
  • A stitched rubber cupsole with an exposed EVA midsole provides underfoot cushioning.
  • The sneaker features flat laces.
  • A limited edition Stan Lee collab of the Original Fitness was introduced in 2017.
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