Evolv Shakra notable features

-The Evolv Shakra is a shoe built for folks who need a combination of comfort, power, and sensitivity in sending projects. It is made without the use of any animal substance, making it a vegan-friendly climbing shoe.

-It is engineered with Love Bump and Knuckle Box—two of the brand’s very own technologies. The former eliminates bagginess around the toes flex zone, while the latter makes ample room for the knuckle of the big toe. They work in tandem to grant wearers better purchase on edges.

-This Evolv piece is also imbued with a proprietary randing technology, called Molded VTR (Variable Thickness Rand). Its presence not only lessens hotspots but also improves the climbing shoe’s overall performance.


Downturn. The Shakra has an aggressive down-camber. Its design is directly linked to the Knuckle Box and Love Bump technologies. It can make a secure platform out of tiny footholds.

Applications. This aggressively downturned rock climbing shoe is built for both sport climbing and bouldering. It is targeted at intermediate climbers. It is capable of providing adequate performance, whether indoors or outdoors.


The Evolv Shakra is a below-the-ankle climbing shoe. One can edge with confidence knowing that this shoe is built around an asymmetric last. Its synthetic upper offers little to no stretch. Its low-volume construction also makes it a favorable shoe for narrow-footed individuals. As it is a unisex product available in women’s sizing, male patrons are advised to go up a full size for a consistent fit. Its two-strap closure system provides a personalized and secure lockdown. Note: Evolv allows buyers to get a shoe (one of two of a pair) in a different size at an additional cost.


Midsole. The Shakra supports the foot with its half-length midsole, known as MX-P. Its overall thickness is 1.2 millimeters.

Outsole. Giving owners ample sticking power in the Shakra is the climbing shoe’s heavy-duty outsole, called Trax-SAS. Its compound of the same name is designed to work on different types of surfaces. It has a thickness of 4.2 millimeters.


The Evolv Shakra’s unlined upper is made of Synthratek VX which is an all-synthetic vegan-friendly textile. It has a rubber rand covering virtually half of the shoe for improved protection and enhanced climbing security. The molded Trax-SAS toe patch at its forefoot provides climbers with more friction when toe hooking.

This climbing piece has two adjustable Velcro straps making up its lockdown system. It also has two pull tabs and a split tongue to make on and off more convenient.


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