149 users: 4.2 / 5
6 experts: 74 / 100
Weight: Men 8.5oz
Closure: Velcro
Downturn: Neutral
Environment: Indoor , Outdoor

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5 reasons to buy

  • Many owners find their Evolv Defy climbing shoes extremely comfortable.
  • According to several wearers, this rock shoe from Evolv provides unbelievable surface grip.
  • The Defy is highly recommended for entry-level climbers, say some of those who have used it numerous times.
  • A decent number of patrons consider the Evolv Defy a super-affordable rock climbing shoe.
  • Its break-in period is virtually non-existent, based on a couple of reports.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Its inability to combat odor properly does not sit well with a verified purchaser.
  • An expert who has put the Defy through its paces says that edging is not the shoe’s strongest suit.

Bottom line

Wearing the Defy means sending projects in great comfort on day one. Sporting this budget- and beginner-friendly rock climbing shoe also translates to secure ascents, thanks to its super-tenacious outsole.

That said, this offering might not be for people who would rather not get stinky feet, or those who scale routes laden with edges. Nevertheless, the Defy is a remarkable Evolv piece—one that delivers climbing goodness without breaking the bank.

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  • The Evolv Defy, considered by the brand as one of their best-selling rock shoes, is designed to respond to the various demands of climbers, regardless of skill level. This is a vegan-friendly product, meaning it is built completely free of any animal substance. It received a makeover to sport a more modern look.
  • This revamped model now comes with an anti-odor technology courtesy of Agion. It is also now engineered with the Synthratek VX upper, replacing the synthetic suede main shell of its former self.
  • It is built with the molded VTR system, where VTR stands for Variable Thickness Rand. This piece of technology lessens hotspots and pressure points. It also prevents the shoe from wearing out quickly.

Downturn. The Evolv Defy has little-to-no downward camber, making it a neutral climbing shoe. It is intended to deliver lasting comfort when tackling multi-pitch projects. Rock shoes of this type have a soft overall construction, so owners can still wear them for very short walks between climbing spots.

Applications. This rock climbing shoe provides an all-around kind of performance on sport climbs and boulder-type ascents. Beginners, intermediate climbers, and advanced-level senders may use it both indoors and outdoors.

The Evolv Defy is a low-cut climbing shoe for men. Since it has a synthetic upper, it might not stretch, even with regular use. It is crafted on an asymmetric last which gives the rock shoe a curved interior. Its redesigned Velcro closure provides wearers with a personalized and secure lockdown.

Midsole. The Defy’s supply of underfoot support comes from its full-length midsole, called MX-P. 1.4 millimeters is its overall thickness.

Outsole. With the Evolv Defy’s Trax-SAS outsole, climbing enthusiasts can mount on virtually all sorts of surfaces with as much slip and skid resistance as possible. Just like the shoe’s supportive midsole, this sticky layer also has a full-length construction. Its thickness is 4.4 millimeters. Evolv engineers extended its rear end to the back of the shoe, providing users with enough adhesive power for pursuits requiring heel hooking.

The Defy from Evolv houses the foot in its Synthratek VX (all-synthetic) upper. It is lined with mesh imbued with Agion’s anti-microbial technology for odor management. Its designers wrapped its lower perimeter with a protective rubber rand—the main ingredient of the molded VTR technology. The non-randed parts of the upper have generous perforations to improve the shoe’s overall breathability.

Stitched securely to its heel are two pull loops. They work hand in hand with the split tongue in making on and off a relatively simple affair. Also coming in twos is the Defy’s adjustable straps, both of which are furnished with Velcro fasteners.

Being the high-quality product that the Defy is, it is quite expected of many folks to compare it with some of the best climb-centric kicks offered by other known brands. Pitted against the Defy in this head-to-head is a promising rock shoe from Black Diamond, called Momentum. Where there is a need to choose only one between the two, having enough knowledge about their differences is key. Pore through the points below to discover some of the aspects that set them apart.

Weight difference. Climbers who value lightness greatly in their footwear will likely go with the Black Diamond Momentum. Yes, this climbing piece (in men’s) is lighter than the Evolv Defy by approximately 20 grams.

Price tag. When it comes to affordability, the featured rock shoe has the upper hand. Indeed, compared with the Black Diamond Momentum, the Defy is less expensive by about 5 U.S. dollars.

Asymmetry. The Evolv Defy, as previously discussed, has a curved or asymmetric interior. The Black Diamond Momentum, on the other hand, has no curvature, making it a straight rock climbing piece.

Something for vegans. While both products in this comparison are made of synthetic materials, only the Evolv Defy is advertised as vegan-friendly.

Liner. The Black Diamond Momentum’s liner is made of microfiber. It is designed to provide extra comfort while minimizing stretch. The Evolv Defy’s, on the other hand, is made of breathable mesh. Its primary role is to fight off stink since it is engineered with Agion’s anti-odor technology.

Variants. The Defy only comes in men’s, while the Momentum is offered in both men and women’s versions. Note: The Evolv Elektra is the name of the Defy’s for-women counterpart.

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