Evolv Agro notable features

-The Evolv Agro is built for climbers who require extra sensitivity and support in sending challenging boulder projects. It also offers adequate flexibility, thanks to the split construction of its proprietary outsole.

-Its top-to-bottom construction contains 0% animal substance, making it one of Evolv’s vegan-friendly climbing kicks. Its designers engineered it with a brand-exclusive tech known as Molded VTR (Variable Thickness Rand) which mitigates hotspots and pressure points. In addition to that, this piece of technology also improves the shoe’s durability.


Downturn. The Agro from Evolv is a climbing shoe with an aggressive down-camber. It is engineered with TPS (Tension Power System) technology which reinforces the forefoot to help retain its heavily downturned shape. This piece of tech also puts the foot into a position where maneuvers involving the forefoot may be pulled off with relative ease.

Applications. This climbing product from Evolv is made for both sport climbing and bouldering, preferably outdoors. Its engineers armed it with a set of components that gives it the capability to ascend vertical faces and overhangs alike.


The Evolv Agro is a low-cut rock climbing shoe for men. Governing fit management in this shoe is the Agro’s strapping system. Making up its closure system is an adjustable strap built with hook-and-loop fasteners. This strap is set through a pair of ladder buckles made of what appears to be hard plastic. Getting in and out of it is made relatively convenient thanks to the Agro’s synthetic heel pull loops.


Midsole. The main midsole unit of the Agro is a component made of tensioned rubber. The one placed at the heel is called Dark Spine which not only provides adequate rearfoot support but also locks the foot in place.

Outsole. Slip and skid resistance in this Evolv offering is a provision that comes from the shoe’s long-wearing Trax-SAS outsole. It has an overall thickness of 4.2 millimeters. It is capable of giving adequate sticking power in a wide range of temperatures.


The Evolv Agro’s below-the-ankle upper is an all-synthetic enclosure, called Synthratek VX. Microfiber lines its interior. A Trax-SAS toe patch is built around its toe box, allowing users to perform toe hooks with additional security. Its durability and climbing performance are enhanced by the Variable Thickness Rand which is made of heavy-duty rubber. This particular rand comes extra thick at the forefoot (hence its name), giving wearers additional frontal protection. The randing reinforcing its heel, on the other hand, is built with a higher tension to help the foot transfer power to the toes with less effort.

Evolv Agro vs. Oracle

The Agro is one of Evolv’s high-quality climb-centric shoes that often get compared with other high-profile climbing kicks out there. Among the offerings that usually get pitted against it is also an Evolv product—the Oracle. While both are part of the brand’s aggressive line-up, they do have a handful of differences. Discover them in the following points:

Asking price. Send fanatics looking for a less expensive climber’s shoe might find the Agro the clear winner here. Yes, it is cheaper than the Evolv Oracle by about $10.

Weight. In this area, the rival shoe bags the crown by being about 30 grams lighter than the Agro.

Upper. Both of the Evolv climbing kicks in this comparison have synthetic uppers courtesy of Synthratek VX. However, only the Agro has a liner. There is also a difference between their lockdown systems: the featured shoe uses Velcro closure, while the Oracle uses ghillie lacing.

Intended environment. The Evolv Agro is mainly an outdoor shoe. Its competitor, on the other hand, may be used both indoors and outdoors.

Odor management. On this front, the Evolv Oracle edges out the Agro by having a split tongue that is imbued with Agion’s anti-odor treatment.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 10oz
Construction: Slip lasted, Vegan
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Performance fit
Downturn: Aggressive
Environment: Outdoor
Material: Synthetic

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