Evolv Addict notable features

-Evolv Addict is a technical all-around rock climbing shoe. It caters to newbies enhancing their skills at the gym and to experts looking for all-day comfort. Its leather upper is designed with the brand’s very own Variable Thickness Rubber (VTR) for -optimal grip and durability. 

-Underfoot, it comes with a full-length midsole and outsole. The former yields support, and the latter sticks to the ground.


Downturn. Evolv Addict is a neutral-styled slipper climbing shoe. Its flat profile and slight asymmetry offer all-day comfort for all climbers.

Applications. This slip-on rock shoe caters to both beginner and intermediate climbers. Its relaxed design allows new-to-the-sport individuals to enhance their skills and provides comfort to frequent climbers when sending technical slabs.


The Evolv Addict is a men’s-only rock climbing shoe. The elastic closure helps keep a snug fit. Its unlined leather upper will stretch up to one whole size. Its asymmetric shape forces the foot into a curved position for concentrated power to the inner edge of the toe.

Additionally, individuals can also purchase the Addict in split sizing (at an additional cost) through Evolv’s website.


Midsole. This rock climbing shoe from Evolv carries a 0.6 mm full-length midsole with semi-crescent nylon. This feature acts as a supportive platform for increased performance.

Outsole. Evolv Addict wears a 4.2 mm-thick Trax SAS outsole. It yields optimal balance between friction and durability. Its stickiness is effective on different rock types and plastic holds.


The Addict from Evolv uses an unlined leather upper for optimal comfort and breathability. The brand designed it with their very own Molded Variable Thickness or VTR system. It is a technique that puts thinner rubber in areas that are prone to pressure points and hot spots. Thicker rubber, on the other hand, is placed at high-wear zones for increased durability.

Dual tabs are attached at the back of the shoe to assist wearers in donning and doffing. Its slip-on design employs an elastic band for closure.

Evolv Addict vs. Five Ten Moccasym

In the climbing shoe world, the Evolv Addict and Five Ten Moccasym are the two most often compared rock shoes. This section lists some of their notable differences.

  • Pricing. The Addict costs $25 less than the Moccasym, with the latter falling in the bucket of premium-priced rock shoes.
  • Weight. The Five Ten Moccasym earns a point in this department as it weighs 16 g less than the Addict.
  • Pull tabs. Aside from the dual tabs at the back, the Moccasym attaches an extra pull loop at the top of the tongue for a much easier on and off.


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