Who should buy the Etnies Semenuk Pro

If you want an MTB shoe that could compete with the Five Ten Freerider Pro in terms of comfort and performance, the Semenuk Pro from Etnies is a solid option. You are sure to enjoy this kick if you are after the following:

  • an MTB shoe loaded with protection and water resistance
  • grippy soles that still let you readjust the foot placement
  • a balance of power transfer and walkability

Etnies Semenuk Pro who should buy

Who should not buy the shoe

Having a bit of flex in the sole, Etnies Semenuk Pro might get your feet tired on a long all-day ride. So, you may want to consider a bike shoe with a stiffer platform, like the Five Ten Freerider Pro or the Five Ten Impact Pro.

Stiff for the ride, flexible for the walk

Riders agree that the sole stiffness of Semenuk Pro is just right. It hits a sweet spot between the stiffer Five Tens and the more forgiving skate shoes. You will see some reviewers describing it as a “super rigid sole,” while others would say it has “plenty of pedal feel.”

A bit of flex makes the shoe more walkable. “Doesn’t hinder walking around after a ride,” says an avid cyclist. He also calls them “down-right comfortable” and often finds himself wearing the shoe to the bar. Another shoe expert echoes by saying it’s “easy on the feet when bushwhacking around off trail.”

Etnies Semenuk Pro walkability

On the downside, you are likely to wish for a stiffer sole on a long day in the saddle. In the words of a shoe reviewer, “my arches would start to get a little sore,” when using this Etnies shoe on the longest and toughest descents.

But overall, the cyclists are in awe of the shoe’s performance:  

  • “badass MTB shoe”
  • “If Cinderella rode a bike this is the one”
  • “the best MTB shoes Etnies have made to date”

Etnies Semenuk Pro sole

Etnies Semenuk Pro makes you feel well-protected

The shoe is reinforced on every front:

  • ankle shield
  • toe bumper
  • protection from debris

Etnies Semenuk Pro ankle shield

The reviewers appear to be highly satisfied with each component. “Without the ankle guard, I probably wouldn’t have much ankle left,” says a cyclist who tends to ride with his feet nearly touching the cranks. As for toe protection, an expert describes it as “substantial and beefed up.” Another reviewer is happy that the tongue gussets are keeping debris out of the shoe.

The shoe’s durability aspect in general received a lot of praise too:

  • “staying solid and taking the abuse”
  • “super tough”
  • “bulletproof”

A person who has taken the Semenuk Pro on at least 100 rides says that it is “yet to show any sign of significant wear.”

Etnies Semenuk Pro durability

Effective in repelling moisture

“Kept my feet dry during wet rides,” reports an MTB rider. Other reviewers also agree that this Etnies shoe has great water resistance and repels everything.

It should be noted, however, that the shoe isn’t meant for extreme weather. But it handles light moisture perfectly.

There is even some level of breathability present thanks to the perforations at the bottom of the tongue.

Etnies Semenuk Pro moisture control

Sticky grip but enough freedom to adjust foot placement

“Mad gripper,” “sticks to the pedals like glue,” and “absolutely zero slipping around,” this is what the riders say about the shoe’s traction. One of them adds that the grip is “arguably better than in Vans.”

At the same time, an expert cyclist says that with the Semenuk Pro, he is “not as completely locked in” as with the Five Ten Freerider shoes. Another one agrees by saying that it isn’t “so grabby that you can’t move your feet around on the pedal.” You can shift and adjust your foot when needed.

Etnies Semenuk Pro grip

Facts / Specs

Use: Casual, Mountain
Cleat design: Flat
Closure: Lace
Features: Water-resistant
Material: Synthetic upper
BRAND Brand: Etnies
Rigidity: Stiff

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