Who should buy Etnies Culvert Mid

The Etnies Culvert Mid is perfect for those who:

  • are looking for a tough MTB shoe
  • need a bike shoe for the wet and cold season

Etnies Culvert Mid logo

Who should NOT buy Etnies Culvert Mid

The weatherproofing of the Etnies Culvert Mid comes at a price; this shoe lacks air circulation. 

If you are looking for a cycling shoe that provides excellent ventilation and can keep the feet dry in warm conditions, the Five Ten Freerider or the Five Ten Hellcat are great alternatives. Both models also deliver excellent walking grip, which this shoe lacks.

Etnies Culvert Mid heel part

Perfect on the bike, but not off the bike

The Etnies Culvert Mid has a very stiff sole, which is ideal for cycling since it allows “great energy transfer to the pedals.” However, due to the rigidity of its outsole, this cycling shoe is not ideal off the bike; it is “awkward and stiff to walk in.”

Etnies Culvert Mid side profile

Aside from delivering efficient power transfer, this cycling shoe is extremely grippy on the pedal. Cyclists are saying that this mid-top cycling shoe from Etnies never loses grip, has a “super sticky greatness,” and “zero pedal slip.”

Cycle with confidence with the Etnies Culvert Mid

Cyclists can pedal without any worries because this shoe gives a “nice secure feel” and a “totally locked in” experience with its tight fit. However, this can lead to issues for those who have wider feet.

Etnies Culvert Mid outsole

This mid-top cycling shoe is visually appealing 

Cycle with style with the Etnies Culvert Mid. A user of this cycling shoe said that “the design and style are at the top of the charts.” Those who want to engage in enduro cycling while still looking good can look forward to its stunning design.

Etnies Culvert Mid mid top

This shoe will feel comfortable over time

It is said that the Etnies Culvert Mid is stiff in general, so it may take a while to break in and feel comfortable. But, users can attest that the comfort of this cycling shoe “improved with time” and assured that it delivered “solid comfort” after it has broken in.

Etnies Culvert Mid laces and strap

Not the ultimate year-round shoe for a pedal-happy rider

“The weather resistance is good,” according to wearers. With its 3M Thinsulate lining, the Etnies Culvert Mid “fends off moisture very well,” so you can expect that your feet will never get wet.

While this cycling shoe is good for the cold and wet season, it is “really hot in the summer.” 

Etnies Culvert Mid midsole

Facts / Specs

Base model: Etnies Culvert
Use: Mountain
Cleat design: Flat
Closure: Lace, Velcro
Features: Water-resistant, Lace Tucks
Material: Synthetic upper
Technology: Michelin Soles

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