Who should buy Etnies Camber Crank

The Etnies Camber Crank is one of the MTB shoes that you should get if you:

  • want a pair that guarantees that you will stick to the pedal no matter what
  • are looking for a footwear that can keep your feet warm and dry while cycling

Etnies Camber Crank label

Who should NOT buy Etnies Camber Crank

If you have wide feet and need a roomy toe box for your toes to wiggle, you should get the Five Ten Freerider Pro instead of the Etnies Camber Crank.

Tuck your laces effectively with the Five Ten Hellcat Pro, which the Camber Crank cannot do since its lace pockets are useless, especially when you lace your shoe fully.

Etnies Camber Crank logo

Feels like you have been glued to the pedals

A lot of cyclists praise the Etnies Camber Crank for being super grippy. The traction of this MTB shoe has been described “grippy as hell” and “top-class grip like glue.”

These are some of the comments that prove how the Michelin tread design of this Etnies model delivers a fantastic grip.

Etnies Camber Crank michelin outsole

However, even though this cycling shoe is exceptionally sticky, an expert still finds it easy to reposition on the pedal. Removing the feet from the pedals is easy if you want and need to, and then you can latch back firmly without any trouble.

Pedal with style with the Etnies Camber Crank

With the incredible design of the Camber Crank from Etnies, users said that this is the “best looking riding shoes out there.” A lot of cyclists approved of the style of this MTB shoe.

Etnies Camber Crank style

The Camber Crank can withstand extensive wear

This Etnies mountain cycling shoe is “a great shoe that can take a beating!” Its durability makes it a very worthy purchase. Cyclists who have tested this shoe can attest that this holds up well and shows “no signs of premature wear.”

Etnies Camber Crank midsole

This shoe fits too snug

The Etnies Camber Crank is not for wide feet. A couple of cyclists with wide feet find the toe box of this shoe tight, with some even saying that “they are impossible to wear.”

Etnies Camber Crank toebox

Keep your feet protected from the weather with this model

The weather resistance of the Etnies Camber Crank is one of its strong points, “with most moisture being shrugged off without an issue.” 

Etnies Camber Crank low top

Cyclists who have worn this shoe in wet weather in the forest found that their feet stayed nice and dry since the shoe can repel water and mud easily.

The laces are pretty long, and the lace pocket is worthless

The laces of the Etnies Camber Crank are excessively long and cyclists cannot tuck it in the lace pocket on the tongue when the shoe is laced-up fully.

Etnies Camber Crank laces

Facts / Specs

Use: Mountain
Cleat design: Flat
Closure: Lace
Features: Lace Tucks, Water-resistant
Material: Leather upper
Technology: Michelin Soles
BRAND Brand: Etnies

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