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9 reasons to buy

  • Many customers applauded the comfort that the Etnies Calli-Cut provided.
  • Several buyers were delighted with the skate icon’s on-point workmanship and excellent design.
  • Most of its consumers were reeled in by nostalgia, insisting that the sneaker brought them to their early days.
  • Several purchasers exclaimed their adoration for the sneaker and demanded Etnies to never stop making this model.
  • Some wearers received a true to size fit in these kicks.
  • Few reviewers commended the more than fair price, pointing out that the Etnies Calli-cut was a steal.
  • A BMX rider explained that the sneaker was more durable than any other brand shoe he has ever owned especially when riding and doing tricks.
  • A couple of delighted users declared these Etnies Calli-Cut shoes to be one of the best Etnies models ever.
  • More than 90% of its consumer base gave the sneaker a five-star rating.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Less than a handful of women buyers were disappointed that the Etnies Calli-Cut had fewer choices for them and was more inclined to men’s colorways.
  • One user was a bit disturbed with the sneaker’s thick shoelaces.
  • Two customers were a tad disappointed that the sneaker did not have enough padding and stows away form the fatter tongue origin.

Bottom line

Whether a poser or true blood skater, the Etnies Calli-Cut served its purpose well as a practical yet fashionable option for footwear. Nostalgia is the pinnacle attribute that makes the sneaker favorable to most millennials who sported the sneaker in their rebel heyday.

Though most of the gals sport the sneaker in ridiculously large sizes, the actual construction of the sneaker runs relatively true to size. Adding durability to its gargantuan facade is the under-appreciated cupsole which brings a lot to its aesthetic table.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Etnies sneaker
A popular pick
It has never been more popular than this May

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The Etnies men’s Calli-Cut skate sneaker resurrects the boardfeel and, perhaps, street-feel of those who adored the sneaker during its flagship years. Staying true to its construction, the sneaker maintains the cupsole tooling for durability as well as a sturdy underfoot cushioning.

The Etnies men’s Calli-Cut is available in a wide variety of options starting from 5 to 14 to be able to cater to women’s feet. Remember that to obtain their optimum fit, they must size down by one and a half from the men’s,

Frank Boistel, the creator of the Calli-Cut and other coveted skate shoes including the Koston 3, he designed the mall rat sneaker with the Adidas Stan Smith in mind. It is evident with the low profile tooling along with the subtle hints of stitching across the edges of the overlays. The collar somewhat mimics the entry of the Stan Smith, but the takeaway is the generous padding on the tongue and ankle area.

The era of baggy pants ripped jeans can be succumbed once again by the striving generation Z, but it wouldn’t make that much of a difference because everything seems so eccentric nowadays. Going for the Avril Lavigne look means sporting sleeveless shirts under hoodies with chains hanging down from the waist.

There is nothing much to compare the sneaker in terms of uniqueness except its counterpart--the Etnies Callicut LS. The LS pays more respect to its Adidas Stan Smith inspiration by borrowing the perforated elements along with the side panels. The Calli-Cut, on the other hand, utilizes other materials like suede and leather for its uppers with a beefed-up sole for skating purposes.

The Calli-Cut’s legacy, when summarized in a statement, would include the words fluky and brilliant. Lucky in a sense that during the time of its release, the mid-2000s if anyone asks, skaters and gnarly rebels were considered as idols. This growing disparity for skate-inspired women’s footwear was filled in by Etnies which in turn made them a streetwear giant in the eyes of thrasher teens.

Another serendipitous move that Etnies made was to introduce the ever-so-popular “white and pink” colorway which incidentally was a major hit for fangirls at the time. Soon after, the sales went boom and Etnies at its prime was producing 60,000 pairs of Calli-Cuts per month in each colorway. The revenue coming from that fluke aided some of the subsidiaries of Sole Technology, Etnies’ mother company, to push through.

Eventually, sneaker giants became more competitive, and the battle for footwear sales became rampant, thus slimming down the hype for the Calli-Cut. Fortunately, the people who grew up with the Calli-Cuts as their beaters left them a place in their heart and the 2019 comeback was successful as it was before.

  • The midsole features an egg crate construction.
  • Underfoot cushioning is provided by the Foam Lite 1 insole.
  • The lining used is of terry visa.
  • To increase durability, the outsole sidewalls are Strobel stitched.
  • Flex grooves on the forefoot enhance flexibility.
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Danny McLoughlin

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