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8 reasons to buy

  • The Etnies Barge XL has an excellent design, according to some reviewers.
  • Many users say that it is among the Etnies sneakers that offer comfort. 
  • This sneaker is perceived to be durable and of good quality by several testers.
  • Some customers say that it is among the great skate shoes that they have. 
  • The low-top Etnies Barge XL delivers excellent board feel, according to a couple of wearers.
  • A user has noted that this puffy shoe is lighter than its look. 
  • This kick has an outsole that works very well on the board, as per a few. 
  • Several respondents say that the Etnies Barge XL offers an excellent grip. 

3 reasons not to buy

  • A few have muttered against the uncovered seam on the inside that causes pain when walking. 
  • The tongue is too fat, according to a couple of shoppers. 
  • Several users have complained about the narrow or tight fit on the top part of the Etnies Barge XL.

Bottom line

A full puff version of the Etnies Barge LS, the low-top Barge XL is another excellent skate shoe that offers superior grip and board feel. Its tongue and collar are padded more, offering maximum cushioning comfort. 

With improved cushioning, the Etnies Barge XL is likely to become among the favorites of those who desire performance and comfort skate shoes. It is a worthy addition to a rotation of kicks without breaking one’s pocket. 


Expert Reviews

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The Etnies Barge XL is available in men’s sizing. Since it is a unisex shoe, women can cop a pair by getting 1.5 sizes less than what they usually order. This skate shoe has a low-profile silhouette that can provide better ankle mobility than others, especially during the performance of skateboarding flips and tricks. 

The low-top Etnies Barge XL has a padded tongue and collar, hugging the foot in place and delivering maximum cushioning. It has a midsole egg-crate construction that provides cushioning. Also, it is equipped with Foam Lite 1 insole for impact protection and comfort. 

Stay in style while you perform with the Etnies Barge XL. This puffy version of the Barge LS offers more padding yet lighter than what it looks. It is available in different colorways like navy/grey, black, black/gum, and grey/white/gum.

Skateboarders or sneaker fans can pair this low-top skate shoe with their cuffed denim jeans or shorts. Ladies can wear this sneaker with their miniskirts too. For a more athletic vibe, track pants or sporty joggers are good options as well.  

Experience a great board feel and cushioning comfort with the low-top Etnies Barge XL. It features Foam Lite 1 insole that ensures shock absorption and cushioning, providing comfort while you’re skateboarding. It also has an egg-crate midsole construction that offers additional cushioning comfort while its cupsole construction gives durability and a fantastic board feel. 

An American footwear brand, Etnies, was founded by Pierre Andre Senizergue in the 1980s. This brand is inspired by action sports and driven to lead. With regard to stylish, functional, and quality footwear, this brand preserves the core spirit of the action sports. 

Among Etnies’ promising skate shoes, the Barge XL is a low-top shoe that offers comfort and performance. Depending on the colorways, the upper can be made of textile, suede or leather material, or a combination of different materials. 

With a cupsole construction, it has plenty of padding that provides comfort, durability, and performance. It has a rubber outsole that provides grippy performance. Also, it has a footbed with Foam Lite technology that ensures impact protection and cushioning. 

  • Each pair of Etnies Barge XL weighs approximately 410 grams. 
  • A special colorway is available by Metal Mulisha.
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