We spent 8.3 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what training geeks think:

5 reasons to buy

  • A majority of the owners raved about how comfortable the Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua was; it even helped to solve foot problems for some persons.
  • The sizing was deemed perfect by droves of users who recommended getting their usual Vibram size.
  • The traction provided by the outsole greatly impressed a lot of outdoor sports enthusiasts; it was grippy on wet rocks, surfboards, docks, boats, pool tiles, etc.
  • Multiple consumers liked that it drained water fast and dried quickly.
  • A few reviewers lauded the lightweight nature of the trainer because their feet did not feel being dragged down while swimming or doing water aerobics.

6 reasons not to buy

  • Several people not familiar with Vibram’s sizing obtained pairs that were either too small or too large for them.
  • Some folks complained about the quality of the Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua because the fabric loosened when it got wet and the heel strap did not properly secure the foot.
  • Because of the perforations, walking on the beach resulted in sand-logged shoes, according to a few wearers.
  • The outsole dismayed a couple of buyers because it did not provide adequate traction on surfboards and detached from the upper after about a year of use.
  • A critic noted that the back of the collar dug into their Achilles tendon.
  • The upper material was not breathable, stated one commenter.

Bottom line

Purchasers of the Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua were generally ecstatic about its performance during outdoor activities, especially when it involved getting in and out of the water. It was deemed comfortable for everyday wear too. However, those not accustomed to wearing Vibrams obtained the wrong size and were unsatisfied with their purchase. Other minor issues included the quality of the material and construction, and that sand could get easily trapped inside. But overall, the FiveFingers V-Aqua came highly recommended for most types of indoor and outdoor activities.



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Expert Reviews

82 / 100 based on 4 expert reviews

  • 90 / 100 |

    The Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua

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    I would like to premise this review up front by saying that Vibram FiveFingers does not consider the V- Aqua model as a running or training shoe. As the name suggests, the V-Aqua is specifically labeled as a "water shoe" meant for activities involving wet surfaces, such as boating.

    That said, the V-Aqua at first glance still maintains the overall spirit of many of Vibram’s barefoot shoes that provides a thin, traction-focused outsole combined with a flexible upper designed to mimic the shape of the foot.



    Given these facts, I decided to give the V-Aqua a try across a number of activities (running included) to see how they fared.

    Comfort & fit

    The V-Aqua differs from several of Vibram’s other FiveFinger shoes in that it utilized Velcro straps instead of a lock lacing system. There is one strap that extends across the top of the foot, and another that wraps around the heel of the foot.



    Overall, the inside of the upper material is smooth and soft on the skin of the feet and is breathable, as it is intended to allow water to pass through and dry quickly. Rather than using a tongue, the V-Aqua supply an elastic mesh-like material that lightly hugs around the ankle.

    Inside the shoe, the V-Aqua utilizes small rectangular rubber pads around the heel to provide less heel slippage inside the shoe. As far as putting the V-Aquas on, adjusting them, and walking around go, they are very comfortable shoes.

    Outsole & insole

    The V-Aqua introduced the new "Megagrip" outsole, which appears to be geared toward providing reliable grip even for wet surfaces. For running and walking purposes, more traction is always helpful, and I found that the V-Aquas had no issue providing grip on dry and wet roads alike.

    The outsole is also relatively thick, providing durability and good protection against rocks or twigs on the road. The design of the outsole seems to also prevent the upper of the shoe from scraping or touching the ground, which is a plus for preventing the upper from tearing.

    A defining feature of the V-Aquas is that there are tiny holes that permeate through. Because the V-Aquas are water shoes, the purpose of the holes is to allow water to drain out more quickly when the shoes get wet.



    As mentioned, the material of the V-Aqua is very soft, flexible, and breathable. Around the darker gray strips of rubber across the upper, it appears like there are tiny holes.

    However, these tiny holes seem mostly cosmetic because directly underneath the dark gray rubber is still the light gray mesh anyway.


    Running performance

    Like Vibram’s other FiveFinger shoes, the V-Aqua is great in providing a close-to-the-ground, minimalist experience that allows runners to adopt a natural stride relying on the balls of the feet. The outsole provides excellent traction, and the breathable and soft upper makes sweaty feet are not a problem.

    That said, as I mentioned in the very beginning, these are not running shoes, and as a result, they also seem to lack the careful fitting mechanisms included as part of an optimal running shoe. For example, the shoes lack both a tongue and a lacing system.

    By relying only on Velcro straps, I was only able to get a rough, imprecise fit around my foot at best, while some parts of the shoe still felt loose or unevenly tight. On walks, this is not an issue, but for running purposes, this leads to a lot of inside-the-shoe foot movement that is uncomfortable.



    In addition, the holes on the bottom of the shoe that is meant to drain out water can also prove to be inconvenient if running on dirt-heavy, sandy, or dusty surfaces. Things will make their way easily inside the shoe, which can get uncomfortable quickly.

    Overall, these issues lead me to say that, if you’re looking for barefoot running shoes, you may want to steer clear of the V-Aquas and check out the KSO EVO instead. The V-Aqua shoes will work, but they are not specially designed for running purposes.

    Other performance

    In order to provide a fair assessment of the V-Aqua, I tried them out for other activities, namely walking and hiking. Because the shoes provide such good traction even in the face of wet surfaces, the V-Aqua works well if you are hiking on flat trails along rivers or trails comprised of mostly smooth boulders (rock scrambles).

    If you are tackling more challenging trails or mountains, you should still stick to hiking boots. The V-Aqua is also a good shoe if you like to wear close-heeled shoes by the poolside. They work well for any hot day and dry quickly as intended.


    Vibram FiveFingers did not appear to intend for the V-Aquas to be running shoes, but I gave them a try as running shoes anyway and personally, concluded that Vibram’s other options (like the KSO EVOs) are much more suitable.

    The V-Aqua is made of soft and smooth mesh material and comes with great traction on the outsole, but the model is not designed for providing the meticulous fit that many runners often desire.

    The holes on the bottom meant for draining out water can also allow a lot of dust and dirt to enter the shoes if you are running on such terrains.

    All that said, to give proper credit to Vibram, I think the V-Aqua performs very well for what they were intended for, and that is being worn during activities involving or near wet surfaces.

    They are a good option to wear by the pool or on a boat and are lightweight and breathable such that they make a great outdoor alternative to flip flops or slides during hot months.

    If walking on a wet road or surface, the V- Aqua provides sufficient traction to traverse safely - thanks to the Megagrip outsole material. However, regardless of what shoes one is wearing, individuals should always act with caution on slippery surfaces.

    Thank you for reading!

  • 84 / 100 |

    Vibram V-Aqua - Wet or dry, these shoes really grip

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    Vibram provides a nice niche offering for any activity where water or damp conditions come into play with the V-Aqua.



    I’ve had a few pairs of barefoot shoes ranging from Vibram Fivefingers to Merrell Bare Access. The barefoot concept is one that I generally abide by and subscribe to.

    The Vibram V-Aqua is a great--albeit niche addition to the Fivefingers lineup. It takes the previous models of shoes and strips them back to the most essential pieces and materials to make a water shoe.


    The V-Aqua brings the materials of the traditional shoes in the Fivefingers lineup, adding in some twists that benefit the role of an aqua shoe.

    One of those benefiting features is the silicone strips on the inside of the shoe’s upper to help eliminate slippage. The overlaid strip of silicon helps lock in the toebox in an otherwise lightweight and ultra-breathable upper.




    That ultra-breathability shines when you actually dip your toes into some water (pun intended).

    Due to the nature of the entire shoe being stripped down for water wear, the pull loop as well as the straps that lock in the top and back of the foot no longer feature cushioning and material over them.



    If the shoes are worn too tightly, there were instances where the straps started to cut into the foot.

    Size-wise, the V-Aqua runs true to Vibram Fivefingers sizing. As always, I would recommend getting fitted for any Fivefingers shoes in a store before purchasing.

    But, if needed, the buyer can rely on the sizing of the more traditional styles such as the KMD or the KSO.


    The V-Aqua is a barefoot shoe, so there is no midsole. The only cushioning provided in the shoe is a 2mm EVA footbed with silicone treatment to thwart bad smells from use without socks (because it’s barefoot).

    Unlike other Fivefingers models, the footbed is not lined with a layer of cloth to avoid additional slippage due to that cloth stretching after wear while wet.


    The outsole on the Vibram V-Aqua provides excellent grip due to the heavily lugged pattern featuring Megagrip technology.



    Unlike traditional models like the KSO, the outsole does not feature razor siping. But, the Megagrip lugs do provide substantial grip on wet and dry surfaces.

    The pattern of lugs is not so overbearing that you can feel the pattern underfoot. Regardless, it is substantial enough that there’s no loss of traction on uneven surfaces and materials.

    Another feature of the outsole is small drainage ports to help water escape the shoes when they do get wet.


    The overall look of the shoe is solid. The color scheme is good, with a more muted appearance. However, the straps appear to look somewhat utilitarian.



    Nevertheless, the V-Aqua is definitely a shoe that can be worn for regular activities in addition to water wear.


    • Weight (men’s 43) – 4.9 ounces
    • Style – Barefoot/Neutral
    • Upper – Polyester + Spandex, silicone printing
    • Midsole – N/A (It’s a barefoot shoe.)
    • Outsole – 3.7mm rubber featuring Megagrip configuration and drainage perforations


    • Lightweight
    • Breathable
    • Several non-slip features to help when wet
    • Wide toe box
    • Superior traction on wet and dry surfaces


    • Utilitarian straps may cut into the foot if worn too tight


    The Vibram V-Aqua is a water shoe for when water shoes are optional. If dexterity of your southern digits is required in a soggy environment, this shoe shines bright.

    It provides superior traction in dry and wet activities and, as always, can be washed in a washing machine if it starts to get a little bit funky (or dirty).

    The silicone printing on the inside of the shoe provides excellent non-slip benefits to compliment the traction on the outside of the shoe.

    As always, find a store that sells at least the traditional KSO or KMD styles to find your proper size.

  • 80 / 100 | 50 Campfires | Level 1 expert

    Does a great job of providing extra protection while retaining a barefoot feel. The excellent drainage also makes for a quick-drying shoe. They're tricky to get on, but you'll get hang of it quickly.

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  • Don’t settle for going barefoot when it's time to hit the water — the Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua has got your back. This minimalist trainer is an amphibious tool ready for any adventure, be it on land or water. The upper is crafted from a lightweight and breathable material that is quick-drying and leaks water fast.
  • The sole unit is made of the Megagrip technology that is created to provide traction on both dry and wet surfaces. It has numerous perforations at the bottom to facilitate water drainage. The ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) insole provides cushioning, but it has been crafted to be porous to allow water to go out.

The FiveFingers V-Aqua from Vibram caters to both male and female athletes. It comes in EU sizes 39 to 49 for men and 36 to 42 for women, which is the rough equivalent of US sizes 7.5 to 14 and 6.5 to 10, respectively. According to the brand, this model runs small, so shoppers are advised to get a size up. As for the width, it is only available in a medium profile, but the stretchy upper material allows it to accommodate a broader foot shape. There are straps on the midfoot and around the heel which help to deliver a locked-down feel.

The Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua is equipped with a 3.8-mm Megagrip sole technology. This innovative rubber compound is flexible which aids the foot in gripping uneven and wet surfaces. It is fitted with triangular lugs that provide superior traction and steadiness. The outsole also has multiple drainage ports that facilitate water seeping out and keep the inside aerated.

Found inside the shoe is a 2-mm EVA insole. It cushions the underfoot and serves as another layer of protection against uneven and rough surfaces. It has been treated with silicon, preventing the foot from sliding during wet conditions. The footbed has perforations that assist in water drainage.

A textile fabric makes up the upper of the Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua. This material is stretchy and delivers a sock-like fit. It is also breathable and quick-drying. Synthetic overlays reinforce the toe pockets and some areas of the midfoot to protect the underlying material against abrasion.

The trainer features a slip-on construction, but straps allow wearers to adjust the fit. One of the straps is found at the midfoot which delivers a locked-down fit, while the other is around the heel, helping to secure the rearfoot and keep it steady. There is also a fabric loop at the back of the collar that makes it quicker to pull the shoe up.

  • Vegan shoes may not come in abundance, but many of Vibram trainers are, including the FiveFingers V-Aqua. Vegans can rest assured that no animal products were used in the manufacturing of this model.
  • This footgear is intended for various indoor and outdoor activities which means it can get dirty very quickly. The good news is it can be machine washed so cleaning won’t be a hassle. After cleaning, let it air dry away from direct heat so the integrity of the footwear won’t be compromised.
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