47 best blue Nike basketball shoes

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    Nike LeBron 7 - Chlorine Blue Black
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    Nike Kyrie 6 - Blue
    Nike Kyrie 6 - Blue
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Nike’s long and lasting heritage in basketball dates back to the 1970s when the first set of leather Nike basketball shoes found its way to the court. The Bruin and the Blazer were Nike’s first attempts at introducing their own unique style to the game of basketball. From their early beginnings until today, the Swoosh’s basketball journey has always been a stylish and colorful one.

Blue Nike basketball shoes are among the more popular colorways found in Nike’s basketball line. They are seen throughout the various collections released by the brand. With blue being one of the highly dominant colors used in basketball teams, it certainly is not surprising why it is a hue commonly used in basketball shoe colorways.

The Top Blue Nike Basketball Shoes

best blue nike basketball shoes
Best Blue Nike basketball shoes - December 2019

Being one of today’s leading names in the sport, Nike has been known to produce the best-looking and best-performing shoes throughout history. The brand’s line of blue basketball shoes wows not only in aesthetics but also in features that give the competition a run for their money. Here are the most notable blue Nike basketball shoes to have graced the courts.

Nike Kyrie 4. The fourth of Kyrie Irving’s signature basketball shoes, this model was designed by Ben Nethongkome and was initially released in a “Confetti” colorway. Each colorway for this shoe took inspiration from the athlete’s likes and hobbies like skateboarding. Recent releases include a bold white and royal blue colorway. Among the highlights of this royal blue Nike basketball shoe are its Zoom air cushioning and Flywire cables that give a locked-in fit. Crafted to run with the unpredictable style of Irving, this shoe sports a lightweight design with outsole curves that enhance a player’s footwork.

Nike KD Trey 5 VI. The Trey 5 was originally an overseas-exclusive takedown line that retailed at around $80 to $90. Inspired by the dynamic playing style of Kevin Durant, this blue Nike basketball shoe shows much versatility on the court. Although a takedown model, this version has been fitted with a heathered knit upper, a broad foot strap, as well as a forefoot Zoom Air unit that is similar to that of its predecessor, the Trey 5 V. It also features a dynamic cable lacing system that is inspired by the one on the KD 10. Nike has released the Trey 5 VI in a blue and black colorway, among others.

Nike Zoom KD11. The 11th installment from Kevin Durant’s illustrious signature line, the KD11 wears a design that is meant to keep up with the versatility of the famous athlete. Combining a toe-to-heel Nike React foam with Nike’s Zoom Air, wearers can expect this model to perform with the most responsive cushioning. The brand has also equipped this blue basketball shoe with breathable Flyknit that not only offers flexibility but also excellent support exactly where it is needed. The eleventh KD from Nike debuted in a Warriors blue colorway followed by a more than a handful of new color combinations, including a navy blue Nike basketball shoe, with gold details.

Nike Hyperdunk X TB. The Hyperdunk line revolutionized Nike sneaker history when it debuted a decade ago. On the series’ tenth anniversary, Nike introduced the Hyperdunk X that features a lightweight textile upper with a stretchable ¾ bootie that allows for easy entry of the foot. Oversized laces help improve fit while a heel and forefoot Zoom Air cushioning ensure a comfortable ride. The Hyperdunk X was initially set in two colorways: Game Royal and University Red. A navy  blue Nike basketball shoe was also added together with around ten more catchy colorways that are sure to match a player’s style. It retails at around $130.

Nike Kyrie Flytrap. Often compared to the Kyrie 4, Kyrie Irving’s Flytrap brings its own unique set of features and benefits on the hard court. Speed and agility are among the high points of this blue Nike basketball shoe. With its decoupled heel design, players will be able to make smoother transitions during the game. Additionally, a reliable grip is owed to a rubber outsole that features a herringbone traction pattern. Among the released colorways of the Flytrap from Nike’s Kyrie line, a red, white, and blue Nike basketball shoe stands out with its clean and sleek look, even with its very budget-friendly price point.

Blue: What does it stand for?

Blue is a natural color often associated with the sky and the sea. It represents strength, depth, trust, and loyalty as well as wisdom, confidence, and stability. Such traits are undeniably ones that are embodied in many athletes who play in team sports like basketball. The color blue is also associated with things like freedom, intuition, and imagination.

Aside from its general meaning, the different shades of blue also have their distinct representations. For instance, electric or bright blues are typically dynamic and dramatic in an engaging kind of way. That said, royal blue Nike basketball shoes may appeal to players who do not shy away from attention and do not mind standing out on the playground. On the other hand, dark blues represent superiority as well as elegance and sophistication. Classy athletes who love old-school style might prefer royal blue Nike basketball shoes to match their sophisticated taste.

Blue is one versatile color that is widely used in various sports, including basketball. It is also highly visible in the business world as the color is also seen to communicate confidence, importance, and significance. This explains why blue is a popular color in power suits as well as in the uniforms of police officers and firefighters. Deemed as one highly corporate color, the color blue is also linked with intelligence, unity, conservatism, and stability.


One doesn’t have to be an athlete to wear a pair of blue Nike basketball shoes. The evolving trends in fashion have taken basketball sneakers off the court and into the streets, as lifestyle shoes to match the unique style of individuals. Take the Nike shoes for basketball and Air Jordan sneakers, for instance, which can easily be paired with jeans for a rugged street style or with some chinos and a statement jacket to complement a smart casual look.

9 best blue Nike basketball shoes

  1. Nike Kyrie 5
  2. Nike LeBron 16 Low
  3. Nike PG3
  4. Nike Zoom Rookie
  5. Nike KD Trey 5 VII
  6. Nike Zoom Freak 1
  7. Nike LeBron Soldier 12
  8. Nike LeBron Soldier 13
  9. Nike Zoom Rize
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