We spent 8.4 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what runners think:

7 reasons to buy

  • A lot of the runners say that the New Balance Nitrel v3 is very comfortable to wear. 
  • One runner states that the shoe provides a lightweight feel. 
  • The shoe offers versatility as it can be used for both casual and running occasions. 
  • A lot of the people commend the colorway of the shoe.
  • The Nitrel v3 offers sufficient support and stability, notes one runner. 
  • Several users like the overall aesthetics of the shoe.
  • According to some runners, the shoe is very flexible. 

3 reasons not to buy

  • One disappointed customer notes that this running shoe is too tight, especially on the toe area. 
  • A burning sensation is felt on the top area of the foot after using the shoe for too long, says one user. 
  • The lower portion of the shoe’s tongue gets easily twisted, especially when putting on the shoe, complains one purchaser. 

Bottom line

Overall, the New Balance Nitrel v3 has received a lot of both good and bad reviews from several people. One of the main concerns that the reviewers have is that the tongue of the shoe gets easily twisted, especially when one puts on the shoe. Additionally, there have been complaints regarding the tight fit of the shoe, especially on the toe area. However, a lot of the reviewers also like the comfort that the shoe offers. Several have also mentioned that the shoe is able to provide stability and support to the runner. The lightweight feel that the shoe gave when running is also a big plus to the buyers. According to them, the Nitrel v3 is a trail running shoe that they would surely recommend to their peers. 

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  • In this version of the New Balance Nitrel collection, there have been some minor iterations to the Nitrel v3. One of which is the discontinuation of the synthetic overlays to provide for structural stability and added support. 
  • However, there have been some numerous features retained in the shoe. These include the shoe’s mesh upper that helps in allowing sufficient airflow into the shoe, thus making it breathable. This keeps the foot feeling fresh even after a long run. This mesh upper is also highly flexible that does not constrict the movements of the foot. 
  • An All-Terrain (AT) Tread outsole is still employed by the shoe just like the shoe’s predecessors. This features lugs that are made for on and off-trail running. With this technology, the shoe still has good traction and grip on different surfaces. This is also known for its durability. 
  • To further protect the shoe from elements and provide reinforcement to the shoe, Toe Protect™ is integrated into the shoe.

The New Balance Nitrel v3 is available for both men and women in standard sizing measurement. 

There are some notable technical components of the shoe that are directly contributing to the fit of the shoe. One of which is the mesh upper of the shoe that gives it a snug fit around the foot. Accompanying the mesh upper is the synthetic overlays, providing structural support and security around the foot.

A traditional lace-up fastening system is also applied to the shoe. This fastening system of the shoe is lightweight and gives security to the foot when running on trails. The shoe also has a padded collar and tongue to ensure that the foot stays in place. 

To ensure proper fit and sizing, it is recommended that one should go through various user feedbacks regarding the size and fit of the shoe first before proceeding to purchase. It is also advised that trying on the fit of the shoe first is the best course to take. 

This New Balance trail running shoe features an AT Tread outsole- a dual-use outsole that also includes the combination of both trail and running lugs. This technology provides durability to the shoe as it protects the shoe from abrasive components. It also allows the shoe to have good traction and grip on a variety of surfaces. 

The midsole of the New Balance Nitrel v3 sports a REVlite midsole. This is a foam compound that allows the shoe to have a lightweight response and lasting durability. The durability provided by this midsole is as strong as the 30% heavier New Balance foams. This midsole increases the cushioning of the shoe, thus giving the foot more comfort. 

Paired with the REVlite midsole is an ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam cushioned insole. This provides added cushioning to the foot 

The Nitrel v3’s upper is made up of mesh material. This mesh upper allows sufficient airflow into the shoe that promotes the shoe’s breathability. This upper also allows more foot movement as it is very flexible. It is also known for its lightweight properties. Mesh uppers are also found on other running shoes such as the Asics Patriot 10 and the Brooks Addiction 13.

The upper also has a padded collar and tongue. The padding contributes to the cushioning and comfort that the shoe has. Additionally, this also affects the security and fit of the shoe when running on trails. 

The Nitrel v3’s upper is supported by Toe Protect™. This technology is made out of a rubber compound that helps protect the shoe from elements, and it also provides reinforcement to the shoe. 

For New Balance Nitrel v3’s closure system, the traditional lace-up fastening system is employed. This fastening system is lightweight. It also provides a secure fit around the runner’s foot. 

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