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        Puma golf shoes

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        The performance footwear industry is an open arena for different players, so, seeing brands come and go is quite common. It takes more than a brave soul to withstand the test and challenges of time. Puma is one of the handfuls that triumphed.

        best Puma golf shoes

        Best Puma golf shoes - April 2020

        What to expect from Puma golf shoes

        The sportswear brand understands the nature and movements of golf. Intently, as they're building their spot in the secluded community, Puma breathed an air of boldness and innovation. Overall, the brand is driven by two motivations: performance and style.

        • It's performance-driven

        Just like its flair in fashion, Puma knows that its essence won't be complete without performance. Similar to its animal representation, the cat is known to give its best. 

        In golf, technology plays a huge role as it can significantly improve one's game. Here we breakdown the different innovations that are commonly seen on Puma golf shoes. 


        • EVOKnit collar

        Most golf shoes come in low-top silhouettes. The ankle freedom is a necessity from the backswing until the follow-through. Usually, golf shoes are designed with padded collars to improve the fit and reinforce comfort. The EVOKnit, however, works differently. 

        From the name itself, the word knit is a woven material. Simply put, it is the brand's version of Primeknit and Flyknit. When used in the collar, it gives a sock-like fit without restricting ankle movement. 

        • PWRFrame

        The series of PWR doesn't necessarily revolve around the shoe model but is based on the technology. PWRFrame is constructed with an extremely thin TPU frame. It is intelligently placed on regions where there is additional stress. As a result, stability is enhanced while giving lightweight support. 


        • Fusion Foam

        It is common for brands to use their other sports categories' innovations. Puma, on the other hand, develops a golf-specific cushioning tech that is targeted with the movements of golf. 

        Fusion Foam is a clear example of this. It combines a responsive rubber and incredibly soft EVA to achieve that comfort that is responsive and has a high energy return. 

        • Ignite Foam

        The high-rebound cushioning is not only a trend that Boost and React started. It is a quality that athletes have been longing for but took time for brands to formulate flawlessly. The Ignite Foam is Puma's version of it. It initially started with running shoes, but it also reaped benefits from other sports groups like golf. The PU foam allows instant step-in comfort, which eradicates the break-in period concept.

        • Soleshield

        Not all midsole technologies are foams. Soleshield is an innovation that makes maintenance a breeze. A micro-thin TPU film is vacuum-formed and wraps around the midsole, which boosts its durability while repelling debris and dirt. 


        • Hidden Traction

        With Ecco's introduction of the spikeless outsole, each brand went back to their working table and formulated an adaptation to its design. The Hidden Traction ensures that it maintains that high level of ground grip without showing it. The look is similar to a street-style version, only with golf-specific enhancements. Both the Suede G Patch and Puma Original G both use this on their outsoles. 

        • Gripzone Traction

        Upon the release of spikeless outsole, it instantly stood out from the eyes of golfers because it gave them the leisure only to use one shoe from the 18th to 19th hole. 

        The Gripzone Traction combines two shapes to generate the best grip. It features a generous amount of 39 strategically-placed hexagons, which gives multi-directional traction that is ideal for the fairways. In addition, the bottom of the shoe is also placed with 24 chevron-shaped nubs on areas where it is most needed. 

        • PWRADAPT

        Each golf course is created unique from each other. Having a golf shoe that can tackle each hazard is important. PWRAdapt is a revolutionary technology that balances comfort and traction. It is constructed with 3-dimensional traction pods. They all move independently, which encourages maximum grip on the terrain.

        Golf lacing System

        Laces, or lack thereof, seem to be a mundane section that is often overlooked by many. Its functionality, however, is more than a decorative component. Locking the foot is essential in golf movements. When making a swing, the footwork plays an important role as the foot twists, tilts, and turns during a swing or when walking. Puma addresses its importance and feature different types of lacing systems on some of its golf lines. Below are some of them. 

        • Traditional lace

        The lace-up closure needs no explanation. It is one of the most common designs, and it happens to be for a reason-- it gets the job done. 

        Some of the Puma golf shoes complement the laces with PWRCage, which serves as the modern-day saddle. The extra padding on the forefoot gives additional cushion and support, which is extremely useful from the first to the 18th hole. Generally, shoes with traditional laces are the cheapest as well. 

        • Solelace

        Shoes that are clad with Solelace are easily distinguishable. It may inject a fashionable accent on the sides of the shoe, but its functionality is more than meets the eye. 

        The construction of the Solelace is made up of a lightweight yet durable TPU attachment on the midsole. The laces wrap the foot and give it 360-degree support by fastening the outsole and midsole directly on foot. 

        • Disc

        One of the secrets of Puma's success is that it strives for consistent innovation. The Disc illustrates this perfectly. When it was launched in 1991, it was constructed with 11 parts, but now securing the foot and tightening the shoe gets done only by turning the knob. 

        Running shoes initially sported the wiring disc system. Eventually, other athletic categories like basketball and tennis also jumped on the bandwagon. 

        Celebrating more than 25 years of existence, the Disc is now used in different footwear groups such as sneakers and golf.

        • It's style-driven

        If there's a reputation that Puma has built over time, it is its rebellious nature. Following the rules has never been its strongest suit, but the brand uses it to its advantage. A Puma golf shoe easily stands out from the crowd because it deviates from the norm. 

        Immodestly modern

        Most brands that are catering to both casual and performance shoes, customarily toned down when they entered the golf footwear domain. They leaned more in producing neutral colors and clean designs that safely targets both young and mature golfers. 

        Puma, though, is unflustered. While it also creates shoes that fall in the grayscale, it is also fearless when it comes to using flashy colors, funky patterns, and quirky fabrics that modernize the look of the shoe. 

        More than that, the brand also entices its golfers with limited-edition pieces. These items instantly make one stand out from the sea of black, white, and gray shoes. 


        Puma's design process is all about contemporary. However, some of its recent releases turned a different direction and celebrated some of its heritage models' 50-year existence. 

        Two reiterations of the Puma Suede were launched, namely Puma Original G and Puma Suede G. Both are placed with golf-specific technologies that allow them to adapt to the fairways. Aside from being available in men's and women's sizes, golfers will also be delighted to know that they lean towards the more affordable spectrum.

        How Puma started with golf shoes?

        The brand’s history can be traced from the 1940s, but it all started with Atom. Being the first model of the brand, it initially created a huge impact. The screwed-in spiked football shoes wereare revolutionary at the time that it caught the attention of West Germany athletes. More so, it contributed much to their win against Switzerland during their first post-War match. The final score was 1-0. That only goal was all that was needed to create that integral link between the brand and the sport. 

        Two animals unite

        Just like the animal representation, Puma dives into anything that has the words fast and aggressive on it. It is no wonder that its passion for football did not lose the spark. In fact, its interest spurted on other sports like basketball and training

        In 2006, the feisty cat took an unusual route. While it was used to the adrenaline rush of different contact sports, it entered a more relaxed field, golf. 

        Given its experience and knowledge in different athletic activities, joining the golf community did not come quite as hard. Initially, it was footwear, apparel, and accessories that mademake up the Puma Golf. 

        However, four years after, Puma acquired another member into its kingdom, Cobra Golf. Carrying a line of golf clubs, the brand has also made a name for itself in the industry. Formulating the first full set of oversized irons did not just make the brand well-known, but it created another set of categories in the market. Oversized irons, in fact, have become synonymous with Cobra Golf. 

        The acquisition made headlines as it strayeds away from the norm. Brands like Nike and Adidas divested their golf club category that it is giving off the impression that completing the offerings is a market strategy that doesn't work. 

        The merging of two brands sets Cobra Puma Golf as one of the very few brands that offer a complete lineup of golf gear and apparel.

         Bet you didn't know

        • Puma and Adidas once had a strong link. Founders of both brands, Rudolf and Adi Dassler, are blood brothers. The initial plan was to produce sports footwear through one company. However, rumors have it that they have drifted after World War II causing their separation and two independent brands. 
        • Puma is not much into collaborations, but they has been slowly seeping through the brand's lineup. The most recent partnership was done with its sponsored athlete, Rickie Fowler, with the Ignite ProAdapt. The shoe exhibited some of the athlete's input, like better stability from the upper. 
        • Rickie Fowler and Puma's collaboration is a match made in fashion heaven. Most golfers are usually dressed up in blues, whites, or blacks. Still, this Oklahoma State University graduate stays true to his colors and frequently wears a vibrant orange and has made a reputation from it.
        • Puma and Rickie Fowler's relationship lasted for a decade. In celebration of it, the athlete released a full lineup of caps, apparel, and footwear. The X Collection reflects the athlete's maturity in golf and how his style transitioned towards elegance. The golf shoe iteration is called the Ignite ProAdapt X. It features a peacoat body accented with Irish green and white colors.
        • Other than Fowler, Lexi Thompson, Bryson DeChambeau, and Will MacKenzie are some of the other players that are included in Puma's list of athletes.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What are the best Puma golf shoes?

        Puma's facade may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the comfort and quality that it provides are universal qualities that golfers look for. 

        • If you're looking for a spiked shoe that grips different surface areas yet provides support and comfort, the Ignite PWRAdapt is an excellent option. It is also available in limited-edition colorways for style-savvy athletes that want to stand out in the course. 
        • The Ignite Nxt fits perfect for those who are on the hunt for a grippy spikeless pair that is comfortable and stable. 
        • If breaking the bank is not a priority, the Grip Fusion is a decent pair that offers the necessary qualities that a player needs in the fairway. 

        How do Puma golf shoes fit?

        Golf shoes are not created equally. In terms of fit, the structure and materials of the trainer can significantly affect how they wrap the foot. Size charts that are usually provided by retailers typically serve only as a guide. 

        Puma golf shoes are generally true-to-size. It is also important to scrutinize specific models as some are slightly longer, so going down half a size is strongly recommended. To see sizing recommendation for a specific pair, check out the corresponding product page on our website. 

        Not all models are also offered with wide options. If the design of your liking is only in regular width, going up a half or full size may be helpful in some cases.

        Are there full sizes available for this line?

        Part of availing Puma pairs is that it has a deep understanding of its consumers. Most, if not all, of their golf shoes, come in both regular and wide widths. Those who are on the hunt for a fresh pair can choose from sizes running from 7 to 14. Full and half sizes are offered as well. 

        Are there women's options available?

        Men predominantly play golf. History may be blamed for this, but there is a slow increase in female golfers. Brands like Puma are also recognizing this statistic. Currently, it offers fashionable and functional pieces that come in spiked and spikeless forms. This way, women could get one that fits them properly instead of sizing down from men's pairs. Women can typically choose from sizes running from 5-12. In terms of width, only regular widths are offered so far.

        Is there a waterproof warranty for these shoes?

        Waterproofing is essential for most golfers as golf courses deal with grass, which can hold up plenty of moisture. Puma, being a consumer-centric brand, equips most of its waterproof shoes with a one-year warranty period.

        Are Puma golf shoes expensive?

        The good thing about Puma is that its price range is varied. Golfers who prefer to splurge or those who are on a budget can find one that would suit their budget needs. 

        The most affordable pairs available are under $100, while the priciest pairs can be purchased for over $200. Spiked shoes are also more expensive than spikeless. 

        Is there a method to clean Puma golf shoes easily? 

        Unfortunately, cleaning is a necessary step that athletes need to take to prolong the life of the shoe. The good news is, it need not be arduous. There are simple steps that can be taken to get the job done. 

        • Create a mild cleaning solution by combining a small amount of detergent and water. 
        • Divide it into two sections — one for the laces and the other for the shoe. 
        • Remove the laces and dip it into the mixture. 
        • Using a soft-bristled brush, clean the entire shoe, focusing on stained areas. 
        • Go for the hard-to-reach areas using an old toothbrush. 
        • Also, focus on the outsoles on the outsoles as this can get extremely dirty. 
        • Once everything's done, air dry. 

        Is there a proper way to care for golf shoes?

        No matter how cheap your golf shoes are, taking care of them is one of the best ways to make the most out of your buck. There are many ways to lengthen its life and maintain its tip top shape. To simplify it, breaking it down it into two might help.

        POST ROUND

        It may seem like a lot, but after every game, these are what you can do to give your pair instant care. They are all simple and can be done while cooling down or before riding the car. 

        • Get the debris and dirt out of the outsole by banging the trainer against each other. 
        • Spiked pairs have the tendency to trap more grass and soil. Removing the spikes or using a toothbrush may make it easier to clean. 
        • Soaked shoes should be attended to immediately. Stuffing in a crumpled newspaper inside should do the trick in soaking excess moisture. 


         Every golfer needs to know how the trainer is stored plays a massive role in its maintenance. Below are some of them:

        • Contrary to most golfers' practice, the car trunk is not where the golf shoe should be. The temperature inside can get extreme, which can cause damage to the material. 
        • Air dry is the best route when drying shoes. Artificial heat such as blowers should not be used as it can destroy the material and waterproofing feature. 
        • It is also recommended to put a shoe tree when storing your trusty pair. Shoe trees help maintain the shape. 

        Additional Tips:

        • Avid players are recommended to rotate between two shoes each game. It will let the shoe breathe, and using two pairs would help each last twice as long. 
        • Going to a professional cleaner once in a while will not only pamper the shoe but your foot as well. It will ensure that each area is pristine. Additionally, they can restore their condition. 
        • From time to time, putting a waterproof spray is an excellent treat that is beneficial not only for the shoe but for the feet as well. If your golf shoe is not waterproof, spraying a waterproof shield is essential. 
        • After every round, check the condition of the spikes. Replace the spikes as needed. Thankfully, Puma's spikes are easily replaceable, so doing it should be easy. 
        • For scuff marks, polishing them with a leather protectant will help improve its appearance.