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The Nike Magista cleat collection was built for players who creatively lead the way to victorious goals. The playmaker lineup was unveiled in 2014 as an improved cleat for fit, traction and, touch.

The Nike Innovation team had designed the cleat with the idea of eliminating distractions and consequently making players more ingenious. The need for a playmaker cleat arose from the feedback of some of the prominent professional players such as Andre Iniesta and Mario Gotze. Thus, Magista was born.

Notable features of the Nike Magista soccer cleats

best nike magista soccer cleats
Best Nike Magista soccer cleats - November 2019

Nike has never stopped playing the game of innovations. The substantial investment they dedicate to produce biomechanically efficient shoes is evident in the making of Nike Magista soccer cleats. The cleats go through scientific processes and testing to ensure high-quality results. As a consumer, knowing these noteworthy features is a must.

To know if the Nike Magista soccer cleat is worthy of purchase, here is your guide to discovering some of the notable features found in the impressive lineup:

Dynamic Fit collar

The Magista cleats Dynamic Fit collar features a distinctly contoured sock that acts as an extension to the cleat. The collar is shaped to conform to the ankles with a thicker knitted coverage. It is dipped lower in the tendon area to allow more freedom of movement for the lower leg. It extends to the forefoot with the goal of creating a cleat that works with the foot and not just as a mere extension.

Nike Magista Obra II DF Academy, Nike Magista Onda DF IC, and Nike Magista Obra II Elite FG are some of the Nike Magista soccer cleats with the DF collar.

Textured upper

The Nike Magista soccer cleats textured upper was revamped in 2016 since it was first released. The initial launch in 2014 featured a honeycomb style that was engineered for precision in dribbling and striking. The 2016 version remained a 3D-textured upper with a slightly different form. It is a dimpled-textured style with a heat map design that is meant to visually represent the high-sensitive zones of the foot such as in the upper of Nike Magista Obra II Elite FG.

All Nike Magista soccer cleats have textured upper but variations come in the material used. Cleats under the Onda, Orden, and Opus categories such as Nike Magista Onda II TF and Nike Magista Obra II Elite have textured upper in a synthetic material. The Obra cleats, on the other hand, carry the Flyknit textured upper.

Tongueless Flyknit upper

The revolutionary Flyknit upper found in Nike Mercurial soccer cleats is also featured in the Magista, particularly in the Magista Obra cleats. The material is a lightweight, breathable and micro-engineered polyester yarn that is knitted to produce a form-fitting upper.

The Nike Flyknit pixel precision properties lead to a 3D textured upper. With this characteristic, the Magista cleats that did not produce overlays nor extra weight to the cleat.

Rotational Forefoot Zone

Distinct to the Nike Magista soccer cleats, the stud configuration known as Rotational Forefoot Zone is patterned to improve rotational traction. It is achieved by the combination of half-conical and bladed studs arranged in the soleplate after data-focused scientific testing called FEA. Finite Element Analysis is the same method applied to the other Nike collections including the Nike Hypervenom soccer cleats.

The stud configuration is present in the firm ground, artificial grass and soft ground variations of the cleat such as the Nike Magista Obra II Elite SG-PRO, Nike Magista Obra 2 DF Academy, and Nike Magista Obra 2 Elite.

The Nike Magista tier breakdown

The Magista collection is composed of the six silo variations: Obra, Onda, Orden, Opus, Proximo, and Finale. All cleats differ in the combination of their features and the quality of the materials used. Magista Obra is the highest among the tier breakdown. It is composed of premium quality materials and several advanced innovations in comparison to the other low-end tiers.

  • Magista Obra (Magista DF Elite)
    • Features: ACC Technology, Dynamic Fit Collar, Interior Heel Counter, Rotational Forefoot Zone, Textured Upper, Tongueless Flyknit Upper
    • Sample soccer shoes: Nike Magista Obra II Elite FG, Nike Magista Obra II AG-PRO, Nike Magista Obra II Elite SG-PRO
  • Magista Onda (Magista DF Academy, Pro)
  • Magista Orden (Magista DF Pro)
    • Features: Rotational Forefoot Zone, Shaped Dynamic Fit Collar, Textured Synthetic Leather
    • Sample soccer shoe: Nike Magista Obra 2 DF Pro
  • Magista Opus (Magista Elite)
  • MagistaX Proximo (MagistaX Elite)
  • MagistaX Finale (MagistaX Pro)
    • Features: Asymmetrical Lacing, Circular Traction Pattern, Neoprene Collar, Non-marking Outsole, Textured Upper
    • Sample soccer shoes: Nike MagistaX Finale II IC, Nike MagistaX Finale II TF

Flyknit Vs Synthetic leather upper of the Nike Magista soccer cleat

The Nike Magista soccer cleat lineup is a mixture of cleats with synthetic leather and Flyknit upper. The high-end cleats such as the Magista Obra are built with a Flyknit upper while the rest of the cleat categories are designed with synthetic leather. Both materials offer different sensation when it comes to fit. They also differ in several more aspects.



  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Form-fitting quality
  • Environment-friendly
  • Textile, Barefoot Sensation


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to clean and maintain

Synthetic Leather


  • More water-resistant than real leather
  • Environmentally safer than real leather
  • Durable
  • Soft and flexible
  • Leather, slightly padded sensation


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Less sustainable than Flyknit
  • Weighs heavier than Flyknit

Choosing the best upper material is a matter of personal choice. It all depends on what type of fit, sensation, and budget you prefer. The Flyknit upper may be the best choice for someone looking for a lightweight, barefoot sensation in a cleat while the synthetic leather is perfect for someone looking for a leathery, slightly padded feel.

It all boils down to your preference. Interestingly, the Nike Magista soccer cleats have both of those choices on hand. Whether it’s synthetic leather or textile sensation, the lineup offers you with a selection of cleats with different upper materials, rates, and technologies.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Nike Magista soccer cleats released in 2014 and 2016?

The most apparent difference between the two versions is the texture of the upper. The launch edition was designed with a honeycomb texture while the latter was styled with a three-dimensional heat-map-inspired upper.

Both are designed with distinct upper texture, but they were all engineered for the same purpose, which is to enhance ball touch. As per Nike, both variations used the same amount of material. It means that there is no significant difference in their weight.

As per player feedback, the majority felt that the second version of the upper was fit for normal to wide-footed users while the original version was perfect for small to normal frames.

How do I clean my Nike Magista soccer Cleats?

Cleaning your Nike Magista soccer cleats may be a bit tricky due to its 3D-textured upper but there are ways proven to be effective and gentle in maintaining the said cleat:

  • Prepare the ff before cleaning: A bowl of water, towel or washcloth, toothbrush/soft-bristle brush, washing detergent, paper
  • Using the brush, wipe out all the excess dirt that you can remove from the upper and the soleplate.
  • Remove the laces to clean them separately using a detergent.
  • Place the crumpled paper sheets inside the cleat to prevent the inside from getting wet.
  • Gently wipe off the dirt from the cleat by using a wet towel or washcloth.
  • Use a brush to completely wipe away the excess dirt, especially those areas that are difficult to clean out such as the textured upper and the border of the soleplate and the upper where the mud can get stuck.
  • Alternate the use of washcloth and brush to ensure all stains are wiped off.
  • Clean the DF collar by wiping the dirt off with a washcloth that is dipped in water with detergent. Do the same with the sock liner.
  • After cleaning, use a dry cloth or towel to dry the cleat.

Who wears the Nike Magista soccer cleats?

The launch edition of the cleat was headlined by Barcelona player Andres Iniesta. Other professional players were also seen wearing the cleats such as Thiago Silva and David Luiz. The 2016 version was launched by the German midfielder, Mario Gotze.

Can I wear the Magista cleats without socks?

Wearing the comfortable Nike Magista soccer cleats without socks is not recommended by the majority. Its extended sock forefoot is not a substitute for a sock but rather an extension of the cleat that provides lockdown. Not using socks can have serious repercussions such as discomfort with the lower leg and other areas of the foot, that can be caused by rubbing. Long high socks are recommended rather than short ankle socks to optimize your overall cleat comfort.

Are the Nike Magista soccer cleats easy to maintain?

Just like any other soccer cleat, the Magista soccer cleats require regular cleaning and maintenance. It is important to note that if you plan to purchase Magista cleats with a Flyknit upper and Dynamic collar such as the Magista Obra II, they are quite a challenge to wash.

The textured Flyknit of the Nike Magista soccer cleats may absorb dirt and mud more in comparison to other upper materials such as the synthetic leather. The combination of brush and washcloth will do the trick in ensuring dirt is wiped off clean. It is also essential to dry the cleats after washing them.

The Dynamic Fit collar is non-removable and will make washing a bit difficult. To clean it, a soft bristle brush is necessary.

How much is the Nike Magista soccer cleats?

The most expensive Magista cleat is the Magista Obra priced at $300-$310. Second are the Magista Opus at $230  and the Magista Orden cleats at $170. The Magista Onda has the most budget-friendly rate that starts with $90. All the prices mentioned are at the regular rates.

For the indoor and turf variations of the Nike Magista soccer cleat, the more expensive shoes are the Proximo cleats at $175 while the Finale cleats are at $100 at their regular rates.

What are some of the notable limited edition releases of the Nike Magista soccer cleats?

Some of the notable special edition Magista cleats are the following: Black History Month Edition, World Cup Edition, Academy Pack, Camo Pack, Liquid Chrome Pack, Hyper Turquoise colorway and Stealth Pack.

Does Nike offer women’s edition of the Nike Magista Soccer cleats?

Yes. Nike has always been known to create women versions for their cleats including the Magista. In fact, they have released special edition women’s pack for the same lineup in 2016. It includes a Black and Bright Crimson Magista worn by the American professional soccer players, Ali Krieger and Crystal Dunn.

The Mercurial and Hypervenom women’s edition cleats are also included in the special release.

Are there any low top Nike Magista soccer cleats?

Yes. Although most of the cleats in the lineup are installed with a Dynamic Fit Collar, the Magista has low-top cleats. Some of the low top cleats in the collection are the Nike Magista Obra 2 Elite and MagistaX Finale TF.

The low top versions of the Nike Magista soccer cleat feature an upper with a synthetic leather tongue below an asymmetrical lacing system. The heel counter is internal and serves as a cushioning and lockdown component of the cleat.