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          buy eddie bauer  hiking boots for men and women

          If you need a pair that can keep up with you on the trail, you can try Eddie Bauer hiking boots. These hikers are engineered to keep your footing secure while providing the support you need outdoors. They’re also equipped with various technologies to keep your feet comfortable and protected from harm. Outdoor enthusiasts looking for a capable pair should consider Eddie Bauer hiking boots for their upcoming excursion.

          Qualities of the best Eddie Bauer hiking boots

          Best Eddie Bauer hiking boots

          Best Eddie Bauer hiking boots - May 2019


          The brand’s best boots for hikers are crafted to keep your feet comfortable while you’re outdoors. They are equipped with padded collars and tongues to promote comfort with your every stride. Select Eddie Bauer hiking boots feature an upper with a breathable membrane for improved ventilation. Moreover, they come with a removable footbed to supply ample underfoot comfort and cushioning.


          You’ll encounter all sorts of challenges that will cause you to slip and fall during a hike. Eddie Bauer hiking boots are built with grippy outsoles to help secure your footing. Its surface is filled with aggressive lugs that grant traction on virtually all types of terrain. Their design also incorporates self-cleaning treads which shed mud and debris for optimal grip. Certain boots come with a heel brake to grant you better control in downhill conditions.


          Staying on top of every trail obstacle without losing your balance can be hard if you’re not wearing the right gear. Eddie Bauer hiking boots are designed to support your feet, especially when you’re carrying additional weight on your back. They feature either a high-cut or mid-cut upper design which prevents the ankle from twisting. The midsole component of these hikers is made of either ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyurethane (PU). The former is known for its lightweight cushioning properties while the latter is more resilient to wear. Some models sport a shank for improved rigidity and contortion-resistance. Also, the gear’s footbed supplies additional arch support and stability.


          Your gear will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear every time you go for a hike. Eddie Bauer hiking boots are built to resist these conditions so you can get the most out of them. The brand’s best hikers use sturdy upper materials, such as leather. They are further reinforced with toe caps to boost their toughness. Most of these hikers use outsoles made of durable rubber to handle contact with rough terrain.


          Eddie Bauer hiking boots are infused with several components and technologies to protect your feet from harm. Some of these hikers feature a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry when tackling various wet trail conditions. They are also breathable to prevent your feet from sweating too much. Several hiking boots that come with robust leather uppers are resistant to abrasive elements. Moreover, the inclusion of a gusseted tongue prevents debris from entering the gear.

          What to look out for when reading reviews of Eddie Bauer hiking boots for men and women

          Checking out various reviews should be done before purchasing a new pair of Eddie Bauer hiking boots. In doing so, you’ll be avoiding any problems with this gear and getting your money’s worth out of them. Here are some things you should keep in mind when looking for reviews.

          • Keep an eye out for expert review articles of your target Eddie Bauer pair. These boots are tested extensively to determine their positive and negative qualities. They also contain recommendations on how to maximize this piece of gear.
          • Checking consumer reviews is also a good place to start. These customers have a first-hand experience on how these Eddie Bauer hiking boots perform. You can even send them a message to learn more about how their purchase worked during an actual hike.

          Notable technologies used in Eddie Bauer hiking boots

          • Weatheredge. This is Eddie Bauer’s patented waterproof technology. The membrane’s design prevents water from seeping in, keeping your foot dry. It is also allows excess moisture and heat to escape to achieve enhanced breathability.
          • InsoFit. Select Eddie Bauer hiking boots come with an InsoFit footbed. It’s made of EVA foam to deliver cushioning and arch support without adding bulk or weight.
          • InsoFit Pro. This footbed is made of PU to deliver cushioning while providing excellent resiliency to wear and tear. It’s also built with a heel cup for enhanced stability.
          • MidLite. This component is made of lightweight EVA foam to create a cushioned and stabilized ride. Its construction also emphasizes durability and underfoot comfort.
          • MultiPitch Pro. Certain Eddie Bauer hiking boots are equipped with the brand’s exclusive MultiPitch Pro outsole design. This component is made of durable Vibram XS Trek rubber compound. Its profile is filled with an aggressive lug pattern that renders multi-directional grip on most types of terrain.
          • ThermaFil. A layer of ThermaFil is designed to trap heat inside the boot to keep your foot warm. Footwear models with this technology are best used in places with low-temperatures.