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    Reebok Flexagon Energy - Blue (DV6048)
    Reebok Flexagon Energy - Black True Grey White (DV4548)
    Reebok Flexagon Energy - Blue (DV4780)
    Reebok Flexagon Energy - Alloy/True Grey/White (DV4779)
    Reebok Flexagon Energy - Gris (Cold Grey/Primal Red/Black 0) (DV9359)
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    Skechers Stamina - Cutback - White/Multi (WMLT)
    Skechers Stamina - Cutback - Grey (NVBK)
    Skechers Stamina - Cutback - Multi (544)
    Skechers Stamina - Cutback - Gray/Orange (039)
    Skechers Stamina - Cutback - Beige (OFWT)
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    Skechers Dynamight - Black (BBK)
    Skechers Dynamight - Navy (58360NVY)
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Gym memberships can be costly, but that doesn’t mean your workout shoes should be too, especially when you’re not 100% fully committed to pursuing an active lifestyle. But are there any good cheap workout shoes to choose from?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank to obtain reliable workout shoes. Also, you don’t have to resort to purchasing knockoffs so that you’d have a trendy pair to wear at the gym. Believe it or not, brands like Puma, Reebok, and Skechers are just some of the shoemakers that offer cheap workout shoes to shoppers.

What to expect from the best cheap workout shoes

best cheap workout shoes

Best cheap workout shoes - May 2019

In general, workout shoes are designed to support both low- and high-impact workouts. However, they do not have the same abrasion-resistant materials and technologies as CrossFit footwear or weightlifting shoes. The sole unit on cheap workout shoes is also more pliable compared to these specialized training shoes, allowing the foot to move more freely.


You can often find cheap workout shoes with mesh uppers. This type of fabric is soft and lightweight, which promotes movement. It is also breathable, which helps aeration of the foot chamber and keeps the interior fresh. Synthetic overlays may be present on the toe box and the quarters reinforce these areas and render support, especially during lateral movements.


The most common type of midsole technology used on cheap workout shoes is the ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam. This platform is lightweight, flexible, and can absorb shock to keep the foot and the joints of the lower extremities protected from impact. They are also crafted to be durable because they often function as the outsole too.


Some cheap workout shoes use a dual-density foam cushioning that has a firm layer at the bottom since it’s the part that is in constant contact with the ground. Some models use a full-length layer of rubber for the outsole while others only feature rubber pods on the high-wear areas. Rubber also adds traction to the underside of these trainers. Flex grooves can also be seen in most cheap workout shoes which help in the natural forward movements of the foot.

Frequently asked questions

How much do cheap workout shoes cost?

Cheap workout shoes typically cost under $100. However, this price may still seem too steep for some. The good news is that we here at RunRepeat gather various offerings from numerous online retailers to deliver the best possible deals. So you can get cheap workout shoes for as low as $30.

Can these shoes be used for running?

Cheap workout shoes can be worn for short runs or a quick run around the block. However, if you are training for a marathon or running long distances, then investing in a good pair of running shoes would be your best bet. These trainers are constructed to propel runners forward while reducing the impact of each foot landing. Wearing cheap workout shoes for long-distance runs could result in the early deterioration of the trainer because they are not built for that activity.

Can you use cheap workout shoes for CrossFit?

In essence, yes, you can use cheap workout shoes for CrossFit, but that wouldn’t be wise. CrossFit shoes are equipped with tougher upper material and have protective elements like rope guards that reinforce the quarters so the fabric won’t easily tear. CrossFit also involves weight training, so its sole construction is less flexible and compressible than typical workout shoes to keep the wearer steady while lifting heavy.

Is this footwear durable?

Don’t let the ‘cheap workout shoes’ reference throw you off. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it’s made of low-quality materials and poorly constructed. It just means that it is priced low compared to other workout shoes. To determine whether a trainer is long-lasting, you can check out user feedback. Here at RunRepeat, we collate user and expert reviews to give you a quick overview as to what you can expect from a particular model. Just click on a trainer and you will be presented with shoe facts and feedback from actual users.

Are cheap workout shoes lightweight?

Yes, because cheap workout shoes are typically made using materials that weigh very little. Most of them weigh less than 300 g, making them fall under the lightweight category.

Is it better to invest in cheap workout shoes than in a pair of expensive ones?

There are pros and cons of purchasing shoes in the lower price range. One advantage of getting cheap workout shoes is that you won't have to spend too much money on trainers that you may or may not use frequently. However, if you are looking for unique technologies like rope guards or heel clips or lateral reinforcements, you would have to shell out more cash to get them. If you’re just testing the waters, then cheap workout shoes would be sufficient. If you don’t pursue an active lifestyle, you’d still have a pair of trainers you can wear daily or occasionally that didn’t cost you $150 or more.