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                Ahnu hiking boots

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                buy ahnu hiking boots for men and women

                Ahnu hiking boots are crafted to accompany you on your outdoor adventures. Whether venturing out on muddy, rugged or tamed trails, these hikers are created ready.

                The term Ahnu is derived from the goddess of balance and well-being in Celtic mythology. This brand, now a Teva (known manufacturer of hiking sandals) sister company, aims to provide women with a pair of boots which suit an active, outdoor lifestyle.

                Advantages of a pair of Ahnu women’s hiking boots

                best ahnu hiking boots
                Best Ahnu hiking boots - December 2019

                Exploring the outdoors entails having the right set of gears. Some enjoy packing light and wear minimalist footwear. Others carry a heavy pack for their multi-day adventure and use sturdy backpacking boots. And then you think, “There is a wide range of brands offering outdoor stuff, so why should I check out Ahnu?” Here are some of the reasons why:


                Ahnu is known for its success in active footwear. This is also evident when they introduced Yoga Performance Footwear a while back. These shoes can be worn while traveling to and from class without limiting flexibility. It also improves the balance of the user. With their female-first strategy, the brand’s engineers made sure that comfort will always be present wherever you go.


                Every pound you carry on your foot matters, especially when you go on a hike. It can dictate how far will you be able to go and how tiresome your adventure will be. Ahnu’s boot designers keep the weight of the boots to a minimum so that you are kept comfy wherever you go. This factor helps maintain your optimal performance throughout the hike, thus enabling you to log in more miles in your boots. 


                Of course, protecting your foot against the harshness of outdoor obstacles is a primary objective for Ahnu. Almost all their styles come with a toe guard and carry a durable upper material. Add to that is their incorporation of technologies, such as eVent, to protect users against wet encounters. Some of Ahnu’s hiking boots for women also come with a forefoot shock dispersal plate (part of Numentum technology) which will protect you and your foot from bruises when traversing bumpy, technical terrain.


                Almost all of Ahnu’s hiking boots for women employ a Vibram outsole made of the Megagrip compound. Its ground adherence make it suitable for use in a variety of ground conditions.

                Their soles are characterized by large lugs commonly found at the perimeter to provide stability over rugged terrain.


                Ahnu hiking boots are designed to fit a women’s foot. They use a sturdy lacing system which allows users to customize the overall volume and distribute pressure evenly across the foot. Some of its styles use webbing loops reinforced with metal hardware to secure the tension. Some models have speed hooks which permit quick fit adjustment.


                When going on a hike, it is important that the gear you are wearing will be able to withstand whatever the outdoor condition is. With the leather used in a majority of Ahnu boots, you are sure to be protected even on the rockiest terrain. The reinforcements placed at the toe, heel and midfoot enhance its defense against wear and tear.

                Remarkable Ahnu hiking boots for women

                Ahnu Montara III Boot eVent. This mid-cut leather hiking boot is equipped with technologies that make it ready for hikes over rugged terrain. Your foot is treated to a lush interior with its pig leather lining. For a waterproof yet breathable type of protection, it comes with an eVent membrane. It is also imbued with an Aegis Antimicrobial Treatment to keep your foot fresh and ward off the development of odor. Thanks to a bi-density EVA footbed and midsole, it is able to maintain its lightness while dissipating shock from ground impacts. In contact with the ground is a Vibram outsole which renders surface traction. Its midsole and outsole, form a rockered profile for a smooth transition. The boot version retails at $170. Its low-cut variant comes in nubuck which is sold at $145 while the low-top style with a full-grain leather upper retails at $150.

                Ahnu Sugarpine II Waterproof Boot. This over-the-ankle boot from Ahnu offers lightweight protection through its upper made of a combination of closed suede and mesh. Its waterproof leather overlays give protection against wet elements and enhance the boot’s durability. It is built with the Numentum Hike technology for a stable, supportive and comfortable ride. A Vibram outsole grants adherence on ground surfaces. This boot is known for its sneaker-like feel while providing the stability of a hiking boot. This mid-cut version retails at $145 while the low-cut version comes at $135.

                The technologies used in Ahnu hiking boots

                Numentum technology

                If you are familiar with Ahnu’s hiking boots, you may have come across this feature multiple times now. The Numentum technology is a trademarked feature of Ahnu which encourages the natural biomechanics of your foot. Primarily, it works by centering and guiding your foot to promote a more efficient ride.

                Incorporated in some of their hiking products is the Numentum Hike. This sole unit is intended for use on the trails—to guide the foot and secure balance—with or without a load. What are its inclusions?

                • 60 Durometer EVA midsole. This material cradles the foot and provides lightweight cushioning. It also optimizes shock absorption over rugged terrain.
                • 70 Durometer EVA plugs. These are present on the lateral and medial sides of the heel. They help maintain the neutral positioning of the foot, thus promoting stability.
                • Integrated TPU shank. A component situated between the outsole and midsole which provides torsional rigidity. It prevents the unwanted twisting of the ankle and enhances midfoot support.
                • Shock dispersal plate. This sturdy piece is placed at the forefoot. It protects the foot against stone bruising.
                • Rubber outsole. Usually a non-marking and slip-resistant sole designed to secure footing and provide traction.


                The eVent is a waterproof technology which uses billions of microscopic pores embedded in their proprietary membrane. It is often used in an Ahnu hiking boot and is responsible for making it watertight and breathable, enabling the users to perform in different outdoor conditions. It is also designed to vent the water vapor (or sweat) inside the boot to promote a dry and fresh interior.

                Aegis Antimicrobial Treatment

                Some Ahnu hiking boots come with Aegis Antimicrobial treatment to maintain an odor-free in-shoe feel. This feature is permanently bonded into the fabric. It punctures the cell membrane of a microorganism and kills it with an electrical charge. The antimicrobial agent does not lose strength and will be reactivated once in contact with microbes again.

                A Brief History on Deckers Acquisition of Ahnu Footwear and its Realignment Under Teva

                It was in 2009 when Deckers Outdoor Corp closed the deal in the acquisition of Ahnu Footwear. Working towards the same goal—creating a brand that meets the needs of the market—the then president of Ahnu was confident that the brand fits well into the Deckers’ portfolio.

                With this move, Ahnu has discontinued its men’s collection and has focused on building and improving their women’s active footwear. It started anew when it was realigned under Teva, also a Deckers Brand subsidiary. It aims to refocus Ahnu and seeks to distinguish its product range further.

                The partnership, now named as Ahnu by Teva collection, still carries the most notable hiking boots from Ahnu—the Sugarpine and Montara—with a touch of Teva’s sandal heritage. Ahnu’s successful products remained true to their original heritage while growing its diversity. All of the updated Ahnu by Teva offerings are available on the Teva website. Prices range from $135 to $170.

                Frequently Asked Questions

                I need a replacement insole for my Ahnu by Teva hiking boot. Where can I get one?

                Currently, the brand does not sell or manufacture replacement insoles for Ahnu by Teva footwear. They recommend trying out a third-party insole you trust and will meet your needs. However, if your boot is less than a year old, you may opt to start a warranty evaluation first before getting a new set of insoles.

                How do I clean the footbed of my Ahnu hiking boots?

                Ahnu by Teva recommends handwashing the stock footbed using a mild soap and soft-bristled brush. Once cleaned, allow it to air dry. Never expose it to direct heat or place in a dryer.

                How do I maintain the leather of my Ahnu hiking boots?

                The brand suggests using a trusted, third-party nubuck leather cleaner for keeping your leather Ahnu hiking boots looking the best they can be. Occasionally reconditioning them is also necessary.

                Is it possible to return my Ahnu hiking boots if I ordered the incorrect size?

                Yes, it is possible to return your purchased Ahnu hiking boots if you discovered that you ordered the wrong size. To be eligible for a return/exchange, it should be within the last 30 days upon purchase and is in a new and unused condition. However, if beyond 30 days, your Ahnu by Teva hiking boots are entitled to a one-year warranty only if it was purchased after January 1, 2017.