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  • The Butora Wing is an outdoor gear that blurs the line between approach shoes and casual kicks. It is designed to be protective, thanks to its stitched-on construction and heavy randing.
  • This hiker has been updated with refined elements to keep with the times. As such, it has a slimmer and pointier profile than its former self. It also comes with an all-new heel-hugging lacing system.

Butora’s Wing is a low-top shoe built for the approach. This is a unisex product, which means female patrons might want to go a full size up to get an accurate fit. A secure and precise lockdown in it may be achieved by means of the hiker’s heel-hugging Quick Type Lace closure system.

The Wing is equipped with a Butora-exclusive outsole called Neo Fuse for surface traction. It has multi-sided lugs around the inner forefoot section to provide wearers with extra slip and skid resistance over loose soil. Its rear zone, on the other hand, comes with ridge-like protrusions for enhanced movement control on slippery descents.

Butora shoemakers engineered this grippy component with Neo Zone—the smoothed-out part around its front end. This design choice promises additional stickiness on flat surfaces.

Suede leather makes up the majority of the Butora Wing’s breathable low-cut upper. It is built with a bellows tongue made of mesh, protecting its interior from intrusive debris, such as pebbles and mulch. It has 360-degree protection from virtually all sorts of abrasive elements, thanks to the Neo rubber rand wrapped around the entirety of its lower perimeter. To make slipping in and out of the hiker much quicker, Butora designers furnished its tongue and heel with a synthetic pull loop each.

The Wing’s lace-up closure features combination eyelets and a heavy-duty synthetic lace. Its top-most pair of eyelets transition to the heel-hugging mechanism of the shoe.