We spent 7.5 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what runners think:

7 reasons to buy

  • Runners appreciated the lightweight structure of the Adidas SL20. 
  • The upper construction helps offer a secure ride, according to a lot of reviewers. 
  • Many users commented that the shoe is comfortable to wear. 
  • Some buyers said that it delivers excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • Several purchasers claimed that the Adidas SL20 is responsive.
  • The shoe is breathable, a couple of commenters claimed. 
  • One reviewer testified that the new midsole is as responsive as the Boost midsole. 

3 reasons not to buy

  • A few wearers noted that the Adidas SL20 is firmer compared to other Adidas running shoes. 
  • The shoelaces are too thick and long, said some testers.
  • This running shoe is not supportive, several runners observed. 

Bottom line

Featuring a lightweight construction, the Adidas SL20 is an ideal running partner for runners of all abilities. It is a neutral running shoe that offers a fast and efficient ride. This running companion is crafted with high-quality materials, aiming to deliver a balance of comfort, flexibility, and durability. It is also perfect for casual walks.


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The Adidas SL20 is a lightweight running shoe that is suitable for racing and faster-paced runs. It is one of the first road running shoes from Adidas that feature the brand-new Lightstrike cushioning, which offers enhanced speed. 

Compared to the traditional Boost technology, the Lightstrike cushioning material is lighter. This element is responsible for providing a bouncy and comfortable ride. The Continental™ Rubber outsole is also used in the shoe to offer a firm grip even when the road is wet. 

In the upper of this Adidas running shoe is an engineered mesh material that gives a breathable wrap. The upper is designed to deliver a snug fit and keep the foot locked in place while running or doing strenuous activities.

The standard sizing measurements were used during the creation of the Adidas SL20. Consumers can get a pair of this running shoe using their usual sizing preferences. However, it is important to try on the shoe first before making a purchase decision to ensure a comfortable in-shoe experience. 

It is worth noting that several factors affect the fit of this running companion. This includes the mesh upper and padded tongue that gives a secure and snug in-shoe feel. Another element is the lace-up closure that allows the user to easily adjust the tightness and looseness around the shoe. 

The outsole of this cheap running shoe utilizes a combination of two types of rubber compounds called the Stretchweb and Continental™ outsoles. These materials are working together to provide reliable protection and traction. 

The Stretchweb outsole shields the midsole unit from the abrasive elements. This material also adapts to the way the runner’s foot hit the ground to deliver flexibility while keeping the outsole lightweight. 

The Continental™ Rubber is positioned in the forefoot section for an excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions. Aside from excellent traction, this outsole material also offers exceptional durability for long-term use.

For a responsive and comfortable ride, the Lightstrike cushioning is incorporated into the Adidas SL20. This midsole material is made from a lightweight compound that offers an efficient and bouncy running experience. The cushioned midsole also gives added stability throughout the running session. 

A thermoplastic unit called the Torsion System is also integrated into the midfoot section. This component bridges the heel and the forefoot section for stability, assisting the rearfoot and forefoot to move independently. It adapts to various surfaces without straining the foot. The Torsion System also helps preserve the structural integrity of the midsole foam.

Providing a snug and secured fit is the engineered mesh top. The mesh is a lightweight and breathable fabric that allows for continuous ventilation, keeping the foot dry and cool for an extended period. This element also offers flexibility and protection against the elements. 

The traditional lacing system is used in the Adidas SL20 to provide ample support. The shoelaces also give a customized fit for a pleasant wearing experience. 

A cushioned collar and moderately padded tongue are infused in the upper to supply added support. The collar provides comfort around the ankle and keeps the foot in place while in motion. The tongue helps deliver a snugger fit and protects the top of the foot from getting pinched by the shoelaces.

Adidas SL20 compared to the Adidas Solar Drive

Just like the Adidas SL20, the Adidas Solar Drive is also a road running shoe that is designed for running on paved surfaces. These shoes work best for runners and athletes with neutral gaits. 

The Adidas Solar Drive incorporates the Stretchweb outsole for durability and traction. The Stretchweb outsole also protects the Boost midsole, which offers long-lasting comfort. The Adidas SL20, on the other hand, utilizes a combination of the Stretchweb and Continental™ outsoles for enhanced durability. Instead of the traditional Boost midsole, the Adidas SL20 incorporates the new Lightstrike cushioning for a lighter and more efficient running experience. 

The mesh fabric is integrated into these running shoes to provide a form-fitting and irritant-free coverage. This cloth-like material delivers breathability and flexibility for a comfortable in-shoe feel.

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