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5 reasons to buy

  • Expert reviewers and customer reviews alike agreed that the Adidas Nemeziz 18+ FG soccer cleat feels extremely comfortable when worn.
  • A handful of reviews were quick to point out the soccer cleat’s good fit.
  • A few wearers loved the style of the Adidas Nemeziz 18+ Firm Ground shoe.
  • One expressed that the Adidas Nemeziz cleat runs true to size.
  • Another found that the soccer cleat has a good amount of cushioning despite the obviously thin upper.

4 reasons not to buy

  • One of the users expressed that the shoe is not good for wide feet.
  • Another reported some slight blistering when initially wearing the Adidas Nemeziz 18+ FG soccer cleat.
  • One wearer mentioned a durability issue for the soccer cleat as his own pair started already tearing after 2 weeks of use.
  • The Adidas Nemeziz 18+ FG soccer cleat belongs to an expensive price tier.

Bottom line

Several were impressed with this top-tier laceless soccer cleat from the three stripes. Starting with its comfort, the majority were in agreement that the Adidas Nemeziz 18+ Firm Ground soccer cleat brings excellent comfort. The shoe also brings a decent fit as witnessed by a number of users. Although, one did bring up that the shoe caused slight blistering when worn initially but, comfort is still achieved after a short while. Overall, for players looking for a laceless speed cleat which provides a good amount of comfort and fit on the pitch, this pair is worth looking into.


Expert Reviews

91 / 100 based on 6 expert reviews

  • 93 / 100 | Unisport | | Level 5 expert

    It's got a great tight and streamlined fit. It's lovely and uninterupted on the ball and it makes you feel on your toes like a ballet dancer. Why drop it, then? The lock down isn't as good as in thinsg with laces, there is some crazy amount of grip on the ball and the color doesn't really do that much. But in the end, it's a great fitting boot that's a lot of fun to play with, it makes you feel ready and it's amazing if you love to dribble.

  • 93 / 100 | Unisport | | Level 5 expert

    However the Nemeziz 18+ maybe on the pole, there are also a few areas where Adidas are off the mark. One of those is naturally the lockdown. It does feel a little bit better than the first generation but it's still not on par with boots that have laces.

  • 90 / 100 | Soccer Reviews For You | | Level 5 expert

    Why I think this is the best Adidas laceless shoe...It's what's on th inside. If you look, this actually has a padded mesh lining on the inside that does restrict the stretch across the top of the foot where laces would normaly be. Because it can't stretch as much, that means that the shoe is more stable.

  • 89 / 100 | All Things Sports | | Level 4 expert

    This does accommodate my foot fairly well to be honest. I do find them quite comfortable. The length is perfect if you go true to size. And again, the padded liner and the whole idea of this wrapping tape idea around your, it does come across fairly evidently in the way that this boot is designed.

  • 90 / 100 | Soccer Bible | Level 3 expert

    The new collar construction is also quickly evident. It's always present in a nice supportive way and that's the feeling of the foot being tightly wrapped. There's also a pluch mesh full lining underneath the tongue area. And while it's definitely very comfortable, it also takes up a bit of space inside the boot adding a bit of pressurized feeling on top of the foot. It does, however, add to the security of the boot. Offering a decent amount of lockdown.

  • 92 / 100 | SOCCER.COM | | Level 2 expert

    The new Nemeziz fits slightly tighter and slightly more narrow than the Nemeziz before while this does offer a tighter fit all around, it's add a little bit more locked in and secured feel when you first slip it on.

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  • Yet another addition to the Nemeziz line, the Adidas Nemeziz 18+ FG soccer cleat has received some significant updates from its predecessor. This 2018 model still sports the Agility Bandage which is a staple feature for the collection. The material wraps around the player’s foot creating a snug but comfortable fit. The design has been inspired by athletes’ ritual of wrapping their limbs before a performance.
  • Another new feature to this model is the Agility Weave strategically positioned in the forefoot area. This element aids in enhancing ball touch especially on powerful forefoot strikes.
  • Due to its laceless style, the fit is secured through its collar which extends up to the ankle area. An additional feature that was not evident in the Adidas Nemeziz 17 line is a mesh element that serves to reinforce internal foot lockdown.
  • The soleplate features Torsionframe technology which includes a total of eleven studs. Seven studs are placed in the forefoot, while four are placed in the heel area. This stud configuration allows for traction and grip on firm ground courts.

The Adidas Nemeziz 18+ Firm Ground soccer cleat brings a snug fit that wraps around the player’s foot through its bandage-type upper. While it is a laceless model, a mesh-based material has been internally placed in the shoe to further the soccer cleat's fit. It is available in men’s standard sizes ranging from 6.5 to 13.5.  A user reported that the soccer cleat runs true to size.

Unlike the Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 FG and the Adidas Predator 19.1 FG that use laces to customize the fit, this model has laceless construction.

The Adidas Nemeziz line is known for its distinct look. The bandage-type look is also evident in the Adidas Nemeziz 18+ soccer cleat. The material wraps around the player’s foot, locking it in place without losing comfort and breathability. The material extends up to the ankle area. This technology is aptly called Agility Bandage as it is inspired by athlete’s act of sports taping before a performance.

An internal mesh material has been integrated into the soccer cleat's construction to create a more secure-fitting shoe as it is a laceless model.

Furthermore, the forefoot features Adidas’ Agility Weave which is designed to bring a good ball touch.

Sporting virtually the same outsole as its predecessor, the Adidas Nemeziz 18+ Firm Ground soccer cleat uses a Torsionframe outsole which is engineered to be lightweight. Incorporating a total of eleven half-moon shaped studs that ensures grip in firm ground courts. Another technology utilized in this area’s construction are Torsion Ribs which aids in pushing off the ground.

  • The Adidas Nemeziz 18+ Firm Ground soccer cleat is available in the Zest, Core black, and Solar Red colorway.
  • A new colorway for this model featuring a Solar Yellow and Blue color palette is set to be released in early 2019.
  • The Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 is a model with a lacing system from the Adidas Nemeziz 18 collection.