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5 reasons to buy

  • A few purchasers were satisfied with the soccer cleat’s fit, describing it as perfect and protective.
  • A lot of soccerers appreciate the soccer cleat’s weight as it is described as not too heavy and not too light.
  • Some users of the Adidas Copa 19+ Firm Ground liked its unique stitchless design.
  • A couple of reviews mention its durable and long-lasting quality.
  • The Adidas Copa 19+ Firm Ground belongs to an expensive price range but some users say it’s worth it.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some commenters prefer to have the laced version rather than this soccer cleat’s laceless design due to its poor lockdown.
  • A few reviewers said that the soccer shoe is a little bit difficult to put on.

Bottom line

This first-ever laceless leather cleats from Adidas have expectedly garnered their fair share of skeptical and appreciative reviews. The laceless leather shoe has sparked some negative comments including its poor lockdown and weird design, prompting players to consider its laced counterpart the Adidas Copa 19.1 FG.



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Expert Reviews

92 / 100 based on 10 expert reviews

  • 91 / 100 | Soccer Reviews For You | | Level 5 expert

    I actually think the lockdown is quite decent, all things considered. Speaking of lockdown, while I just did compliment these, I will say this. If you are somebody that likes super locked-in, responsive sensation, these aren't for you. Laceless boots, in general, aren't for you. I have been somebody that has been highly critical of laceless boots ever since they came on to the scene a couple of years ago.

  • 91 / 100 | Soccer Reviews For You | | Level 5 expert

    My main complaint with laceless boots is that you don't have that adjustability. It's kind of a predetermined shape and if your foot doesn't perfectly match that shape, you aren't necessarily gonna have the greatest fit and thre is no way to adjust it because of the laceless design. Now in the case of the Copa 19+, not only is it laceless but it also introduces Kangaroo leather, something that we haven't really seen that much of when it comes to laceless uppers.

  • 91 / 100 | Soccer Reviews For You | | Level 5 expert

    There's something about this boot that just feels very, I guess, "at home" when they are on your feet. It's one of those boots that you kind of forget that you are wearing once you get used to the feel. The laceless design actually works to the benefit of this paricular concept that it's not overly tight, it's not overly responsive. It's kindof what you would expect from a more traditional boot like na OG Copa Mundial.

  • 93 / 100 | SOCCER.COM | Level 4 expert

    With the new breed of dynamic Copa player like juventus no 10, Paulo Dyabala, stamping their mark on modern football, it's important to consider directional changes and manueverability as a part of the Copa package. A newly designed Exoframe features a lightweigh TPU base and a stud configuration that uses seven rounded and semi-rounded forefoot studs to aid rotation and traction when pivoting sharply.

  • 94 / 100 | Unisport | | Level 3 expert

    Apparently, it's the thing I never knew I couldn't live without, now I do and it took me no longer that 20 seconds after putting on the boot to hold completely in love with the fit. It follows the shape of your foot extremely tightly but in that soft way that only leather can do and because the boot follows the natural curves of your foot more than usual, it means there's no excess space inside the boot or even any unpleasant pressure point.

  • 94 / 100 | Unisport | | Level 3 expert

    This is one of the softest leather uppers I personally have ever tried in my life. Perhaps only beaten by the Nike Tiempo XX and the Mizuno Morelia 2 Wagyu Made in Japan. It's that soft and it's actually an experience just holding them in your hands. With this 3D embossed ridges, giving you a very soft and plush elegant sensation when you put them on.

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  • What used to be a line of soccer cleats associated with referees and the older generation has immensely transformed into a modern-looking cleat fit for millennials and oldies alike. The Copa 19 soccer shoes feature a unique yet still iconic silhouette with its leather and laceless combo in the form of Copa 19+ Firm Ground.
  • The Adidas Copa 19+ Firm Ground is aesthetically different from its mother line, the Copa Mundial. However, engineers of this soccer cleat claim to have sorted this out by retaining its classic quality through the use of premium Kangaroo leather for its upper. Only this time, the K-leather is silky and stitchless particularly in the forefoot which is molded in X-ray vamp cage. This forefoot design is meant to enhance ball control by decreasing ball slippage.
  • The K-leather has also been configured to be 20% more effective when it comes to protecting the shoe from wet elements. It is applied with a leather treatment known as Fusionskin to lessen water absorption to make it even more durable and long-lasting.
  • Seamlessly attached to the leather upper is the Primeknit collar that facilitates an adjustable entry to the foot. It has a stretchable and featherlight quality that optimizes the soccer shoe’s comfortability.
  • The most distinct feature of this soccer cleat is its Purecut laceless sock design. The sock-like design offers a distraction-free control of the ball. Players do not have to worry about overlays and edges that might get in the way when taking a shot. Although not a typical Copa characteristic, the laceless forefoot assures of the classic touch power similar to the original Copa Mundial.
  • For its base, the Adidas Copa 19+ Firm Ground is fitted with the Exoframe plate. Internally, it is composed of TPU Soft Pod inlays that enhances footbed cushioning, lessening the pressure from the studs. Outside is a unique configuration of semi-conical and conical studs that aids in rotational movements.

The Adidas Copa 19+ is available in sizes 7.5 to 12 in men’s version. The leather forefoot and stretchy collar make a good balance of fit that brings a secured feel even without the laces. It fits true to size.

The sock-like structure of this laceless soccer cleats brings one of a kind fit experience for leather lovers. Not only does it improve lockdown with its adaptive leather quality, but it also brings in so much benefit for both amateur and professional soccerers. One of which is its reduced water uptake made possible by the Fusionskin leather treatment.

The conspicuous forefoot pattern is integrated with the brand’s X-ray vamp cage to improve ball control for more accurate shots. The forefoot is attached to an elastic Primeknit collar that provides ease of entry for soccerers even with wide feet. For those who want further assistance when putting the shoe on, a shoehorn is also included.

Semi-conical and conical studs are the stars of this soccer cleat’s soleplate. They provide extra maneuverability during rotational directions. They are strategically positioned to mimic the classic Copa traction proven effective on firm ground pitches.

The Exoframe technology is used on the base to bring supportive grip on firm ground twist and turns. Coupled with soft pod inlays, the Exoframe guarantees comfort without the sensation of the stud pressure.

  • Paulo Dybala is the face of Copa and is the only player in their team to wear a laceless soccer shoe.
  • It is available in two colorways: Off White/Solar Red/Off White and Core Black/Core Black/Grey.