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9 reasons to buy

  • According to many eS Swift 1.5 reviews, the comfort in these kicks is exemplary.
  • They've got enough padding to absorb landing primo, plenty of users have noted.
  • Several testers love the "superb balance between support and board feel" of these shoes, and they highly recommend them for skating in.
  • These low-top sneakers are durable and last a long time without tearing, state purchasers who skate daily.
  • The board control is impressive, say a good number of eS Swift 1.5 users who wear tested these kicks.
  • The style of eS Swift 1.5 shoes is "straight fire," a lot of people have remarked.
  • A handful of customers have noted that the fit of eS Swift 1.5 shoes is on point, and the sizing is accurate.
  • Some consumers have reported that these skate shoes are lightweight and flexible.
  • A few individuals are pleased with the inner lace loops of the sneakers, which they say, have saved their laces for months.

1 reasons not to buy

  • These eS Swift 1.5 men's shoes take a little while to break in, some skaters have noted.

Bottom line

Swift 1.5 sneakers contain a classic silhouette that gives the nod to the past models of the eS brand. However, the similarity does not stop with the design. The familiar comfort, heel support, and board feel of eS skate shoes are still there along with their much-admired sturdiness.

While these kicks don't come comfortable right out of the box, they feel downright amazing once broken in. The shoes also feature handy inner lace loops that have saved many a lace from getting torn right away.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated éS sneaker
A popular pick
It has never been more popular than this June

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eS Swift 1.5 shoes are comfortable skate shoes that not only look good, but wear hard. The sizing is true, and the fit is excellent, as many users have stated. Although designed for men, women have the option to wear these classic-styled kicks as long as they adjust their shoe measurement by one and a half sizes.

The shoes feel padded enough, but not too much that you can't feel your board underneath. The tongues and the laces with the inner loops keep the feet securely locked in so you can do your tricks efficiently without any distractions. 

One thing about the eS brand is that the company knows precisely what skaters want, and what skaters want are ultra-cool shades without the glaring flash. Here are some eS Swift 1.5 colorways and how to style them:

  • A black tee, khaki pants, and eS Swift 1.5 shoes in the black/red colorway would look good together. Colorful socks will break the slightly serious look for a funky pop of color.
  • The eS Swift 1.5 shoes in a light grey shade (black/grey colorway) combined with grey skate pants and a bright blue shirt will give you a youthful vibe. Add colorful or funny socks underneath for a total fun vibe.

eS Swift 1.5 sneakers are inspired by the 90s look but made with today's skaters in mind. The shoes feature STI Energy Foam footbeds that, while exceptionally able to absorb impacts, also provide users with superior board feel. The sneakers also contain Thermothane toe caps that not only improve the shoes' durability but also allow the wearer to make the perfect flick.

For skaters by skaters. This seems to be the eS brand's motto and why it is so successful in what it does. The company is the brainchild of Don Brown, Chief Marketing Strategist of eS, and Pierre André Senizergues, its CEO. They started the brand in 1995 with the main focus on creating technical and function-based footwear.

One of the brand's first releases were the Sal 23s and the Pierre Andre-designed Accel model, which to this day, are still considered as one of the greatest skate shoes ever. eS followed this up with many more memorable silhouettes such as the SLB, Koston 1, Creager, and more.

It was success after success for eS, which is why it left a lot of people confused when the brand went on a self-imposed hiatus in 2012 right after it launched its Spring line. It seemed that Sole Technology, which owns the eS, Emerica, and Etnies companies, was afraid that the ongoing hype over eS would overshadow its other products.

Of course, such great shoes should not be kept in the dark and waiting for a long time. In 2016, eS was back, and along with it, several of its much-beloved shoes were resurrected such as the Accels, in the form of the Accel OGs and Accel Slim Mids. Brand new silhouettes also popped out with many receiving rave reviews. eS is indeed back and in pure eS form.

  • Other eS Swift 1.5 colorways include navy/gum, white/blue, black/grey, black/gum, black/yellow, and black/white.
  • Silicone-embossed accents on the shoes enhance lace protection and durability.
  • The shoes' uppers are mostly suede while the quarter panels and tongues are mesh.
  • eS Swift 1.5s are for sale at the low price of $75 to $80. The Lux Premium edition costs $100.

Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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