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9 reasons to buy

  • In most reviews of eS Square Three sneakers, people were impressed by the excellent board feel. 
  • These low-tops have been described as “the dopest-looking shoes” by one skater, and a lot of other users agree with him.
  • eS Square Three skate shoes are truly comfy especially once broken in, several testers reported.
  • The shoes are well-padded and can take high-impact play, some users said.
  • A good number of purchasers were pleased with the beautiful colorways of these sneakers.
  • eS’ makes tough skate kicks and the Square Three model clearly belongs in their sturdy shoe lineup, according to a handful of consumers. 
  • The shoes provide an accurate fit and sizing, a few individuals noted.
  • One person remarked that the sneakers fell light.
  • Some buyers told of the compliments they get from skaters and non-skaters alike when wearing these kicks.

1 reasons not to buy

  • The sneakers don’t come with any arch support or heel cradle, a few reported.

Bottom line

With elements taken from two of eS’ most popular silhouettes, it’s no surprise that Square Three kicks would be just as celebrated as their predecessors. The cushioning is incredible and able to protect your feet from jarring impacts. The board feel is ample, and the soles are very flexible. 

The shoes come with a wide array of shades to feast on and choose from which, when combined with the retro design, make the shoes look doubly impressive. So impressive that people you meet will likely give you a nod or two on account of these kicks.


Expert Reviews

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Become an expert

Square Three sneakers by eS are designed for male skateboarding enthusiasts. The sizes range from 5 to 14, and half sizes can be found from 5.5 until 11.5. Fit is spot on as well as the shoe length, which is accurate to measurement.

The collars and tongues are well-padded, adding to the user’s comfortable feel. However, the insoles don’t contain arch support, which may deter people with high arches. 

Elastic gussets on the tongues give your feet the lockdown they need while also centering the tongues to keep them from sliding around. The laces are set far back to prevent lace shredding.

These low-top kicks not only perform superbly, but they also look damn good. The streamlined profile is brought to life by the excellent blend of hues in each colorway. One of the best examples perhaps is the eS Three green, gold, and white color scheme. Another frequently cited colorway is the brown/tan one.

The shoes have a natural and relaxed look that isn’t too casual. They can be paired with jeans, cargo pants, shorts, and chinos. And since these have a versatile design, you can top these with everything from graphic tees to long-sleeved button-down shirts. 

eS Square Three sneakers are built to last and provide skaters with fully-functional footwear. Every detail has been well-thought out, from the micro-mesh heels for easy access to the shoes to the gusseted tongues which lock in the feet and allow for more user control over the board.

The shoes also contain STI Energy Foam footbeds that are made up of a high-rebound and lightweight foam that gives energy return and comfort with every stride. 

Conceived by pro skaters Pierre André Senizergues and Don Brown in 1995, eS quickly grew to become one of the best skating brands for people looking for highly-technical skate footwear. One of the brand’s first releases is the Accel model which was so popular that most skateboarders during the 90s and early 2000s have worn these on their feet at least once.

The release of the Accel signaled to everyone that eS knew what it was about and what it’s about is a pure passion for the sport of skating.

It was mostly triumph after triumph with every new model release from the brand. Skateboarders flocked to the brand because they knew that each eS shoe they bought would be highly skateable and worth more than its price.

  Hiatus and comeback

In 2012, eS’ parent company, Sole Technology, put the brand under a temporary hiatus so they could focus on their other brands which were being overshadowed by eS. The break lasted four years, but when eS came back, it’s as if it hadn’t been gone at all. The rumors of a return had been building up for a long time, and when it did happen, loyal skateboarders were quick to welcome eS back.

The brand’s first few moves included reissuing its most demanded skate kicks, releasing variations of its heritage shoes, and launching new ones. Two of the reissued were the Square One model from 2006 and the Square Two from 2010. They also combined the two to form a new silhouette that was called the eS Square Three. 

eS Square Three shoes took the triangle ollie protection areas and well-padded tongues of the Square Ones. The slimmer build and seamless toes came from the Square Twos. The entire style is similar to the Accels, which leads some to think that Square Threes are the vulcanized equivalent of the iconic Accels. 

  • Colorways of eS Square Threes include black gum, blue grey, bone, burgundy, and more.
  • eS Square Three shoes are for sale for $70.
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Danny McLoughlin

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