Size and fit

eS Contract sneakers are designed for men with available sizes ranging from 5 to 14. The sizing of the shoes is accurate, and the fit is just right for many users. 

The soles and tongues are amply padded against impact. The shoes use a lace-up system for locking in the feet, and hidden lace loops protect the laces from shredding quickly.

eS Contract Style

While the typical jeans may be suitable for skating, there are other ways to wear your eS Contract shoes than the denim way. Why not try pairing your skate kicks with herringbone or canvas pants? These cotton fabrics are thick and soft and will keep you cool during the summer. 

A hoodie is always your best bet for easy throw-on styling, and they work for colder weather. Layering works as well. Contrast the colors against each other for a more arresting style. 

Notable Features

Most anyone who skated in the early 2000s knew about eS Contract shoes. These were the dream kicks of many a young skater boy who wished they could be as badass as the riders on the tongues of the Contracts. And if they couldn’t, well, at least they get to wear these cool skate kicks and pretend. 

The shoes are not only notable for their design, but they’re also quite remarkable for their ultra-functional skate construction which has now been updated with even better technical specs. eS Contract kicks feature a dual lacing system which keeps the laces safe from abrasion, STI Energy Foam insoles which provide not only comfort but resistance to impact as well, and the Accel Slim’s grippy tread pattern.

eS Contract History

The sense of nostalgia is strong in these kicks, which first found their way to the skateboarding scene in 2003. eS Contract sneakers were the first of their kind in the skating world back then. There wasn’t just one model but rather several, each depicting one rider from eS’ legendary team. 

And truly legendary they were. eS was particularly known for assembling one of the best skate teams there ever was. The mid-90s to the early 2000s saw eS with top skaters such as Eric Koston, Tom Penny, Rick McCrank, Arto Saari, Paul Rodriguez, Bob Burnquist, and more. 

Quite a few of eS’ top guys got their own faces featured on tongues of the Contract model. Eric Koston’s Contract was black with gold hints on the soles and tongues. P-Rod’s shoes were done in yellow and blue, Tom Penny had white and blue shades, and Rick McCrank’s used white, red, and black hues. Needless to say, these kicks sold like hotcakes, and are, up to now, still some of the most sought-after by sneaker collectors. 

Recently, eS decided to re-release the eS Contracts in a plain white edition with just the company logo in red on the tongues. The profile was made a bit more streamlined and slimmer than before. New NBS 400 outsoles replaced the old. 

eS also decided to revive the tradition of putting their riders’ faces on the tongues by launching three new versions for 2018. The 2018 releases featured the faces of Wade Desarmo, Tom Asta, and Kelly Hart. In 2019, to celebrate Ronnie Creager’s 25th anniversary with eS, the company launched another Contract edition specifically for the veteran pro. 

Additional Info

  • eS Contract skate shoes contain elastic tongue stabilizers and suede/synthetic uppers.
  • Ronnie Creager’s shoes are available in black, Kelly Hart’s in navy and white, Wade Desarmo’s are made up in black and gum, and Tom Asta’s sneakers are colored white.

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Colorways: Black / Blue / White
SKUs: 51010001621 / 5101000162100 / 5101000162135 / 5101000162472 / 5101000162964

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