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9 reasons to buy

  • eS Arc shoes are so comfortable because they feel 90% broken in out of the box, a lot of users said.
  • Many skateboarders loved the clean, smooth look of these low-top sneakers from eS.
  • The board feel is exceptional and flawless, which makes for clean flicks, several satisfied testers reported.
  • According to a good number of eS Arc reviewers, they loved the grip of these kicks.
  • The construction and the suede material of the shoes are definitely of high quality, some pleased buyers noted.
  • The skate shoes are durable, stated a few consumers.
  • Weight is not an issue with eS Arc sneakers because these feel so light, a handful claimed.
  • A couple of people said that considering the low price of these shoes, the value is amazing.
  • The shoes are easy to put on and off, according to one reviewer who likened them to slip-ons but with the added support of laces.

1 reasons not to buy

  • One person complained about the non-removable insoles of eS Arc sneakers.

Bottom line

eS Arc skate sneakers are designed for the frequent skaters who demand more from their kicks. “The shoes truly feel innovated by skateboarders,” as one user put it. The creative pattern along the toes and sides of the shoes help with grip and durability. Its board feel is excellent, yet the shoes provide enough cushioning and comfort.

Of course, who can forget the style? The clean design of these shoes attracts as much attention as their exceptional performance. Which is surprising then, given the shoes’ low price that’s far below the sneakers’ value.


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eS Arc shoes are offered in measurements ranging from 5 to 14 with half sizes available until 11.5. The shoes are designed for men, but discerning women who want to try on such clean-looking kicks may opt to go down by a size and a half from their usual shoe size.

None has been said about the support of the kicks yet, but the non-removable insoles are reportedly very comfortable and cushioned.

Although the shoes’ employ a standard lacing system, the sneakers are easy to remove and put on, kind of like slip-ons.

One of the many eS skate shoes in the market, these boast of an extremely streamlined appearance further bolstered by their one-piece toe styling. The shoes are offered in a navy/gum colorway although previous releases of eS Arc included black/white, black/camo, and red.

The shoes’ pair up well with casual outfits such as jeans, hoodies, and shorts. They can also be worn with khaki pants and a polo shirt for any casual event other than skating.

Toughness and performance are some of the most prized characteristics in skate shoes, and eS Arc shoes have them in spades. The sneakers contain Thermothane perforation patterns that, while providing a cool design feature, actually function to improve the shoes’ flick and durability.

STI open cell foams are used in the shoes’ insoles. These give not only cushioning comfort, but also provide moisture-wicking properties as well. The 400 NBS rubber outsoles give the soles ultimate flex and board feel.

The eS brand was founded in 1995 to answer the demands of the technical skateboarder who required far more function than other brands could give. It was started by two former pro skateboarders—Pierre André Senizergues, CEO of Sole Technologies, and Don Brown, the Chief Brand Strategist. Their friend, Alex Wise, named the company by taking the first and last letters of the etnies brand, which Sole Technology owns as well along with Emerica.

eS released the iconic Accel model in 1995 to much critical praise. Don Brown also put together a fantastic team of riders composed of Eric Koston, Sal Barbier, Tom Penny, Bob Burnquist, Chad Muska, Ronnie Creager, and Paul Sharpe. The eS team was a force to be reckoned with and coupled with the exceptional performance of the brand’s shoes, it was well on its way to success.

eS helped pave the way for innovation in skateboarding. It launched the first skate sneakers to feature EVA midsole cushioning in the Koston 2. eS was also the first to debut the “puffy” shoe design that’s all the rage now and which has been referenced in many a shoe including the Yeezy 500 that’s a look-alike of the eS Scheme. In fact, the brand is quite known for adding a lot of attractive extras to basic suede and cupsole skate shoes.

The brand, however, went on a hiatus in 2012 right after launching its 2012 Spring line. After four years, eS made a comeback in 2016 and released several noteworthy skate shoes such as the Sesla and Accel Slim Mid. More models followed, including the eS Arc, and it’s been like the brand has never been gone at all.

  • eS Arc shoes are designed with one-piece toes for longer-lasting durability.
  • Thermothane ollie pads enhance protection against abrasion.
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