Size and fit

eS Accel SQs are offered in men’s sizing, which goes from 5 to 14. Many have reported that the shoes are quite big by at least a half size, although some found that the shoes fit better when they went down a full size. 

For vulc shoes, these provide pretty good cushioning for impacts. Although your feet will still feel some of the impact, it would be highly reduced. 

The shoes make use of a four-pair eyelet lacing system and round laces to secure the shoes to the feet. 

eS Accel SQ Style

These eS kicks have a flawless design that will inject some steeze into your skating and everyday life. The shoes’ design is, of course, slightly similar to that of the other shoes in the legendary Accel line, but takes after the style of eS’ Square Twos more. 

The shoes have a much lower profile than the other Accel sneakers. They share the same one-piece toes with the Square Twos, although the laces are farther up on the shoes in the Accel SQs than the Square Twos. 

These sneakers look far more versatile than other skating footwear because of that minimalist, classic style. Wear with your favorite jeans, cropped pants, or chinos. 

Colorways for eS Accel SQs include black gum, starry night, brown tan, and more.

Notable Features

eS Accel SQs are clearly winning shoes if so many experienced skateboarders love them. And it’s no wonder that they do because these kicks come highly-engineered for the sport of skating.

The shoes use THERMOTHANE Ollie pads to protect against abrasion. These synthetic materials increase the life of your shoes by providing another layer of protection once the suede rips open. STI Energy Foam midsoles take the brunt of each impact to protect your feet while giving maximum energy return. 

400 NBS gum rubber in the outsoles keep them looking new and feeling grippy despite constant use. 

eS Accel SQ History

eS is a pro skateboarder brand owned by pro skateboarders themselves. Founded in 1995, one of their first releases is the iconic Accel, which most probably started the whole bulky look thing so popular in the 90s. 

Accel shoes featured a chunky profile with fat tongues to provide the ultimate cushioning and protection for high-impact skaters. Not only did the shoes provide excellent padding for skateboarders, but they were also durable and stylish. In fact, they were so popular that you’d be hard-pressed to find one skater in the 90s who’s never worn Accels at one time or another. 

  Accel Variations

Because Accels were the brand’s acclaimed bestseller, it was only right that it should make several spinoffs off of them. A mid-top profile (Accel Slim Mid)  was released along with a slimmed-down version (Accel Slim). Another variation was also launched which eS called the Accel SQ. 

  eS Accel Slims vs. Accel SQs

Some have compared Accel SQs with Accel Slims. Both come from the same Accel branch, although Accel SQs are supposed to be based on eS’ Square Twos.

The profile of both is slimmed down, but SQs look more streamlined in comparison because of their one-piece toes and collars which are shaped straighter than the curvier design of Slims.

Accel Slims contain elastic bands at the tongues, so laces aren’t all that necessary to secure the shoes to the feet, whereas Accel SQs lack this feature and need to be tightly tied to keep tongues from moving around.

The most notable difference between the two shoes can be found in the soles. Accel SQ sneakers are vulcanized, which explains the excellent board feel and control. On the other hand, Accel Slim kicks feature cupsoles, which are made for frequent high-impact skating. 

Additional Info

  • eS Accel SQs contain molded tongues that fit to the shape of the feet. 
  • The uppers are made of suede for durability.

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Es Accel
Closure: Laces
Material: Suede
Colorways: White / Black / Brown / Blue / Grey / Purple
SKUs: 5101000143001 / 5101000143020 / 5101000143063 / 5101000143072 / 5101000143104 / 5101000143213 / 5101000143424 / 5101000143460 / 5101000143540 / 5101000143602

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