Our verdict


With its ultra-durable build that can withstand hours of daily abuse with nary a tear in sight, the Emerica Reynolds G6 is definitely built for extreme skating. Despite complaints regarding its laces, many wearers applaud its cushioning and impact protection, cupsole construction, and board feel.


  • Durable
  • High impact protection
  • Good for jumping
  • Excellent support
  • Solid grip and flick
  • Enough cushioning
  • Excellent board feel
  • Exemplary fit


  • Frail laces

Who should buy the Emerica Reynolds G6

This top-level Emerica skate sneaker is a good match for you if:

  • You want a shoe with a 5-eyelet lacing system for a secured lockdown fit
  • You are after a sneaker with lycra-spandex material tongue for breathability
  • You prefer a shoe with a wide sole surface for stability

Emerica Reynolds G6 Logo

Style of the Emerica Reynolds G6

These shoes from Emerica have the classic skate looks of the 90s, except less bulky. It references the Reynolds 1 and 2 but slims it down in areas that don’t need as much cushioning and bulks it up in places that do. Get that comfy skater look by donning loose black pants, a turtleneck shirt, and a jacket with your Emerica Reynolds G6 in black gum.

Emerica Reynolds G6 Midsole

Notable Features

Just like the legendary Boss who lent the shoes his name, these skate kicks are just as impressive. The durability of these kicks is astounding. The shoes hold up well through rigorous hours of skating helped by the triple-toe layers and the reinforcements in the sidewalls which hold the structure up.

Emerica Reynolds G6 Toebox

The pour-in G6 midsoles protected against hard impacts but let the board feel shine through. The wider sole surface area gives the wearer some stability and lessens the risk of rolled ankles while the tongues’ lycra-spandex material lets heat escape giving the shoes some breathability.

Emerica Reynolds G6 Laces

History of the Emerica Reynolds G6

Andrew Reynolds has long been a part of the Emerica family. His first signature shoes with Emerica were launched in 1998. Reynolds 1 coincidentally released with skateboarding company Birdhouse’s The End video which starred Andrew Reynolds among 12 other riders in the cast. The phenomenal success of the skate film (it was the most successful at the time) virtually guaranteed the success of the shoes as well.

Emerica Reynolds G6 Outsole

Emerica Reynolds 1 had a bulky shape that was very 90s, an airbag at the soles under the heels, and featured gum soles. This model was followed 4 years later with a second installment called the Reynolds 2. These shoes were a more flexible and cushioned version of the first. The third to sixth shoes dropped successively year on year starting from 2007. As the trend for bulky shoes slowed down, skate shoes became slimmer.

Emerica Reynolds G6 Heel

Fast forward to 2018. Reynolds is now on his thirteenth shoe, and his touch has not seemed to wane. Emerica Reynolds G6 shoes contain a shape that is reminiscent of the older models but not as fat as the 90s releases. The styling definitely harkens back to the first two models, but where the latter was bulky, the Reynolds G6 had the perfect shape—neither too fat nor too thin.

Emerica Reynolds G6 Collar