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11 reasons to buy

  • Conspicuously, comfort was the key selling feature of Ecco’s Xpedition III Mid GTX, based on a majority of user reviews.
  • Some gave positive remarks on the shoe’s quality in terms of durability and longevity.
  • Its decent fit was appreciated by many. The foot is held tight and secure
  • A number of buyers said that the Ecco Xpedition III Mid had a minimal break-in time.
  • With its hook-style loop, a number of wearers agree that it was easier to don and doff.
  • A few shoppers mentioned that it had a great right-out-of-the-box feel.
  • The excellent traction, which came from the thick sole with deep grooves, were extolled by a few hiking enthusiasts.
  • Some users have observed that there was a lot of room in the toe box.
  • Despite being a mid-cut boot, the shoe was lightweight. This characteristic was praised by several owners.
  • Certain wearers liked the Xpedition III Mid GTX for having a stable heel cup and ankle support to the rear foot. These components don't overly restrict movement, according to them.
  • A shoe buyer said that the Ecco Xpedition III Mid was relatively expensive. However, its longevity made the price worth it.

4 reasons not to buy

  • A user did not like the yak leather upper material since it was minutely stiffer.
  • It was narrower than what they expected, said by some who purchased the shoe.
  • Some observed that the top lace hooks were very tight and the laces were too slippery that they needed to be tied from time to time.
  • The sole was too hard and had less cushioning, as remarked by some wearers.

Bottom line

Comfortable—this is the consensus of reviewers when talking about the Ecco Xpedition III Mid GTX. This aspect was justified by the footgear's short break-in time and right-out-of-the-box comfort. Wearers were also impressed footgear's performance in terms of fit, support, and traction, among others. On the flipside, issues with cushioning, laces and width made the rest disappointed. In conclusion, users can enjoy plenty of benefits with this boot, but this might not be the right choice for hikers with wide feet and the ones looking for a plush cushioning.

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Good to know

  • Aside from its noticeable new look, minimal revisions were made in Ecco’s Xpedition III GTX mid-cut boots. From a combination of leather and mesh, the upper is now made of nubuck leather. It still comes with a waterproof membrane from by Gore-Tex.
  • Embedded with the forefoot propulsion plate and midfoot shank, the midsole is anatomically designed to enhance stability. It has also been constructed through the same DIP (direct-injected PU) foam process, similar to its previous version.
  • Just like its predecessor, the shoe features the Receptor technology that mirrors human motion. The innovators from Ecco came up with this creation while studying the natural foot movement and its nerve receptors. The result is a set of components that provides smoother energy transition and striding.

The Ecco’s Xpedition III Mid GTX caters to both genders. The traditional lace-up closure delivers a snug and customized fit. Built on a roomy last, this footgear grants hiking comfort.

The Xpedition III Mid GTX hiking boot is made with a durable rubber sole that has deep treads. This shoe is designed with the dual axis flex channels that replicate the natural bare foot’s flex pattern to allow ease of flexion and provide additional strength during the push-off phase. For steadiness and balance, the heel area is made with the Earth sensoring unit and 20° angle of attack to facilitate the sensing of the ground. it allows the brain to receive vital information from the foot’s nerve receptors.

The Receptor technology is responsible for providing overall shoe support and momentum boosts. It is designed to reduce muscle fatigue and doesn't limit the foot activity. The boot moves together with its wearer, thus providing more flexibility, stability and dynamic support upon impact.

The Xpedition III Mid GTX uses the direct-injected polyurethane (PU) foam. This light and flexible material has a shock-absorbing ability. Without using any glue or stitching, the PU foam is injected directly into the sole.  This method contributes to a firm link between the sole and upper, delivering durability and longevity. 

The exo-skeletal wrap-around shank is inserted to hold the ligament in place, especially during the mid stance phase to emphasize steadiness. The forefoot propulsion plate provides additional torque during the push-off phase. It is based on the biomechanics of the foot’s geometry while encountering terrain ascend and descend.

The upper is made of a type of leather called nubuck. This material is characterized by its velvet-like surface and wear resistance. It is built with a mid-cut design to give ankle support to the user. The toe and heel areas are reinforced for abrasion resistance. 

The Ecco Xpedition III Mid GTX uses the Gore-Tex membrane, a breathable and waterproof technology. It is a thin layer of water impervious material that lets moisture to escape, keeping the foot dry.


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