Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Ecco Soft
Price: $170
Small True to size Large
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From sizes 4 to 12.5, women could order a pair of Soft 7 GTX Tie shoes from Ecco. A large percentage of shoppers have confirmed that it fits true to size. It has a regular lace-up closure that can provide a snug or loose fit, depending on the wearer's preference.

The Soft 7 GTX Tie has a removable insole that is made up of Ecco Comfort Fibre System, which delivers ample comfort and moderate cushioning. All-day comfort is offered by the leather and textile lining.

Showcasing a vintage design with an underrated contemporary touch, the low-top Ecco Soft 7 GTX Tie is labeled by its brand as the “perfect off-duty staple.” It has an all-black color scheme that goes in a pristine feminine silhouette. Due to these aesthetics, the sneaker is a feasible go-to sneaker during semi-formal occasions. Whether paired in jeans, slacks, or shorts, this casual low-top will not disappoint.

The Gore-tex technology applied to the Ecco Soft 7 GTX Tie is its most astounding aspect. This tech ensures that the pair remains dry and ventilated, even during the winter season.

Because of his skills in making shoes, a Danish craftsman named Karl Toosbuy had always envisioned of running a shoe company of his own. In 1963, that vision finally materialized. During its initial years, Ecco exclusively made women shoes in limited quantity.

The company didn’t have much to show for during its first years in the business. Eventually, during the 1970s, Ecco found its breakthrough when its designer Ejnar Truelsen, conceptualized the Joke shoe, which gained popularity. The Joke paved the way for other models to be recognized by the public. In the same decade, Ecco expanded its operations around the globe.

As the years go by, Ecco built its reputation by creating high-quality leather goods, with customers constantly praising the performance and quality. One of the growing collections of the brand, the Ecco Soft series, has been lauded for its dedication to quality. The Ecco Soft 7 GTX Tie is among its latest additions.

  • The weight of each shoe is more or less 311 grams.