We spent 6.3 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

10 reasons to buy

  • An impressive majority of reviewers have posted positive reviews on how comfortable the Ecco Intrinsic 3 Leather is.
  • Several reviewers with pronation issues point out the terrific arch support of this sneaker.
  • Many commenters like the bootie construction of this sneaker that fits the foot like a glove adding to the cozy feeling when wearing the shoe.
  • The sneaker feels solid and well-built with its smooth leather material and breathable mesh lining.
  • A lot of customers find ease in putting the sneaker on and off of their feet.
  • The shoe is versatile and could be regularly worn during summers and even on winters because of its durability and minimalist design.
  • The sneaker feels lightweight that some wearers do not feel tired after wearing them for hours.
  • The low profile silhouette of the Ecco Intrinsic Leather 3 gives stability and support to the foot without changing the foot’s natural position.
  • The smooth leather material is easy to wipe clean from dust and dirt according to a couple of users.
  • Perforations on the toe box and breathable mesh lining keep the feet ventilated several users note.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few customers find the bungee speed lacing of the Ecco Intrinsic 3 Leather challenging to fit and use as it could either be tight or loose at times.
  • A couple of customers say they would prefer that the inner sock lining is removable for them to wash it regularly as it accumulates sweat and dirt over time.

Bottom line

Danish brand Ecco is famous not only in shoe manufacturing but also for producing its raw materials like premium quality leather. This amount of quality is shown in the supple leather used in the Ecco Intrinsic 3 Leather sneaker.

The elegant leather material is smooth without the usual creases and scuffs while seamlessly attached to the soft polyurethane midsole cushioning. The retail price is not a bother either for most reviewers given the premium looks and durable finish of European brand’s signature low profile walking shoe.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Ecco Intrinsic
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Rubber Sole, EVA
Price: $180
Colorways: White
Small True to size Large
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Offering a full degree in fit customization, the Ecco Intrinsic 3 Leather has toggle and bungee speed lacing system to tighten and loosen the light and breathable leather footwear quickly. The bootie cut silhouette with its glove-like fit works well with the low-profile outsole for a supportive and steady foot.

The growing athleisure market has been a goldmine for many brands including Danish footwear manufacturer Ecco. Built for those with an active lifestyle, the Ecco Intrinsic 3 Leather has a smooth leather finish with speed lacing for those who have a fast-paced lifestyle or those walking around many points in the city for several times a day. The elastic speed lacing and cleatie cut also give this sneaker a wide range of fit customization giving its wearers a renewed sense of confidence in their footwear.

With the often minimalistic tastes of male sneaker fans, the Ecco Intrinsic 3 Leather offers progressive styling and versatility as its black and white colorway options aim for easy blending with casual wear. So whether you’re at work during the day or at the club and bar at night, the active lifestyle sneaker blends merely in the crowd. Exuding a refined take on sports aesthetic, this European designed kick offers clean, minimalist styling with superior cushion. Wearers of this sneaker can easily transition from day to night time look with comfort and ease as the sleek design of this urban sneaker doesn’t stick out ugly like a sore thumb.

Built to address the needs of those having an active lifestyle, the seamless design of this Ecco sneaker also gives it a premium look that elevates the sense of style of its male patrons. The cleatie cut and perforations at the toe box also boost the confidence of its sneaker fans that their feet feel fresh throughout the day.

Foremost among the superior features of the Eco Intrinsic Leather 3 is its premium full-grain leather that reflects the most exceptional quality of materials used by the Danish brand. Also giving a relaxed vibe to this walking sneaker are a comfortable polyurethane foam midsole, a sock-like cleatie construction that feels just like a second skin, and a low-to-the-ground direct-injected polyurethane outsole that offers more natural motion and stability.

The early days of Danish brand Ecco started with a dream that had become a reality. Karl Toosbuy was trained from at a younger age as a shoemaker that by the time he reached 30, he was already managing a footwear manufacturing factory in Copenhagen.

Chasing his lifelong dream of having his own shoemaking business, Toosbuy decided to quit his regular job and pursue his passion. He sold his house, left with his wife Birte, and then their five-year-old daughter Hanni to settle in a rented house and take over a factory in the western coastal town of Bredebro, Denmark serving as its company headquarters in 1963.

Some 50 years later, the still family-owned company has grown into a global brand with Hanni Toosbuy-Kasprzak now taking the helm as Chairman of the Ecco while her husband Dieter Kasprzak serves as Chief Executive Officer.

The Danish brand through the past years has come full circle from producing raw materials such as leather to manufacturing the shoes. Owning leather tanneries in Netherlands, China, Indonesia, and Thailand, Ecco now delivers leather for other companies for shoes, fashion, sports, and automotive.
The company currently employs more than 19,000 employees in factories and retail stores in Denmark and overseas. Some 80 percent of the production of the shoes are being done in Ecco factories in Portugal, Thailand, Slovakia, India, China, and Indonesia. The company currently operates more than 3,000 shops and 14,000 sales points worldwide distributing sneakers to markets in Eastern and Central Europe, Asia, Canada, and the United States.

Continuing the heritage and footwear making the legacy of the company, Ecco retains the decades-old Scandinavian design philosophy that form follows function. Through this time-honored design philosophy, the Fluidform technology that came into fruition in the past years sets them apart is the injection-molded material that occurs as a result of fusing the upper and the midsole instantly and seamlessly compared to glue and stitching used by other brands.

Maintaining the quality of Danish design, Ecco released shoes geared towards the growing athleisure market. The sports lifestyle sneaker Intrinsic was released on October 15, 2015, with its black colorway and white soles. The designs have had a few design and material iterations in recent years with models in leather and canvas in lace-up or slip-on version. With many shoes coming out as a fashion statement more than a regular wardrobe necessity, the Intrinsic provided a benchmark for others to emulate when it comes to urban, modern, and functional sneakers.

The result of well-thought-out planning and design of the Ecco Intrinsic 3 Leather is a lightweight and direct-injection sole that flows across the bottom of the shoe ensuring optimal ergonomic comfort and a seamless edgy look for the wearer. The slip-on version of the laced-up sneaker came out after a year.

  • The soft inner cleatie cut sockliner assures all-day comfort.
  • Bungee speed lacing for a custom fit and comfortable on and off of the Ecco Intrinsic 3 Leather sneaker.
  • The polyurethane foam midsole provides comfy cushioning.
  • A direct-injected outsole with a low profile for the sneaker has resulted in a more natural foot motion.