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6 reasons to buy

  • The majority of those reviewing the Ecco S Drive claim that it is one of the most comfortable shoes that they have purchased. 
  • Plenty of golfers laud the off-center lacing system. The design allows the shoe to be tightened more efficiently than those with the traditional tongue. 
  • Several users praise the brand for using quality materials. 
  • Players are delighted that these Ecco golf shoes welcome colors into their collections. 
  • Both users who are new and have tried spikeless versions are glad that the outsoles work well with different surface conditions. 
  • Some of the testers state that the S Drive gives a stable base.

3 reasons not to buy

  • An Ecco fan says that switching to mesh instead of the usual yak leather upper is a mistake. 
  • A couple of wearers complain that the interior is quite firm and causes blisters. 
  • Some of the purchasers are disappointed that the upper is not waterproof.

Bottom line

The Ecco S Drive puts the extra in extraordinary. The patterned design of the shoe instantly grabs attention, but its performance steals the show. Golfers generally think that they hit a home run with this acquisition. Albeit some observed that there could be minor changes, it is still well-loved for its comfort and breathability.

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Good to know

Ecco keeps its golf line fresh by introducing pieces that are meant to turn second glances. The S Drive stands out from the sea of monochromatic golf shoes with its patterned upper and use of vibrant colors.  

Looks aside, the brand also brings value to its performance. Combining premium materials and technologies, each part of the trainer works together to achieve comfort, traction, and stability.

Better than rubber. Proof that the Danish brand explores technologies, it is the only golf company that uses a Direct-Injected Thermoplastic Polyurethane outsole. It is known to last five times longer than rubber and is alsoideal for aggressive swings, and long-distance walking. 

Leading the spikeless game. Quitting the spikes can be daunting to many, but Ecco proves that an alternative can pose benefits. The outsole of the S-Drive utilizes an Ecco Dynamic Traction System (E-DTS). This patented design features 100 lugs with 800 different traction angles. It is meant to deliver unbeatable traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

Superior interior. The insides of the shoe are placed with an inlay sole that encourages support and grip. While it is comfortable enough, golfers have the option to remove it for extra room.

Breathability at its finest. Most Ecco shoes utilize yak leather, but the S Drive substitutes it with a mix of lightweight mesh and microfiber. Both materials promote breathability while having structure and stability. 

Closure with a tweak. The S Drive may use the traditional lace-up, but it is far from the conventional. The asymmetrical and off-centered lacing allows a close-to-the foot and snug fit while using less material. It facilitates support and stability. 

Hi Hydromax. Keeping the water off is a must when it comes to golf. Ecco addresses that by formulating Hydromax into its list of innovations. The patented waterproofing system efficiently infuses paraffin and silicones during the tanning process to create a barrier that would last throughout the shoe’s shelf life.

The S Driver illustrates the fun and quirky side of Ecco. Besides playing with most advanced innovations that the brand has, its style also displays eccentricity.

The blend of synthetic leather and mesh puts a new spin on its style as it sports a swirl pattern all over the shoe. The unique lacing system also adds an interesting accent that draws the eye in an understated way.


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