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7 reasons to buy

  • Most reviewers were unanimous in saying that the Ecco Cool GTX is a supremely comfortable footwear that needs no breaking-in period. They stated that the shoe was perfect for walking or all-around all-day wear.
  • Many testers loved the quality of the low-top shoe with a few saying that the workmanship and materials used were at a high level.” 
  • The waterproof feature of the Ecco Cool GTX sneaker was praised by a big number of purchasers. One person who worked in a seafood plant reported that his feet remained dry even when walking through puddles of water all day.
  • Several users described the footwear as a proper shoe loaded with technology yet still manages to provide lightweight comfort.”
  • Some consumers liked how breathable the low-top sneaker was, resulting in dry feet.
  • The Ecco Cool GTX low-top sneaker is durable and provides good arch support according to a handful of customers. 
  • A few individuals called the footwear a very stylish shoe. They noted the outstanding design” of the Cool GTX which combines dressy looks with casual shoe comfort.”

2 reasons not to buy

  • Several users reported that the Ecco Cool GTX appears narrower than other Ecco models, particularly across the toebox.
  • A couple of purchasers were unhappy with the limited colors of the low-top model.

Bottom line

The Ecco Cool GTX is a fine example of quality footwear coming from a brand that is known for paying utmost attention to details. The craftsmanship is excellent, from the shape down to the waterproof finish.

The shoe manages to be light even with the Gore-Tex Surround feature and the thick, premium leather upper. The style exudes a perfect mix of casual and dressy—capable of taking you from a round of golf to a night out with friends.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Ecco Casual Shoes
Price: $190
Colorways: Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Purple, Red, White
Small True to size Large
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Ecco sneaker
A popular pick
It has never been more popular than this April

The Ecco Cool GTX is available in men’s and women’s models. The men’s version has sizes ranging from 5-5.5 up to 12-12.5 while the women’s model has sizes measuring 4-4.5 to 12-12.5.

While the upper of the shoe is made of yak leather which gives the shoe a soft and luxurious feel, it still provides a nice supportive touch to the feet. The high-density insole, meanwhile, gives a bit of reinforcement and comfort to arches.

Ecco’s shoes have a distinct elegant flair to them, whether they’re part of its high-top or low-top collection, and the Cool GTX is no different. It exudes a slightly dressy look that will serve you well whether you’re on the golf course, on a casual Friday at work, or hanging out with friends on a weeknight. Pair your leather low-top shoe with shorts, jeans, or slim chinos. Either way you dress it, the Cool GTX will switch your outfit up a notch.

The Ecco Cool GTX is an already superb all-around shoe but what makes it more noteworthy is its Gore-Tex Surround feature that keeps the water outside while keeping the feet comfortably dry inside. The TPU tubes along the midsole remove any excess moisture and let heat escape, keeping the feet cool all day long.

Ecco is a Danish manufacturing company that was founded in the town of Bredebro by Karl Toosbuy in 1963. It is a brand known for being one of the very few shoe makers in the world to own and manage every part of the shoemaking process (Ecco has its own tanneries) ensuring that every footwear that comes out meets its highest standards right down to the smallest detail.

From a few footwear models in the 60s, Ecco has now expanded into a global brand with numerous shoe collections. One of these is the Cool Collection which hosts the Ecco Cool GTX. Shoes in this line boast of molded and anatomically-correct build that provide superior comfort that lasts for hours along with 360-degree breathability.

  • The Ecco Cool GTX features a premium perforated upper made of yak leather. It also has a direct-injected midsole and a durable TPU outsole.


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