Profile of the Ecco Cool 18 GTX

Who is it for? The Ecco Cool 18 GTX is formulated for spike-loyalists who need a year-round golf shoe that will last through the years. 

What is it good for?

  • The Gore-Tex surround feature complemented by the breathable Dritton leather conquers various course and weather challenges.
  • The spiked outsole gives the benefits of traction, green-friendliness, and easy replacement.


Grip for years. The spiked construction of the Cool 18 GTX is positioned with Champ Slim-Lok. These cleats are molded to give further traction without damaging the greens and the hassle of replacing it. Because the design holds the ground to the maximum, stability is ensured to avoid slips during a swing.  

Grid and grip. The spaces in between the spikes are crafted with perforated grids. The pattern introduces more grip and ensures that the bottom is durable enough to handle the additional force placed on the foot when performing a swing. 


School of Cool. The midsole design of this shoe possesses a unique design. It has a direct-injected feature with inner airflow channels to prompt optimal coolness. 

Extra room. Ecco's signature design of removable insoles is also incorporated with this to give the option of extra width and room for those with wide feet.


Dry as Dritton. Most Ecco golf shoes utilize a yak leather upper, which they produce on their tanneries. The Ecco Cool 18 GTX carries a similar material to the Ecco Cool and Ecco Cage Pro, the dritton leather. Living up to its name of "cool," this exceptional kind of leather boasts not only of breathability but is three times as strong as the regular full-grain leather. 

360° waterproofing. Don't be fooled by the simple design of the upper. Cutting up the leather would reveal the Gore-Tex surround, a thin fabric membrane that ensures waterproofing and breathability. To stimulate additional airflow, midsole air grids are also infused on the upper. 

All in the fit. What marks the "18" version of this Cool GTX version is the use of sockliner instead of a traditional tongue. The one-piece material enhances the fit and comfort of the shoe as it moves with it during the walk and swing.

Ecco Cool 18 GTX Style

The contemporary styling is nothing but apparent with the Ecco Cool 18 GTX. The style accents, relative to the technologies thrown in, make up the most exciting details of this shoe. The perforations surrounding the upper gives it a distinct and modern look. 

The versatile style works well with both style-conscious golfers and fashion-intimidated players.


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