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6 reasons to buy

  • A high number of wearers say that the shoe's comfort is second to none. 
  • A large percentage of commenters find the BOA lacing system as convenient. It gives an easy on and off wear and removes the hassle of knotted laces. 
  • Even though it sports a spikeless outsole, the Cage Pro BOA provides excellent traction that is perfect for golf. 
  • Some reviewers highly appreciate the extra toe room. 
  • The structure of the shoe and the BOA lacing system give support on the soles, which is helpful when planting a wide stance during a swing. 
  • Though it has a higher price point compared to other golf shoes, a couple of golfers find it worth it.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A handful of testers observe that it is quite tedious to maintain. The webbing design on the upper easily draws in the dirt, making it hard to clean. 
  • Some find the water protection feature ineffective.

Bottom line

Many golf enthusiasts have taken notice of the Ecco Cage Pro BOA. The technologies that were embedded in the shoe were indeed remarked. The dial lacing system which centers the shoe is emphasized by many. Not only does it bring practicality, but it also provides stability by completely locking the foot in place. 

There are some drawbacks that a small percentage of commenters have noticed. Mainly, they focus on the upper being quite dirt-friendly and not as waterproof as claimed. However, the general population appreciates what the footwear has to offer.

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Good to know

The Ecco Cage Pro BOA delivers to many golfers' woes and more. Webs seem to be the highlight of the shoe as they are spotted on both the upper and the outsole. By looks, it may seem similar, but the functionality dominates on each turf. The bonded webbing design on the mesh exterior creates an impact on how the shoe fits while the bottom of the shoe grips the ground sans the spikes.

Answering the spike-like traction was first launched by Ecco through its hybrid forms. The Cage Pro BOA is one of its spikeless releases that is equipped with a Spyder Grip. It is one of the technologies that houses organically-placed pivot points, which grip the ground without destroying it.

From the shoe name itself, the caged heel is one of the many features that the brand spotlights. The caging system is built with a polyurethane material, which is stiff enough to lock the foot in place. It also  eliminates heel slippage when the wearer performs lateral movements.

Several elements are injected into the shoe's exterior. One that easily captures attention is the webbing design laid on the textile upper. Though this styling may give an all-for-show vibe, it plays a huge role in enhancing the fit of the trainer. 

A Hydromax treatment is also applied all over the upper, which makes it weatherproof and waterproof. 

Reinforcing this and keeping the foot secure is the innovative heel cage made of polyurethane. This material is stiff enough to create a stable base to eliminate severe foot movements during a swing. 

The BOA closure system is one of the trainer's high points. Unlike the traditional lace-up closure that can be prone to untangling, the BOA addresses disadvantages of laces. The lacing dial can be turned left and right depending on how tight or loose one prefers it to be.

The modern technologies brought in by Ecco Cage Pro BOA parallel the look of the trainer. The mesh upper deviates from the traditional, but that doesn't mean that its style drifted. The character of the shoe hints street-style meets performance. The spikeless construction intensifies the fashion-versatility when its worn off the course. So far, three colorways are being offered for this model: White, Light Grey, and Black.


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